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Increased environmental toxins stress our bodies, from pollution to pesticides, processed foods, products we use on our skin, many of which are stored long-term in our body’s cells. Within the body, its own metabolic processes produce chemicals that must be removed efficiently and cleanly. This process gets compromised by a sedentary life, diet choices and is burdened by these environmental toxins. Importantly though, poor breathing leaves the body more toxic.

A detox is a gentle, healthy way to rid ourselves of these toxins, promoting optimal liver functioning and overall good health. We also train your BREATH to affect detoxification both on a Detox and after you leave.

Here are just a few reasons to detox:

  • Lower the risk for chronic disease
  • Slow the aging process
  • Boost the immune system
  • Balance the body and mind
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve digestion
  • Lose weight

The goal of a detox is to improve cellular metabolism by clearing cellular waste through several methods that involve a clear out of the digestive system by limiting food consumption, using a variety of herbs, treatments, practices and activities to help the body detoxify at the cellular level. Each person’s experience can vary depending on the degree of toxicity. Preparing a little before starting a detox can help with detox symptoms, such as headaches, nausea or abdominal discomfort. Reducing to possibly eliminating, sugar, alcohol and processed foods will strongly help with the preparation.

Your diet will consist of alkaline and easily digestible foods, and juices. Your plan can be personalized, depending on your current diet and condition. You can dive straight into juices and soups only to simplify digestive function, or include detox supporting vegetables that can make the process less intense.

We recommend and offer daily, cleansing practices that we teach from yoga, breathwork/meditation techniques, and yoga-asana practices classes to support and aid optimal detoxification.

What symptoms may I expect while on the Detox Program?
Headaches are common if withdrawing from caffeine. Depending on your diet and lifestyle to date symptoms will differ in presence and intensity. Constipation, diarrhea, body odor, bad breath, skin breakouts, lightheadedness, fatigue, muscular aches and mucous discharges can occur. They are not a cause for concern. We offer simple remedies where appropriate, but, more importantly, the environment to let this process happen and clear it.

To prepare for your detox, consider eliminating certain foods (especially processed foods) from your diet 2 weeks before. Gradually reduce sugar, caffeine and alcohol to limit your detox symptoms. Eat more vegetables, especially greens, and fresh vegetable juices, to start the process of balancing the PH levels in the body. Reduce the amount of red meat and other animal proteins leading up to the week of your detox is a good idea. Introduce anti-inflammatory foods in these 2 weeks will also serve your body in preparation, such as; green leafy vegetables, broccoli, bone broth, chia seeds, beetroot, turmeric, ginger, walnuts, wild caught salmon and coconut oil. Certain supplements can boost your liver function and assist with a thorough detox. Consider amino acids, liver-supporting herbs, B vitamins, and antioxidants. Check with your doctor before you take any supplements, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

A detox is carefully designed to improve both the mind and body. It rids your system of accumulated toxins that can make you feel sluggish, tired, and generally unwell. When combined with a sensible exercise routine, a detox boosts vitality, increases vigor, improves alertness, and can even help to combat the symptoms of chronic illness.

Our programs are designed so that you receive regular refreshments throughout the day, keeping fluid levels high and helping to keep hunger at bay. It is normal however to experience feelings of hunger, especially for the first two days of a detox program when your system will be adjusting to some drop-in calories. One of our detox drinks that you receive daily contains plenty of bulk fiber which helps to satisfy hunger cravings. Drinking enough water during the day and in between the refreshments will also help to avoid hunger.

It is normal for energy levels to fluctuate during a detox program, often dropping to lower than normal for the first few days, this is due to the restricted intake, a toxin-free diet and the initial symptoms of detoxification. If you are accustomed to consuming large amounts of caffeine, you may experience withdrawal symptoms like headaches, mental lethargy and sluggishness.

No, it is optional. As part of your program, we offer a liver and gallbladder flush toward the end of your detox. The liver flush potentially helps prevent gallstones, lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, reduces liver-related headaches and migraines (ie. those with nausea), helps food allergies, eases constipation and improves vitality levels.

