YogaCoreCycle offers a complete holistic approach for your mind and body. Your health, fitness, and overall wellbeing are supported through a broad spectrum of physical activity, breathwork and mindful meditation practices in a dedicated and natural environment with life-giving delicious food.

Our signature daily program, available all year, automatically included in your booking – just pick your dates and room type.

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YogaCoreCycle is

One All-Inclusive Program with Many Activities to Enjoy

Samahita’s signature program is designed to offer you – your body and mind – an integrated yoga and functional fitness approach, at a level of activity and rejuvenation that covers all aspects of human functioning across yoga asana, both dynamic and restorative, meditation and breath, core strength and cardio workouts, combined with our delicious and healthy food offering. The program encourages you to achieve optimal health, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. It just needs you to engage and participate – all directly at the beach!

The full program is automatically included when you book your stay at Samahita Retreat, with the option to take all 5 hours of classes every day or choose as per your need. Conceived and developed by Paul Dallaghan, Samahita’s founder, with input by athlete trainer and movement expert, Arielle Nash-Degagne, it is grown out of our long-term (over 40 years) experience in the world of yoga, meditation, health and fitness.

A common question is can yoga and fitness activities work together and be merged? Absolutely yes!! Yoga is supportive of many areas in one’s life and though offering many physical benefits it is not designed to fulfill one’s work out needs. Our evolved human body needs a variety of inputs and activities, especially in our current modern, technological world. To understand that alone is, ironically, a part of yoga. Take a look to understand why and how yoga and fitness practices can work together.


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Samahita has been awarded some of the highest accolades in the teaching and practice of yoga in the world since 2003. We share that learning with you in both dynamic and restorative yoga asana classes that include the breath and mind work of a full yoga practice.

Discover, learn more, or deepen your yoga practice with an aim to practice, understand, and take home a set of yoga techniques for you. We offer both guided dynamic and restorative classes as well as teacher-assisted self-practice.


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Get in touch with your deep core muscles – to support your back, pelvis and spine. We offer group classes that cover key functional fitness principles in a high intensity training format. Core strength is essential for health, a yoga practice, and a happy life.

Enjoy fun, dynamic exercises which integrate foundational body-based core exercises with top of the range functional equipment including TRX, Bosu, UGI, Sliders, Kettle Bells, Grids, Toners, Flexbands, Resistance bands and Redondo Balls.


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Indoor cycling (aka spinning) with a direct view of the beach is a fun, mega cardio, fat burning, sweat pumping, fitness building workout. You don’t need experience, just your desire to ride. Fortunately you adjust the resistance and manage your intensity.

Our dedicated cycle studio looks onto the beach and is stocked with Schwinn’s latest Carbon Blue cycle technology in bikes. In the morning we offer a silent-sunrise-cycle while in the afternoon it’s a music infused upbeat ride.

Pick Your Dates – Sign Up – Arrange Your Travel

It’s that simple ….. give yourself the best care right on the beach

The YogaCoreCycle program is available all year round.
Start when you want and enjoy full flexibility with the length of your stay.

Meditation & Breathwork
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We offer you guided daily meditation and breath classes as part of the YogaCoreCycle program. Integral to your overall health is inner peace, mental calm, better focus, and improved awareness.

 Detox Options

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YogaCoreCycle includes all activities, accommodations and delicious food. There is also the option to book a Detox, Weight Loss, or Total-Self-Care program for an added healthy boost.

 Private Sessions

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Our team of teachers are skilled in yoga, functional fitness, pilates, health coaching, reiki and can be booked one-on-one if you desire extra focused attention to work on something or learn more.

Make It Your Own Program

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  • Choose your dates
  • Pick your room type
  • Decide on a Detox
  • Consider one-on-one sessions
  • Be flexible with the daily schedule
  • Do more or less of the yoga classes
  • With Dynamic group classes in the morning
  • And Restorative with breath in the afternoon
  • Do all or some of the core and cycle workouts
  • Join morning meditation and breathwork
  • With an option to participate in evening meditation
  • Relax, read, enjoy the beach

YogaCoreCycle is a complete program offering that gives you not only great value but the freedom to attend all classes or the ones that suit, whether everyday or some days more and some less. You may practice more yoga and skip the fitness or the other way round but for sure you can do both. As a fully inclusive integrated program you can take things at your pace while we support and motivate you to do your best.

ycc own program

YogaCoreCycle is a complete program offering that gives you not only great value but the freedom to attend all classes or the ones that suit, whether everyday or some days more and some less. You may practice more yoga and skip the fitness or the other way round but for sure you can do both. As a fully inclusive integrated program you can take things at your pace while we support and motivate you to do your best.

Plan Your Stay at Samahita Based on Your Dates

Enjoy the Affordable YogaCoreCycle Program

Unplugged at Samahita

Go device-free during your stay at Samahita Retreat – the perfect opportunity for a “digital detox”.

Give yourself a break from addictive social media, email demands and the daily barrage of information and news. Instead, connect with people, read a book, walk the beach, or indulge in relaxing Total Self-Care treatments.

We recommend a minimum 3 days. Plan in advance and let your family and friends know.
Take the challenge and commit. You will feel the benefit!

Online Health Coach

Get empowered by bringing the Samahita magic home

Complement your experience on any program at Samahita to continue your health journey at home with support from a Samahita personal health coach.


Food should not only be healthy, it should be absolutely delicious.

Local, organic, healthy oils and no sugar, Thai and more, prepared with real care

I choose for the second time Samahita Retreat for the following high standards that are really all met in one place: First it’s super clean, chic & simple, peaceful. The spot is breathtaking, the food is Delicious & classes ( Yoga, Core & Cycling ) offered are perfectly timed for a restorative getaway. Mind, body & soul find harmony
It was my first choice this year to celebrate my birthday as the place offered me the peace of ” me time ” with the opportunity of meeting new souls. It is also great for me to physically & mentally get ready for my rowing competition as you can work out facing ( great facilities ) the beach & healthy food was available throughout the day.


My experience at Samahita was simply amazing! Where to begin..people: you really feel like home, you find a new family at Samahita. One day feels like a month, 2 weeks..and you will have the feeling of having lived there for ages! Yoga: all teachers are amazing, Food: so yummy, healthy and delicious. Service: the staff is brilliant, kind and helpful. , Service: the staff is brilliant, kind and helpful. Rooms are very nice and comfy, location is perfect for relaxing and chilling. Loved Samahita, can’t wait to be back and I’ll carry those memories always with me.


The stay was an enjoyable experience. Friendly and motivated staff provide an excellent impression. The teachers are motivating. Yoga people are inspiring and supportive for personal goals. The atmosphere among guests is excellent and inspiring! Good vibes help! The organized tours to swim, snorkel and the visit the night markets are very welcome and a great opportunity to socialize between yoga and fitness activities.



A lot goes on in this little place.
Take a tour and see for yourself.


A variety of private and semi-private options, clean, airy and comfortable.
Just what you need.