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Thailand’s Leading Health, Fitness and Yoga Retreat

Since 2003, Samahita Retreat has been providing yoga retreats in Thailand. Samahita is dedicated to helping you increase your energy level, recover and enhance your vitality, through yoga, fitness, detox and wellness, in nature, directly on the beach.

Samahita means Centered

Feeling off-balance?
Reclaim your personal strength
and inner peace
to… breathe into a new life.

Your room booking includes all activities & classes, delicious food, brunch tea, coffee & fresh juice, filtered water stations, full facilities, all on the beach for you to enjoy. We aim to give high quality at a great value.

Samahita means centered, being in balance, integration of vitality and peace in your life. For Samahita’s founder, Paul Dallaghan, it is a journey of over 30 years in yoga, health, and spirituality. Through practice, research, and study, Samahita offers a genuine place for you to do more than just holiday:

  • Learn new practices on a yoga retreat in Thailand with meditation
  • Restore the body through the healthy and food focus of a yoga fitness retreat
  • Refresh your brain based on our health retreat approach
  • Bathe in nature’s wonders on our beautiful beach in this remote corner of Thailand’s special Koh Samui

Samahita Cares About You

We set up Samahita because we care about you and your wellbeing, we care about the environment and our place on this planet, and we care about how a business should operate so learned experience highlights value for your time and money. Choosing to come and stay here is not just another hotel (‘cos it’s not!!) but a place to feel at home, in nature, to transform, let go and be. We live this and do our best to share it with you.

Explore Life at Samahita Retreat

Since 2003 over 20,000 people have joined us and use the word “authentic” to describe what goes on here. We offer life-giving tasty food, with a variety of guest room options. We teach yoga courses you can take home in asana and pranayama breath, and meditation. You’ll also experience functional fitness in core strength and cardio.

Take advantage of our detox retreat, weight loss and additional healthy therapies and treatments. At Samahita Retreat, we also offer yoga teacher training to advance your studies. Our facilities include dedicated yoga retreat spaces, an indoor cycle studio facing the beach, and a fitness retreat loft with incredible sea views.

YogaCoreCycle is our signature yoga fitness retreat program which is designed to offer you – your BODY and MIND– a level of activity and REJUVENATION that covers all aspects of human functioning across both dynamic and restorative YOGA asana, meditation and breath, core strength and cardio fitness workouts.

This program is automatically included when you book your stay at Samahita Retreat. You’ll also have the option of taking all 5 hours of classes every day or customize your own yoga fitness retreat program from these classes. YogaCoreCycle has grown out of our experience and expertise in the field of yoga, meditation, breath and fitness.

As a leader and pioneer in the world of yoga retreats, Samahita is known for health, fitness, and spirituality, meditation, breath training, core and cardio workouts. In addition, delicious food, interesting people, detox retreat and vitality-enhancing wellness programs are popular and are offered in a natural and relaxed environment.


Join a Master Teacher at a Yoga Fitness Health Retreat

Retreats are led by an accomplished teacher in yoga, fitness and/or health, over a fixed time period. Start your new experience today.

 Teacher Training

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Yoga Teacher Training to Deepen Your Practice, Learn Skills and Knowledge to Teach

Since 1999, Centered Yoga, under master teacher Paul Dallaghan, has led this high-quality program with expansion in 2003 for advanced teacher training modules.


Samahita Wellness

Schedule Wellness Time for Yourself, Your Body & Your Brain

Have your own well-being health retreat to relax in a trained therapist’s hands and boost your brain wellness with our biohacks.


image home detox

Detox Retreat to Clean Out and Reclaim your Energy

It’s impossible to avoid toxins in this world – just from living, food, the environment. Detoxing food, yoga and health practices, and treatments help you shine again.


A lot goes on in this little place.
Take a tour and see for yourself.


Food should not only be healthy, it should be absolutely delicious. Local, organic, healthy oils and no sugar, Thai and more, prepared with real care


A variety of private and semi-private options, clean, airy and comfortable. Just what you need.

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Samahita is a fabulous, relaxing humble non-pretentious place in a quiet location on Koh Samui. The staff are beautiful, very kind and helpful, and motivating. The therapists give fantastic massages. I came here to kick start a healthy weight and diet regime and develop a yoga practice. I am a much happier, lighter, stronger, and relaxed person that when I arrived!


Samahita Retreat helped me find the sense of inner calm I was hoping for. I met some amazing people here, instructors and guests alike and I was provided with knowledge that would allow me to live a more healthy and emotional, mental and spiritual life. Thank you!


Wonderful, especially the afternoon sessions, very valuable and practical lessons that I will apply to improve my health when I return home. Beautiful location, treatments and education. I have really gained from my week here and am looking forward to deepening my yoga asana practice next week with your wonderful instructors.


Thank you also for all your guidance over the last 10 days. It was a pleasure returning to Samahita. As I tell others, this is the best yoga retreat I have been to – one of the main reasons being the quality of teaching which is outstanding. The team’s care and passion is impressive and I have left each stay with new learning and increased love for the yoga practice. Look forward to returning. In the meantime, take care and I wish you and the team all the best.


The way this place is held together with love and consciousness – the wellness team, the expert staff, the wonderfully tasty and satisfying food. And the perfect beauty of a perfect tropical beach. You can create whatever experience you want and not be impacted by anyone else. You are free to go with the beat of your own drum here, held by a little conscious community of love and support.


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Save and enjoy, our programs are all-inclusive.

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