Weight loss is a natural part of a detox program. Old waste that has been stored inside the colon is released over the course of the program along with many toxins; we can store a number of kilos of old fecal matter in our systems so when it is released we can feel a lot lighter as a result. The restricted diet means a reduction in calories from our usual daily intake, so over a period of a few days, some weight loss is normal as the body adjusts itself to closer to its natural weight. If weight loss is your main goal, perhaps consider our Weight Loss Program instead.

Yes. However, it is likely you may need to modify the intensity of your practice to suit your energy levels. Our experienced teachers can help you to adapt your practice on a daily basis. We recommend you practice pranayama (yogic breathwork) daily, throughout the detox program. Our yoga teachers lead breath and pranayama practices every morning and include in the afternoon restorative class also.

You can gain many benefits from completing a detox program including an enhanced sense of well-being, increased energy and stamina, improved digestion and circulation, weight loss, improved skin condition, better moods, a boost to the immune system and improved quality of sleep. For best results, a minimum of 5 days is recommended. Much of how you will feel depends on how much time you stay on the detox, your diet and lifestyle prior to the detox, how you prepare before starting the program and how you come off of it and return to regular eating.

It is important to transition off your detox gradually. Introducing foods one food group at a time will ensure you don’t overload your system. Depending on what detox you do, depends on what to include on your first days. Definitely no airplane food. So, if possible, have a couple of days after your detox to ease back into foods from our healthy buffet, to be most supportive to your system. Always choose non-processed foods, that are packed with nutrients and electrolytes, to help your body with the transition.

In between your mealtimes, drinks, supplements and therapies you are free to do as you wish, however, it is important to bear in mind that your body may need rest while on a Detox Program so we advise that your free time is a quiet time for contemplation and relaxation. We are situated in a tranquil and beautiful part of the island which is perfect for your restoration and rejuvenation.

Yes. The accommodation options are the same for all of our programs.

We recommend that you book a private room accommodation to ensure the privacy you need during your detox program. It’s best to have access to a private bathroom when doing your morning cleansing practices which includes a daily enema.

Yes. You can add on a Detox Program to your current yoga retreat or continuing education training booking. Please email reservations for pricing.


Yoga with meditation can take care of the whole body with a focus on spiritual development. But yoga practice does not replace the body’s need for a certain amount of strength and cardio work. The physical elements can be enhanced through greater and more complete fitness training, that involves cardio activity and more core and muscular strength work. Read these two articles to find out more:

Understanding Yoga & Fitness >

Yoga and Working Out >

For those who are committed yoga practitioners, fitness is a compliment to their practice. For those who are not “yogis”, Yoga Core Cycle is a well-rounded, all inclusive program where the guest has the opportunity to choose classes, depending on interest and energy level.

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Functional fitness builds core strength, improves cardiovascular health, and trains your body’s muscles to work together safely and efficiently. Therefore, the exercises that are included focus on meeting these goals.

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Spinning is a trademarked name, and is what you might think of as the traditional bike class you’d take at the gym (more common a few years ago). Indoor cycling, a more generic name, is based on outdoor cycling on a stationary bike and focused on heart rates as well as set interval patterns. Music is used to motivate and cause the cyclist to push that bit harder, also influencing the tempo at which they will cycle. Each day will have a different focus whether its strength, endurance, hills etc. At Samahita Retreat we run two different types of cycle which would fall under the “indoor cycling’ category

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With an average of two cycle classes per day most days, programmed in with our core and yoga classes the YCC program has been designed to optimize your health and allow for ample recovery.

The bikes here are part of a supervised group class offering and not individual gym equipment. When class is not in session we keep the cycle room closed and off limits to preserve health and safety.

Thank you for your understanding, should you wish to use the facilities outside of class hours please ask at the Wellness desk for a private session with one of our fitness instructors.

Private Sessions >

Please wear comfortable, lightweight clothing which allows you to move freely. Please bring trainers/running shoes/sneakers/Vibram 5-toes/tennis shoes and socks.

We recommend you bring a water bottle and a small towel. (Both available from our shop if you prefer to purchase on site). Towels are provided in both core and cycle classes.

