Retreats are led by an accomplished teacher in yoga, fitness and/or health, over a fixed time period. Be guided into a new experience.

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Add-On a Detox Program

Enhance your stay by detoxing during your retreat for a full health make-over

Add-On a Wellness Program

Take more time for yourself while on retreat and increase your wellbeing

Need to Arrive earlier or Stay Longer?

Samahita Retreat has a full program of classes every day, all year. You can stay longer than your retreat dates and enjoy a full suite of yoga, breath, meditation, and fitness classes with our fully inclusive YogaCoreCycle daily program and experienced team of teachers


A lot goes on in this little place.
Take a look around and see for yourself.


A variety of private and semi-private options, clean, airy and comfortable.
Just what you need.

Been here for a week. I am amazed how much change can be done in that time! I really toned up, my mind stilled within days, very relaxed, feeling bright and healthy, got a lot more flexibility, more muscle control and found out I have muscles that I never knew. Loved it.


I would recommend this retreat to anyone feeling ‘bogged’ down in life. To come here and treat yourself is the biggest gift of all. I leave with an amazing feeling to deal with the ‘real world’ in better ways and look after myself.


I feel blessed to have discovered Samahita Retreat and privileged to have spent time with the wonderful teachers here! They have created the most beautiful space where I just love to come and unwind, reflect, cleanse and deepen my yoga practice. This is my second time at Samahita and I look forward to returning year after year to continue to grow, relax and be nurtured in this amazing and unique environment.



Food should not only be healthy, it should be absolutely delicious.
Local, organic, healthy oils and no sugar, Thai and more, prepared with real care


Samahita, with its team of qualified teachers, can work with you to arrange a program for your group that gives them the opportunity to renew and transform where the environment and programming are fully dedicated to such team-building and life-changing moments. We are professional in what we do and how we offer it.


If you are a teacher or leader of some modality across yoga, health, fitness, Barre, meditation, martial arts, Taoist practices, and more, Samahita’s facilities, accommodation, and food offerings are designed to offer you and your students an ideal setting for teaching and learning.


The teaching staff at Samahita have been guests and students in their early visits here, then completed numerous training programs in yoga, fitness and health, and are now part of the team because of their skill, love of the place, and their interest and joy to share and teach others who come here, as they know firsthand what that is about.


Samahita’s teaching staff team, in addition to all the group classes they lead, are skilled in yoga, functional fitness, pilates, health coaching, reiki and can be booked one-on-one if you desire extra focused attention to work on something or learn more.

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