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Easy 1, 2, 3 Steps to Travel and Stay at Samahita

Samahita is OPEN. Arrive here on Samui Sandbox travel.
Latest update on travel to Samui (Jan 11th):  You can travel to Samui WITHOUT any quarantine on the SAMUI SANDBOX program. Still follow the three steps below. In step 2 book your flight on one itinerary all the way to Samui (on sealed flights PG5125, PG5171, PG5175, or PG962 direct from Singapore). In step 3 apply for the ThaiPass QR code Samui Sandbox option. This means you stay your first night on Samui in a hotel, take a PCR test, and the next morning can arrive at Samahita. Safe and easy.

Here are the 3 Steps to Paradise.

  1. Book your stay at Samahita 
  2. Book your flight and first night 
  3. Prep your entry docs

YogaCoreCycle offers a complete holistic approach for your body, breath and mind. Your health, fitness, and overall wellbeing are supported through a broad spectrum of physical activity, breathwork and mindful meditation practices in a dedicated and natural environment with life-giving delicious food.

Our signature daily program, available all year, automatically included in your booking – just pick your dates and room type.

YogaCoreCycle Includes Many Activities to Enjoy: One Rate-Any Date

Samahita’s signature program is designed to offer your body and mind an integrated yoga and functional fitness approach. This occurs at a level of activity and rejuvenation covering all aspects of human functioning across yoga asana, both dynamic and restorative, meditation and breathwork, core strength and cardio workouts. The program encourages you to achieve optimal health, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.

You have the option to take all 5 hours of classes every day or choose as per your needs. Conceived and developed by Paul Dallaghan, Samahita’s founder, with input by athlete trainer and movement expert, Arielle Nash-Degagne, this program has grown out of our long-term (over 40 years) experience in the world of yoga, meditation, health and fitness.


ycc yoga img

Samahita has been awarded some of the highest accolades in the teaching and practice of yoga. We’ll share our learning with you in both dynamic and restorative yoga asana classes that include the breath and mind work of a full yoga practice. Discover or deepen your yoga practice with an aim to practice and understand a set of yoga techniques for you.


ycc core image

Get in touch with your deep core muscles, supporting your back, pelvis and spine. Enjoy fun, dynamic exercises integrating foundational body-based core exercises with top equipment including TRX, Bosu, UGI, Sliders, Kettle Bells, Grids, Toners, Flexbands, Resistance bands and Redondo Balls.


ycc cycle img

Enjoy a direct beach view while indoor cycling (aka spinning). This mega cardio workout is fun, fat burning, sweat pumping, and fitness building. Fortunately, you control the resistance and manage the intensity on our Schwinn’s Carbon Blue Cycle Bikes. Join us in the morning for a silent-sunrise-cycle. In the afternoon, it’s a music infused upbeat ride.

 Meditation & Breathwork

ycc meditation img

We offer you guided daily meditation and breathwork classes as part of the YogaCoreCycle program. Integral to your overall health is inner peace, mental calm, better focus, and improved awareness.

 Wellness Options

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YogaCoreCycle includes all activities, accommodations and delicious food. There is also the option to book a Total-Self-Care program or Brain Health Upgrade program for an added healthy boost.

 Private Sessions

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Our team of teachers are skilled in yoga, functional fitness, pilates, health coaching, reiki and can be booked one-on-one if you desire extra focused attention to work on something or learn more.

Pick Your Dates – Sign Up – Arrange Your Travel

How it Works

  • Choose your dates (minimum 3 days)

  • Pick your room type

  • Decide on Wellness add on

  • Consider one-on-one sessions

You Will Get

  • Flexible daily schedule of classes
  • Dynamic group classes in the morning
  • Restorative with breath, core, cycle classes in the afternoon
  • Morning meditation and breathwork with option to participate in an evening meditation
  • Personal time to relax, read and enjoy the beach

YogaCoreCycle is a complete program offering that gives you not only great value but the freedom to attend all classes or the ones that suit, whether everyday or some days more and some less. You may practice more yoga and skip the fitness or the other way round but for sure you can do both. As a fully inclusive integrated program you can take things at your pace while we support and motivate you to do your best.

Plan Your Stay at Samahita Based on Your Dates

Enjoy the Affordable YogaCoreCycle Program

Enjoy Our All Inclusive Facilities

The stay was an enjoyable experience. Friendly and motivated staff provide an excellent impression. The teachers are motivating. Yoga people are inspiring and supportive for personal goals. The atmosphere among guests is excellent and inspiring! Good vibes help! The organized tours to swim, snorkel and the visit the night markets are very welcome and a great opportunity to socialize between yoga and fitness activities.

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