YES. Our classes are designed to suit all levels. The teachers are trained to offer modifications and different levels dependent on student capacity and energy levels.

If you have a specific injury, please email our fitness team in advance of your visit to confirm the suitability of the YogaCoreCycle for you. Our team can help to modify and offer suggestions but we are not a medical facility. Please consult with your doctor before booking your program.

Our team is trained to offer modifications and guidance for pre- and post-natal women. It will be important that you take care of your own energy levels and stay hydrated. Please consult with your doctor first if you are unsure.

YES. It is natural to be concerned, shy, or anxious about joining classes, especially if fitness is new to you. Our team is standing by to help you increase your functional fitness, whatever “condition” you are in when you arrive.

Our weekly schedule has been designed so classes stand alone but are offered in a combined way for your optimal health and well-being. You choose whether to go to certain classes or go to every class. Each person has a different need. And you will have different needs on different days. So we have built-in flexibility with plenty of choice to the program. We are also non-dogmatic and favor an intelligent approach that considers you and how you are today. Sometimes you need to blast it and sometimes you just need to rest. Our team will be standing by to help you. (The Yoga Core Cycle Program includes food, accommodation, meditation, fitness, yoga and breath work – it’s not possible to only pay for only one of these options).

This is your choice! Our Yoga Core Cycle Program allows you to choose which classes suit your interest and energy level. If you want to focus exclusively on your own yoga practice, you can. We invite you to see how our different classes can help to create balance for body, spirit and mind and support your yoga and meditation practices.

During your training, there will be an option to join a limited number of specific classes from the overall YogaCoreCycle offering which is timed to fit in with the training schedule of your program. At the meet and greet of your program, the schedule shall be reviewed.

During your Group Yoga Retreat, there will be an option to join a limited number of specific classes from the overall YogaCoreCycle offering which is timed to fit in with your schedule. If you would like to do more fitness, we would recommend you join instead the YogaCoreCycle program or a dedicated Group Fitness Retreat when offered on the annual schedule. However, our offering of classes is open to all students and guests at Samahita. We do not exclude anyone that may come for a yoga, a core, or a cycle class that is also signed up on another program, Retreats and trainings however have specific schedules and signed up attendees.

During your Private Yoga Retreat, there will be an option to join a limited number of specific classes from the overall YogaCoreCycle offering which is timed to fit in with your teacher’s schedule. However, our offering of classes is open to all students and guests at Samahita. We do not exclude anyone that may come for a yoga, a core, or a cycle class that is also signed up on another program, Retreats and trainings, however, have specific schedules and signed up attendees.


We serve mainly vegetarian food with fish and dairy options as well as specifically vegan and raw dishes. Eggs are available to order and are included in the brunch offering every day. Please order them at the juice bar on the days you would like to have some.

For those that do not take fish or eggs, there is always an alternative protein option available.

Milk is available as well as home-made rice, coconut and soya milks.

Cuisine >

If you are allergic to certain foods, please email our reservations team with details. You can also inform the kitchen/wellness staff upon arrival. The kitchen staff can make special meals for you. We can accommodate vegan and raw-food diets.

Every single menu served at our buffet is detailed on the blackboard just outside the dining area. On it you will find clearly noted symbols stating if the dish is vegan, contains wheat or eggs and a host of other allergens that we have come across over the past 15 years serving thousands of people.

Absolutely. We have self-service herbal tea (ginger, lime and mint) as well as black tea at the side juice bar from 6:45am to 1pm, and then again at dinner time from 6-8pm. Coffee is also available in the morning to lunch buffet, 6:45am to 1pm. These tea and coffee offerings are complementary. The coffee is sourced from Northern Thailand, ethically produced and organic.

If you prefer, you can order espressos, cappuccinos and other barista delights, including keto bulletproof coffee options, at the coffee & juice bar. These orders just need to be signed for and are automatically added to your room bill.


Yes, we accept Visa and Mastercard for items and services purchased on site and in Thai currency.

