Why Study At Centered Yoga

Centered Yoga is the only clear, science-based and tradition-grounded Training authentically on the market:

 A teaching team with combined experience of 75+ years in yoga practices and philosophy, health, meditation, science, fitness and body mechanics. Delivering scientifically designed and researched protocols in asana, breath and meditative practice methods

Longevity and Consistency

From early beginnings in New York in 1999, to the tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand since 2002, Centered Yoga offers trainings with depth of practice and tradition combined with modern understanding and scientific knowledge.

We offer one-month residential 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs, as well as two-week 100 hour modules under our 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program.

The Spiritual with the Scientific

Centered Yoga brings a unique combination of the spiritual with the scientific, the traditional with the modern. It has taken years of practice and study by Paul and the course leaders for it to reach such a standard.
Paul has spent years immersed in classic traditional practice, in India as well as Thailand and Tibet, receiving the unique title in the Yoga tradition of “Master Yogi-Prānācharya (expert in breath)”. In addition, he has earned a Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology based on in-depth scientific research in both yoga philosophy and stress physiology at one of the leading universities in the U.S. This gives him a cutting-edge modern scientific insight into the field of yoga and meditation today. It has required a deep focus through both living the tradition in practice and academic understanding.

The Benefits of Studying at Samahita

Paul has been personally mentored in a unique teacher-student (guru-shishya) system of yoga. His teacher, O.P.Tiwari, is one of the few genuine authorities on pranayama and the classical study of yoga. To understand the basics of practices, as well as their subtle aspects, so it can be properly guided, is why a student should learn from a well-trained and personally dedicated teacher. Invest your time wisely!

Swami Kuvalayananda established the Kaivalyadhama Institute (India) in 1924 to do the research that led to a worldwide respect and growth in yoga practice. Swamiji’s primary student, O.P. Tiwari, continues to share the process derived from this rich tradition in practice and teaching. He has passed that tradition on to Paul directly, who carries that knowledge into the next generation – you.

Centered Yoga reaches much further than asana, through optimal use in training of the body and breath, along with increased understanding of the purpose behind each practice. We also educate on anatomy, physiology, psychology and the philosophy behind yoga and its practices.

Since establishing on Koh Samui, all teacher training groups have been involved in charitable hands-on projects such as local school and temple renovation, beach clean-up and planting trees for the environment.

Our goal is to share clear insights into yoga along with a correct understanding of practice in terms of how and why. This is revolutionary to practice, moving away from any dogmatic “must do” approaches, towards freedom in practice with personal expression in what to practice, built on the principles of asana and not on the rigid form.

Our approach covers several practices based on over 20 years of refinement. These include asana (body), pranayama (breath), meditative techniques (mind), mantra (sound), chanting and mindful compassion (heart) as well as body optimizing practices (core strength and cardio) that also enhance the mind.

The combined effect is to help one live a more empowered life, full of energy, kind to others, and clear in mind.

Some of the classes you can expect to find on Centered Yoga Trainings:

  • Dynamic Core Vinyasa (different sequences)
  • Restorative Asana (different sequences)
  • Basic Breathwork
  • Pranayama (more involved yoga breath techniques)
  • Contemplation of gratitude, forgiveness and guidance
  • Meditation techniques (several approaches)

Centered Yoga was one of the original schools certified by Yoga Alliance when they began. The 200-hour program duration adds up to over 300 hours and qualifies for Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour level, recognized worldwide. Ultimately, however, training is beyond borders and pieces of paper. The continued dissemination of yoga will come from your own inner growth and deeper understanding. This is the focus.

Samahita Retreat is the first dedicated yoga retreat center to have been established in Asia. Being directly on the beach in the quietest and most unspoiled part of Koh Samui, Thailand, makes the experience of training extra rewarding, and supports students by staying private. Distractions and outings are not too far away, but far enough to allow the energy of the place to be undisturbed. The center is serviced by a staff of 75. Food is cooked fresh and with love every day by a team of dedicated chefs and cooks.

Enjoy Yoga Training on the Beach with Our Team of Experts

Led by Dr. Paul Dallaghan:

  • Specialized and unique background that combines ancient practice with modern scholarship
  • Officially recognized as “Master Yogi-Prānācharya (expert in breath)” with over 22 years one-to-one (guru-shishya) learning in the authentic tradition of yoga and more than 27 years of continuous practice
  • PhD in Biological Anthropology (Emory University, USA) with in-depth research into the yoga tradition, texts, philosophy, and history, as well as a scientific and clinical study on yoga in the physiological, neuroscientific, and psychological disciplines (upcoming publications 2022)
  • Highest certification from Indian classical yoga schools of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga (K.P.Jois, 2007) and Prānāyāma (O.P.Tiwari, 2011) 
  • Years of retreats in ashrams and pilgrimage in India plus immersion in Thai Forest Buddhist monasteries
  • A pioneer in establishing a yoga training school in NYC (Centered Yoga, 1999) and the first dedicated and sustainably-based yoga-breath-meditation retreat center in Asia (Samahita, 2003)
  • Whole-heartedly dedicated to the practice and teaching of yoga 
  • Committed to sharing insights with students and empowering their practice to underpin the rest of their lives

Senior teacher, Arielle Nash, a leading yoga teacher and specialist in somatics and body mechanics.

Advanced senior teachers Gill Breetzke and Daniel Stringer in asana, pranayama, meditation and how yoga relates to the real world.

Graduate Benefits

Centered Yoga Teacher Directory
We are happy to be part of a network of friends, teachers and students of over 1,400 graduates from all over the globe, many now senior teachers and owners of well-established yoga studios.

A Center to Continue to Grow In
Centered Yoga graduates receive a 10% discount for life on future programs and trainings at Samahita Retreat. Continuing education courses are offered a few times a year for graduates to pursue their advanced training certificate, for 300 and 1,100 hours.

A Home to Return To
We offer Samahita Retreat as a place for teachers to host their own retreats. We also continue to support our graduates through a private Facebook group for sharing ideas, job opportunities, inspirations, Q&A to support you for life.

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I loved every minute of Samahita’s teacher training with Paul and his amazing team. I would recommend this course to anyone who is planning to teach. In addition to studying the asanas in detail, the course covered anatomy, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. I feel very fortunate to have discovered Samahita and I can’t wait to go back for more!

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Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

The Heart of Samahita is found in its impressive mix of facilities that provide the space for your experience, as well as through the food where tasty and healthy merge powerfully, and in our quality mix of guest rooms, where you can stay in the highest of standards right at the beach or find rooms to suit all budgets from beach to garden. And when here you can also paddle board, kayak and snorkel, amongst other activities. Feel free to take a tour and find out where Samahita is located.