Brain Health Upgrade Program

A combination of mitochondrial enhancement through light therapy, brainwave modulation through Audio-Visual Entrainment, EEG biofeedback meditation, and all the yoga, workouts, breathwork, nutrition, meditation, nature and more that is part of your Samahita stay.

For a Healthy Brain

Protect it

Nourish it

Enhance it

Improve sleep, brain function, and start or enhance a meditation practice


Samahita’s Brain Health Upgrade program
Samahita’s classes, food and support
Samahita’s natural environment
A Total Brain Health Upgrade

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Have You thought about Your Brain Recently?

Maybe not. Yet it’s involved in everything you do. Its health is vital to how you feel, think, age, perform, love, learn and share.

Circulation to and through your brain, known as cerebral blood flow as well as the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, indicates how well your brain performs and subsequently how you feel. You might be looking in several places to improve your health or fix what is bothering you. To do so you must upgrade your brain’s health.

Samahita’s Brain Health Upgrade program is to help you care for and improve the state of your brain and how it works through organic ancient practices from yoga and meditation as well modern technology and biohacks.

Here’s How it Works

  • Decide between the 3, 5, 7 or 10 days program

  • Pick your dates

  • Pick your room type

  • Decide if you want to stay longer than your chosen Brain Health Upgrade program

You Will Get

  • A Brain Health Upgrade session every day


  • A float therapy session


  • Full spectrum Infrared sauna sessions


  • Every class and program in YogaCoreCycle


  • All that Samahita has to offer

Explore Brain Health Upgrade Program

The flow of elements in a Brain Health Upgrade session

The-flow-of-elements-in-a-Brain-Health-Upgrade-sessionStep one: light therapy to enhance your cellular energy level, so you feel better and your brain can work better.

When your brain works better you will do everything with much greater involvement and energy.

Step two: brainwave modulation through Audio-Visual Entrainment so you enter complete relaxation and cultivate the meditator’s mind.

AVE stimulates certain brainwave states, in particular the alpha range, to improve brain function, reduce inflammation in the brain, help you think better and behave nicer.

Step three: a targeted meditation session with biofeedback to let you know the state of your mind and how you are actually doing as you sit and attempt meditative practice.

Step four: one-on-one sitting and guidance with one of Samahita’s senior teachers, discussion on anything that may have arisen through the session, and support to help understand the process and keep at it.

Brain Health Upgrade Program Duration & Comparison

We have standard 3, 5, 7 and 10-day Brain Health Upgrade packages. Minimum stay is 3 days but we recommend 7 to 10 days for optimal effect. We do offer 3 and 5 day programs, ideal for a wellness weekend break, or within the middle of a longer stay.

By Day Program Comparison

3-Day 5-Day 7-Day 10-Day
Brain Health Sessions 3 5 7 10
Infrared Saunas 2 3 4 7
Float Therapy Session 1 1 1 1
3-Day 5-Day
Brain Health Sessions
Brain Health Sessions
Infrared Saunas
Infrared Saunas
Float Therapy Session
Float Therapy Session
7-Day 10-Day
Brain Health Sessions
Brain Health Sessions
Infrared Saunas
Infrared Saunas
Float Therapy Session
Float Therapy Session

All other inclusions are fully available each day of your booked program stay

Brain Health Upgrade Program – One Rate-Any Date – All-Inclusive

Rates are in US Dollars, per person, per night fully inclusive of

  • Your choice of room and buffets
  • Full Brain Health Upgrade program inclusions
  • Full YogaCoreCycle practices (up to 5 hours per day)
  • VAT government tax
  • All amenities and facilities

for the duration of your booked program dates

Offering our discounted best value rates from February 1st, 2022

Private Room Semi-Private Room Shared Two Bedroom Loft
3-day* $900 $840 $780
5-day $1,440 $1,340 $1,240
7-day $1,862 $1,722 $1,582
10-day $2,620 $2,420 $2,220

The One-Bedroom Suite rate is $20 per day added to the Private Room rate. A second adult guest is charged at the Shared rate.

  • 3-Day Minimum

Please Note Seasonal Change in the Standard Rates across the Following Date Periods

January 4 - March 21 Standard rates as above
March 22 - April 3 Program not available, join our annual guest retreat
April 4 - June 26 Low season rates - save $20 per day!
June 27 - July 24 Program not available, join one of our advanced trainings
July 25 - August 28 Standard rates as above
August 29 - December 7 Low season rates - save $20 per day!
December 8 - January 2 Program not available, join one of our end of year retreats
January 3 - March 20 High season - add $10 per day

Add-On a Brain Health Upgrade Program to Your Retreat or Training

3-Day* 5-Day 7-Day 10-Day
All Room Types $366 USD $550 USD $616 USD $840 USD

* 3-Day Minimum

Enjoy Our All Inclusive Facilities

Best Value Program – ALL classes, room and meals, available ALL-YEAR-ROUND One Rate-Any Date now offered at our discounted best value rates