No. Our policy is clear – 50% deposit when you book. This helps us limit no-shows and ensures spaces for others. The remaining balance is due prior to the start of your stay. Please see payment and cancellation policy

There is a VAT charge of 7% (tax) on items you buy from a shop, as well as on taxis and massages. At Samahita Retreat the VAT and service on your accommodation is included in your booking rate. We have a staff tip box at reception for you to leave a gratuity if you like. This gesture is usually made when checking out, 320 baht (USD 10-) a week is typically appropriate and shared between the entire staff.


Being on a Group Yoga Retreat would mean spending 7, sometimes 14 days, with a dedicated teacher, either one of our own, or a Guest teacher. Yoga, food, and accommodation are all included in the program. Some retreats have 10 guests and others have larger groups of 60 people, all joining together to learn and grow.

Our YogaCoreCycle Program is suitable for all levels and it includes integrated fitness meditation and pranayama classes, including self-practice and guided options. As a YogaCoreCycle guest, you still have the all-inclusive component along with flexible dates, This Program has a 3-day minimum stay, no maximum and features yoga, core, cycle, food and accommodation.

Yes, though it will depend on booking levels for your chosen dates.

Friend / Family Rates
Subject to availability, we have Friends & Family rates for any registered Samahita Retreat guest’s partner, family member or friend, who is not interested in participating in any of the programs but will stay in a room and board capacity. Shared accommodation, food, and the facilities are open to them. If they prefer to engage in the selection of yoga, breath, meditation, and fitness classes every day then a separate booking under YogaCoreCycle is advised.

You can also take advantage of the special value package.

6 Days with my Partner >

We prefer to give priority booking to those who can stay a whole week; however, if you can come for only part of the time, the retreat rate will be prorated. The minimum stay for a retreat, in any event, is five days.

You can always join our YogaCoreCycle program instead – the minimum number of days for this program is 3 days

Non-Residential Guests
Samahita Retreat is a residential retreat center. All our Yoga and Wellness Programs, Group Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings are inclusive of accommodation, food and yoga. In special cases or when our center is fully booked, we have a Non-Residential Rate.

Please contact our reservations team for more details.

We are family friendly, and children are welcome. We only ask that you help us maintain the serenity of our center, particularly at practice times, early in the morning and in the evenings. The retreat is generally quiet after dinner 9pm on, and conducive to rest. Children age 12 and under can stay free with one paid adult. If you are bringing a child, you must book a Private Room. Children from 13 to 17 pay half, and those 18 and above must pay full adult rate. Please email reservations for rates.

Yes, we can arrange a babysitter for you. Usually one of our staff members can babysit in their free time, though we cannot guarantee their competence in English. We also have a kid’s center or extra recreation, play and zoned space to hang out in.

NO. We are a place of health and well-being. We are a smoke- and alcohol-free facility.

No, we are not set up for this. Our approach is to work with individual students over a long period of time and treat all cases on an individual basis.

Yes, we have WiFi throughout the property. You can use your iPad or equivalent in your room for work and leisure. Though we encourage you time to just switch off, even go for a digital detox. You won’t miss your devices. Rather the opposite will happen. You’ll feel free.

Yes, the schedule on different programs allows for several hours in the middle of the day, between sessions, to wander and visit different spots.

The retreat schedules vary depending on the teacher and are detailed in each retreat description. Many retreats take Wednesday afternoon off when we offer a complimentary boat ride to a couple of beautiful islands with snorkeling.

A couple of nights a week we also offer complimentary shuttle bus rides for guest who wish to go shopping at some of the islands famous walking street markets.

Activities >

Our reception staff will gladly help you organize sight-seeing trips of your own. You can hire taxis from the retreat center and also a number of tourist destinations on the island offer pick up and drop off services.

Teacher Training

Normally we ask that the student has at least 2 years of experience practicing. But it depends on the individual student. The most important qualification for this course is the call from within. But the call is not enough on its own. For it to be true and sincere, it also needs to be based on a certain level of practice (i.e., so many times per week over so many years). Your interest level will reveal itself in the desire to read more on the topic, to study and practice more, and in the absorption of your thoughts in the subject.

