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Breath is synonymous with Life. Beyond the obvious it is really the Quality of Life that can be greatly influenced by How You Breathe. In recent years the breath has gained the attention it deserves in terms of mental and physical health. Yet for millennia it has featured as a key component in the inner journey, a spiritual or meditative path, with a necessary requirement that both physical and mental health be accounted for in its process.

Samahita has offered daily classes, bi-weekly courses, and advanced training in breath techniques to more involved levels of prānāyāma since we opened in 2003. Samahita’s founder, Dr. Paul D., has been immersed in breath-prānāyāma pracitce since the mid-1990s. His doctoral research was on “Breath, stress and health”, and he was acknowledged by the Indian prānāyāma-yogi tradition as an expert in the breath (prānācharya).

As Paul carries an ancient tradition of breath practice forward he ensures his fellow senior teachers at Samahita are also highly trained and fully dedicated to daily breath-prānāyāma practice. In addition, ongoing research and writing on the breath and related topics keep Paul and the team at the cutting edge of this “world of breath”. It is our commitment to bring both this practice and well-formed knowledge to all types and levels of interested people that would like to learn, keep up, and enjoy “The Breath”.


8 Ways You Can Train in Breathwork & Breathing Techniques at Samahita

Simplest – morning breathwork classes everyday when you join our YogaCoreCycle program (or book on Total Self Care or Brain Health Upgrade). Learn just enough to benefit you immensely and continue it at home.
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Learn More – join the Breath Training 1: Breathwork Essentials course, an ideal opportunity in a one-week program to comprehensively learn, practice, and develop the essentials of breathwork – from how to breathe to ways to breathe – to establishing a breathing practice in the line of Prānāyāma.
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Establish it – join the 200-hour four-week Education in Yoga (Teacher) Training program offered twice a year at Samahita where you will also develop a complete Breath-Prānāyāma practice to continue at home but get more into it over a four-week period.
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Commit to it – join the Breath Training 2: Prānāyāma Intermediate course. After having learned the basics of a complete Breath-Prānāyāma practice you can now really immerse in Prānāyāma with expert guidance in the nuances and detail of practice and its benefits.
Take the step – read more & book 
Enhance it – join one of the Advanced Training Courses (under ATT-300) that combines the expert guidance in a complete Breath-Prānāyāma practice with certain philosophical topics, currently noted as Course 4: Breath & Philosophy, Course 5: Breath & Tantra-Hatha, and Course 6: Breath Yoga & Science.
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Advance it – join the Breath Training 3: Prānāyāma Advanced course. This is a course offered to eligible students only who have completed the other breath training programs and have a fully committed Prānāyāma practice.
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Master it – for those who are highly interested, the Prānāyāma Teacher Training (PTT) course prepares one to teach and share different aspects of the breath, earning a dedicated certificate at each level: ‘Instructor of Breathwork Practice Certificate’ after Breath Training 2 ; ‘Breath & Prānāyāma Level One Instructor Certificate’ after Breath Training 3 ;  concluding with ‘Breath & Prānāyāma Levels Two & Three Teacher Certificates.

For the interested professional to consider

Keep it Up Online – soon we will offer a variety of ways to encourage you to keep up breath practice at home through weekly guidance. Beyond that will be opportunities to improve or advance your practice, build up Prānāyāma, and be ready for whatever next level of training you would like to get into.

Details to come

Breath Training 50 & 100-hour Courses

These courses are best taken in order as they are progressive.
Each course also offers Continuing Education Credits (CECs).
Courses are either one-week 50-hour or two-week 100-hour residential programs.

Breath Training 1: Essentials of Breathwork (offered July 6 - July 13, 2024)

Learn, practice and develop the essentials of breathwork

open to All Levels, New and Continuing Students

This is an excellent program to immerse in the essentials of breathwork practice, build and develop your breath-to-prānāyāma practice, as well as cultivate a meditation practice.

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Breath Training 2: Prānāyāma Intermediate (dates TBC)

Immersive practice and detailed training in Prānāyāma

open to Continuing Students and PTT registered

Ideal for students who have begun Prānāyāma practice and seek guidance to proceed. Prānāyāma training requires an understanding of the breath, breathwork, the base of breath regulation, and certain kriyas to be able to proceed and engage in actual practice. Related anatomy and physiology and specific Prānāyāma techniques are introduced here, continued into the next level course.

Registered PTT students earn a preliminary qualification:

  • Instructor of Breathwork Practice Certificate
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Breath Training 3: Prānāyāma Advanced (set dates for eligible students)

Advancing the depth and understanding of Prānāyāma practice

open to Eligible Students by application and PTT registered

Prānāyāma is the art of yoga practice and requires a matched level of commitment and regularity in practice. Doing it naturally advances it which equips one to teach levels of it. Prānāyāma requires skill to manage the breath and related body areas. Related anatomy and physiology and specific Prānāyāma techniques are continued.

Registered PTT students earn a secondary qualification:

  • Breath & Prānāyāma Level One Instructor Certificate
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Prānāyāma Teacher Training (PTT)

The PTT is a full immersion in Prānāyāma practice and how to teach it at several progressive levels across actual breathwork to the classic yogic techniques of Prānāyāma.

It involves 4 x 100-hour ‘build-it’ style courses whereby one can simultaneously earn their YA-500 hour qualification. Within that timeframe one can decide to fully register and complete the levels of the PTT.

The PTT curriculum requires at a minumum ATT-300 Courses 5 and 6 plus Breath Training Courses 2 and 3. In terms of planning, as an interested student you should complete these four courses, confirming PTT registration by the time of attendance on Breath Training 2 to be eligible to receive the ‘Instructor of Breathwork Practice Certificate’. Eligible and registered PTT students will then be part of a dedicated group to participate in the Breath Training 3, earning the ‘Breath & Prānāyāma Level One Instructor Certificate

The PTT is concluded with two dedicated PTT 100-hour residential sessions that are specific only to PTT registered students. This level of training will be supplemented by online support sessions. Upon successful completion of the training, PTT students earn:

  • Breath & Prānāyāma Level Two Instructor Certificate

Ongoing practice and training eventually leads the qualified student to a:

  • Breath & Prānāyāma Level Three Teacher Certificate
The Path to Prānāyāma Teacher Qualification
ATT 5 Earn 100-hours
ATT 6 Earn 100-hours
BT 2 Earn 100-hours & the Instructor of Breathwork Practice Certificate
BT 3 Earn 100-hours & the Breath & Prānāyāma Level One Instructor Certificate
PTT Specific dedicated 100-hours x 2 for PTT-registered Breath & Prānāyāma Level Two Instructor Certificate
PTT+ Ongoing practice, training and teaching: Breath & Prānāyāma Teacher Level Certificate

Online Breath Training

We know that the biggest challenge in these practices, even in something as life essential as breathing, is keeping up the practice, staying motivated, having support, making sure you’re on track and practicing correctly, while being able to check in and ask your questions. Samahita is committed to serving the community of breath practitioners, yogis, meditators and more by offering ongoing sessions for practice and Q&A as well as specific oriented programs through the online medium.
We will announce details in the near future. Stay tuned.

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