Total Self-Care Program

The Total Self-Care Program is the best value package to optimize your Samahita experience The combination of all the practices, food and accommodation, plus a selection of therapies and treatments each day enhances your time for renewal and de-stress while here. Our formula for Wellness is all about adding to your overall well-being and increasing your vitality.

About the Total Self-Care Program

Samahita’s Total Self-Care Program has been developed to help you make the most of your stay and relieve stress. Arrive with a whole plan of therapies and treatments pre-booked and at a bundled value package price. You get the stress-free benefit of the whole selection of yoga, breath, meditation, and fitness classes every day, all the great food, and a selection from the following massages, facials, scrubs and skin treatments:

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage for Upper Body
  • Deep Tissue Massage for Lower Body
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Sabai Massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Foot Reflexology Massage
  • Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage
  • Galvanic Facial Treatment
  • Herbal Facial Treatment
  • Body Scrub & Wrap
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
  • 3-in-1 Infrared Sauna Therapy

Total Self-Care Program Duration & Comparison

We have standard 3, 5, and 7-day Total Self-Care Value Packages. Minimum stay is 3 days but we recommend 7 days for optimal effect. We do offer 3 and 5 day programs, ideal for a wellness weekend break, or within the middle of a longer stay.

By Day Program Comparison

3-Day 5-Day 7-Day
Therapies 3 4 6
Infrared Saunas 3 4 6

All other inclusions are fully available each day of your booked program stay

self care duration img

Total Self-Care Program – One Rate – All-Inclusive

Rates are in US Dollars, per person, per night fully inclusive of

  • Your choice of room and buffets
  • Full Total Self-Care program inclusions
  • Full YogaCoreCycle practices (up to 5 hours per day)
  • VAT government tax
  • All amenities and facilities

for the duration of your booked program dates

3-Day* 5-Day 7-Day
Private Room $774 $1,260 $1,722
Semi-Private Room $714 $1,160 $1,582
Shared Two-Bedroom Loft $654 $1,060 $1,442
Non-residential (limited cases) $594 $960 $1,302

The One-Bedroom Suite rate is $20 per day added to the Private Room rate. A second adult guest is charged at the Shared rate.

* 3-Day Minimum

Add-On a Total Self-Care Program to Your Retreat or Training

3-Day* 5-Day 7-Day
All Room Types $180 $270 $336

* 3-Day Minimum

Take Advantage of the Total Self-Care Value Package and Book Now

These are the best deals to stay here, enjoy all the classes, programs, food and accommodation.

Start when you want and enjoy full flexibility with the length of your stay.

Samahita is genuine and unique and perfect in size and location. Very friendly, accepting all levels on training knowledge and offering a place to relax, enjoying and meeting people while improving your body and mental health. I can recommend Samahita to anyone, coming alone, with family or friends does not matter-you will have a great time.


It was a well deserved rest from everyday life. Great that the meals are included and are available for those hours that they are. And the many new tastes the kitchen presented throughout the week was amazing.


It is nice to do yoga and have many treatments at the same place. I feel myself almost different person because yoga and treatments have done so much for me. Food was excellent and it was variable. Room was comfortable.


Therapies & Treatments

Look at the variety and options of Therapies and Treatments to choose from on your Total Self-Care Program

The Soul of Samahita

Read about our unique qualities, philosophy and why we have set up a retreat center dedicated to vitality and well-being, from a personal journey to long-term training and direct experience

Private Session

You can add on one-on-one focused sessions too. Take a look at the possibilities with our resident teachers

Unplugged at Samahita

Go device-free during your stay at Samahita Retreat – the perfect opportunity for a “digital detox”.

Give yourself a break from addictive social media, email demands and the daily barrage of information and news. Instead, connect with people, read a book, walk the beach, or indulge in relaxing Total Self-Care treatments.

We recommend a minimum 3 days. Plan in advance and let your family and friends know.
Take the challenge and commit. You will feel the benefit!

Online Health Coach

Get empowered by bringing the Samahita magic home

Complement your experience on any program at Samahita to continue your health journey at home with support from a Samahita personal health coach.

Special Offers

Pick the 8 Day Value Package on Total Self-Care for big savings
Find dates that fit discounted time periods and save

Need to Arrive Earlier or Stay Longer?

Samahita Retreat has a full program of classes every day, all year. You can stay longer than your Total Self-Care Program dates and enjoy a full suite of yoga, breath, meditation, and fitness classes with our fully inclusive YogaCoreCycle daily program and experienced team of teachers.

Pick your dates – Select duration of Detox within that time – Complete Booking

Need to Bring a Friend, Partner or Family Member?

Subject to availability, we have Friends & Family rates for any registered Samahita Retreat guest’s partner, family member or friend, who is not interested in participating in any of the programs but will stay in a room and board capacity. Shared accommodation, food, and the facilities are open to them. If they prefer to engage in the selection of yoga, breath, meditation, and fitness classes every day then a separate booking under YogaCoreCycle is advised.

Book Now All-Inclusive

Affordable quality and value

The Total Self-Care Program is available all year round.
Start when you want and enjoy full flexibility with the length of your stay.