The manuals are included in the training price. It is the student’s responsibility to purchase the books on the reading list.

Yes, our trainings are all-inclusive of training, food and accommodation.

We are schooled in and teach from classical traditions of Patanjali “Raja” Yoga and the field of tantric to Hatha Yoga, which includes asana, pranayama, kriya, bandha, and mantra.

No, we are not an Ashtanga Vinyasa training. You will leave with the ability to teach both Dynamic Core Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga classes.

The average is 20-24 but it depends on the course. We cap the course at 38, so there are never more than that.

We have all ages attend, from 18-year-olds to 70-year-olds. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend. The most represented range is from 28 to 51.

Just a sincere interest to learn.

In special deserving cases we give out partial scholarships. To complete the course you must teach two classes at Samahita though it is to your peers on the training. To gain further experience in teaching it is advised to apply for the Yoga Teacher Apprentice program. Otherwise there is no facility for work exchange as we follow Thai labor laws.

Currently it is comprised of attending yoga classes, which is good to do anyway, and to complete certain readings. Readings can of course be crammed into a shorter time. However, to get the most from both the classes and readings then a 3-month time period is always good.

You will have the tools you need to start the process of teaching, which is ongoing. We assume students will continue to learn and grow.

Everyone’s experience during their time with us will be different. It should be that way. Everyone comes with their own background and yoga experience/training, and that will shape what they are able to take in. We also get students into self-practice, where we are able to individualize the practice for them.

Yes, and many people do! Our aim is not to turn out asana teachers but to guide people deeper into practice and understanding of yoga.

If students are present in class, and (for the 200-hour) turn in all of the assignments and pass all of the oral, written and practical exams, we then award them with the graduating certificate.

There are no exams for the 300-hour courses. For the 200-hour there is a practical teaching exam in both Restorative Yoga and Dynamic Core Vinyasa, an oral exam, and written philosophy and anatomy exams.

We currently have both 200 and 300 level courses. The 200-hour course is considered as foundational for teaching. The 300-hour level course is made up of continuing education modules that are typically 100 hours each. These can be done back-to-back or spread out over 1 to 3 years. You do not need to have gone through our 200-hour level course to take our 300 level course. With your 200 and 300 level certificates, you may then apply for Yoga Alliance’s 500 level certification.

Some people choose to take the courses all at once, while others choose to wait. The 200-hour training is a one month residential program. Our 300-hour consists of 3 consecutive or separate 100-hour/two-week residential trainings. The 300-hour courses must be completed within 3 years of the first 100-hour training.

You can apply for the courses via Reservations and complete the application form for either 200-hours or 300-hours.

Our 300-hour must be completed within 3 years. You can then apply through Yoga Alliance for your 500-hour certificate. The whole process, meaning 200 and 300, should be done within 5 years.

If you have another 200-hour training you can attend our 300-hour. You then use your 200 and our 300 to apply for Yoga Alliance 500.

We have a full staff of teachers and professionals who are available for students.

Typically three (3) 200-hour trainings and up to four (4) 100-hour individual modules, per year.

The sooner you apply the better, so you can prepare for the course and to ensure you get the accommodation you want. Take note of the dates of courses that fit your schedule.

You do not need to attend our 200 level course to apply for our 300 level course. You just need to have gone through an accredited program elsewhere.

It is a self-appointed governing organization, out of the US, meant to police and organize how trainings are run. Some countries have their own organizations.

We do not have a specific placement system, but we are always willing to help with advice, as well as referrals when appropriate. You can also apply for the Yoga Teacher Apprentice program.

We do have an offsite option, but staying offsite is not likely to be cheaper for you. And you might need to rent a car or scooter/motorbike for transportation. There is no public transportation.

Please read payment and cancellation policy on this website.

Please read payment and cancellation policy on this website. We do allow for course payments in 2 or 3 stages.

The 4-weeks of your teacher training can actually be an ideal time to add on a Detox Program at Samahita Retreat as you have a long period of time in a dedicated environment which preps you, helps you through detox, and eases you out of it. The detox program is tailored to work with your training schedule from 3-10 days during your stay. There are many benefits for your mind and body while detox during your training.

Yes, Paul Dallaghan and the team often work with local studios whose student base are non-English speakers. We’ve partnered with Space Yoga in Taipei for many years to offer a Chinese language training along with an interpreter. Elonne Stockton, a senior faculty teacher, is also capable of leading sessions in Chinese.

Yes. Not all courses are created equal !!! There is no real standard in the marketplace. The closest is Yoga Alliance’s but one will find a supposed 200-hour course squeezed into two or almost three weeks by some groups. Technically this is impossible to do and the supposed make-up of hours are conveniently in a non-contact form.

To be discerning you need to look for, ask questions about, the real experience of the teacher, their exposure to time in practice and tradition, the genuine length of time teaching and running courses. Even then it is hard to be sure. You may also like a particular approach or style.

Yes, we include weekly trips to the local walking streets and a boat trip to the neighboring islands. You can sign up for these optional excursions during your training. See our Activities section for more details.


Our Total Self-Care Program is designed to nurture, nourish and revitalize the body. When booking a program, you receive a bigger discount for all wellness therapies and treatments. We have tailored the program to include our Sunlighten 3-in-1 infrared sauna which is a clinically-backed natural therapy, that works on a cellular level. The infrared sauna compliments any of the Total Self-Care Therapies that you will choose from when you arrive, to create your own package.

No. These treatments have been discounted for advanced purchase. Refunds cannot be given.

Yes. You can add on other treatments in addition to those on your chosen program. One particular treatment may have the desired result and additional treatments can be of benefit to a health-focused and well-being setting. Book at our wellness reception.

Yes. You can add on a Total Self-Care Program to your current yoga retreat or continuing education training reservation. See rates.

If you decide after your arrival that you would like to add on a Total Self-Care Program it is still possible, subject to availability. However, the best rates exist when booked online before your arrival.


Yoga is interpreted in many different ways, and all practitioners apply it as it fits into their own lives. It is both an ancient ascetic discipline and a modern means to physical, spiritual, and psychological peace. While we normally live in a state of constant dissatisfaction, always striving for something external that seems just out of reach, yoga teaches us to look inward, redirecting our energy toward establishing inner peace.

With a grounded sense of self and trust in our ability to take life as it comes, we can then focus on building more authentic connections with the world around us. Yoga incorporates many different methods, from poses to breath control, all of which work together to center us and create a place of safety and security from which we can interact with others.

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Perfect. We welcome students of all levels. We teach different focused classes from dynamic to restorative, and from breath to mindful, offering modifications and different levels of intensity appropriate for the level of practice and physical condition you are in. Our teaching approach is set up to work with individuals based on their level of experience. Please read more on our YogaCoreCycle detailed class descriptions.

For Group Yoga Retreats, as we host a range of teachers with varying backgrounds, each one has their own specific entry level requirements. You can find this information in each retreat description. Please look up the retreat that interests you. If you require additional, specific information you can contact either our reservations team.

A dynamic class that both challenges and conditions the body, breath and mind. We have developed three different sequences to target separate areas in practice. These sequences are spread across different days during the week so you get a more holistic effect to your body. Skilled teaching makes sure modifications and degrees of intensity are offered for the different capacity of each person in class. You can expect to cover a variety of asanas across standing, sitting, forward and back bends, twists and inversions, as well as a movement base from sun salutations, and a variety of targeted core exercises.

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This is a traditional yoga approach where the student has some experience with the asanas and is aware of some sequence to practice in. The teacher does not lead in normal group verbal way but rather approaches each student individually and offers a combination of verbal guidance, visual cues, or physical hands-on correction or adjustment to the position (asana) to either show how it is done, reveal to the student it is possible to do, help to get into the pose, correct or improve one’s positon in the pose, or, most subtle, to highlight certain nuances of the body and mind while engaged in the asana. The class then is a mixture of people each following their own practice receiving guidance from the teacher.

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Restorative yoga has an aim to put minimal stress on the body while still respecting the needs for support and opening in the body. The goal is to align the mind and body by practicing intentional stillness and slow, gentle, purposeful movement. It can be a time for deep, meditative relaxation. It can also take mindfulness to the next level, and prepares the body for deep, high-quality sleep. At Samahita we have four different sequences of Restorative yoga that cover a range of classical poses, slow movements, relaxed comforting positons, and supine restorative relief. A center support of the body remains especially if one stays in the pose longer. Without it students can cause injury to the body while, ironically, doing a completely relaxing position.

Pranayama, in one sense, is the art of controlling the breath, which is the key to the universal life energy that flows through everyone. In another sense it is applying control of the breath as part of the meditative experience. Pranayama can free the breath, unlocking the constriction that occurs during times of stress. There are various techniques to learn and then repeat on a regular basis. You, when doing, control the breath with an internal focus. In so doing there is a physiological response that, when done well and repeatedly, can amplify how your autonomic nervous system responds to situations and how clear your thinking can function, and improve endocrine function, so your inner state is more stable and aware of what is going on around you. As a result an outcome that arises over time is a more robust emotional response to situations and a greater understanding of life and the daily drama that unfolds. For you that means inner peace, greater clarity and, quite simply, joy.

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A yoga retreat is, at its heart, a purposeful deepening of collective yoga practice. You and your fellow attendees will follow a schedule of activities, classes, and healthy meals, under the guidance of an experienced teacher. In this scenario you follow the same teacher for a fixed period of time and have a chance to progress under such guidance over the duration of the retreat.

Ultimately, one of yoga’s primary goals is to connect authentically with yourself and the world around you. Yet it can be tough to do this when you are surrounded by the pressures of daily life. On a retreat you are removed from your typical daily life and its patterns and pressures and so more mental and physical energy is available to get absorbed in a new learning and, if already doing, refining a practice. This setting, coupled with experienced guidance, is a time-honored and proven approach to help you go deeper and learn better. The time you spend on retreat to learn something new is valuable investment in oneself so when you return home you have learnt what to do and can do within your routine without the pressure of trying to figure it out at home in a limited time in the morning or evening when you practice.

YES. Our YogaCoreCycle Program features seated contemplation meditation as well as breathwork and pranayama classes. Our teachers will guide you into a comfortable seated position using the help of props such as cushions and blocks, and in specific cases the student may sit on a chair.

If a student needs a break during these sessions they are welcome to lay down on their back for a few minutes to relieve tension, and then sit up again to join the group, slowly building up. You can find a detailed description of the morning meditation and breath work practices in our YogaCoreCycleMeditation & Breathwork section

This depends on the program you sign up for. The typical range falls between 10 and 25 for classes under YogaCoreCycle. The main yoga shala accommodates up to 64 people at maximum. We only fill on specific dedicated programs. It can also be subdivided into three sections depending on what programs are on o accommodate for smaller groups.

We have outdoor beach shala’s, which are also available for smaller groups. The peaceful, seaview setting makes them quite a popular yoga space with our guests seeking some relaxation and connection to nature.

During our single peak-season retreats, such as over Christmas and New Year we use the entire indoor shala space for the one retreat.

Retreats are generally led by 1 or 2 main teachers along with an assistant or two. The set up depends on the retreat teacher and the number of students that have signed up.

For theYogaCoreCycle Program we have at least one or two teachers for the morning teacher-assisted-self-practice class. There is one teacher for guided Dynamic Core Vinyasa class, and one teacher for the evening restorative classes.

Our teachers are able to guide students into the appropriate class for the student’s level. After some guided classes, students have the option to enter the self-practice class, as they can then work on a more one to one capacity with the teachers and possibly be empowered with their own take-home practice.

Yes, both. You can borrow a mat for the duration of your stay. Please sign it out at the reception. You can also buy a good quality mat from our eco-life shop

This is your choice! Our Yoga Core Cycle Program allows you to choose which classes suit your interest and energy level. If you want to focus exclusively on your own yoga practice, you can. We invite you to see how our different classes can help to create balance for body, spirit and mind and support your yoga and meditation practices.