Private Session


Learn One-on-One Privately

Our team of teachers is highly skilled in yoga and functional fitness and can be booked one-on-one if you desire extra focused attention to work on something or learn more. This is additional to the regular schedule and can also be booked for a small group up to 4 individuals. We also have some professional offerings to learn healthy cooking or work with a talented photographer and artist.

Book your private or professional session onsite with our Wellness Team or in advance with reservations. Payment will be taken at the center in local Thai currency.

Private Session Packages


A private yoga session can be of specific value to you especially if you want to focus on particular asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork), meditation techniques or mantra (chanting).

Our knowledgeable team will personalize your session and adapt to your needs and skill level, so that you can move through the postures with increased intelligence and have more resources to build on your personal practice.

60 min 2,500 THB
90 min 3,500 THB

*(for any extra persons, an additional 500 THB)


We offer various modalities for your needs to help you explore intelligent movement, from: functional training, cardio, strength training, body toning and core work, high intensity, bootcamp, injury rehabilitation, and running programs.

Sessions are designed specifically for your pace, ability and goals with challenging and fun tools used, such as TRX, BOSU, kettlebells, sliders, cycling, and more.

60 min 2,500 THB
90 min 3,500 THB

*(for any extra persons, an additional 500 THB)

Yoga for Kids

A fun yoga class for children. They will tune in to and become aware of their own body, breath and emotions. The classes include yoga postures in a special kid’s style, along with some games, art and stories. Each session is customized depending on the specific needs of each child.

60 min 2,500 THB

Private Packages

3 Privates 6,750 THB
5 Privates 10,500 THB

Professional Offerings

We have talented professionals available on-site, who wish to offer you some unique experiences to complement your retreat experience. Our chef is available to offer years of professional training in the art of healthy Thai cuisine preparation, to share a deeper understanding of her own culture with you. We also have professional photographers teaching at Samahita who love capturing beautiful moments in yoga practice and personal portraits in this special place.

  • Healthy Cooking
  • Photography

Healthy Cooking

Learn the secrets behind the food you love at Samahita. Our Chef Nui will show you how to cook three delicious, vegetarian, Thai-inspired dishes from our special healthy lifestyle menu. She will take you through the cooking process, from preparation to final tasting, and show you how to make some healthy choices to take home.

Our Chef trained for three years at Saowabha Vocation School in Bangkok and has been cooking professionally since 1987, in Koh Samui and Chiang Mai at top-shelf resorts. Chef Nui has been with us at Samahita since 2012, cooking specially designed foods to optimize your health and enjoyment.

When you ask her what she loves most about cooking she replies: “It makes me proud and happy when everyone eats my food!”

She is very happy to share some of her secrets with you, and you will receive a Samahita cookbook to take home.

90 min 1,500 THB


Capture your yoga experience in this beautiful tropical environment by an experienced residential yoga teacher and photographer. After an initial consultation, you can help to plan the vision of your shot according to your needs. Our photos are carefully selected and lightly retouched for you to share on your professional web-page, in your yoga studio, or on social media. We can focus on headshots, expressive asana postures, or teaching moments.

  • a concept consultation
  • on-site Samahita location or nearby on beachfront
  • 12 digital .jpg files carefully retouched
  • images delivered via digital download
60 min 9,000 THB

Visiting Practitioners


Acupuncture was designed in China over 2000 years ago to help redirect,
increase or decrease the body’s vital substance, called “Qi”, in order to restore balance on emotional, psychological and physical levels. Acupuncture is used to stimulate the immune system and to treat conditions or imbalances in all major body systems.
It is commonly used to help address:

  • stress
  • muscle and joint pain. chronic pain
  • headaches
  • hormone imbalances
  • digestive disorders

Khun Kay earned her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the TCM Faculty of Malaysia. She has treated hundreds of patients and completed her practical work as acupuncturist in several Acupuncture clinics in Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Kota Bharu. She is very experienced with the entire traditional Chinese medicine practice.

45 min 3,900 THB

Integrated Body Work

Nick has a unique offering for massage, which blends together years of experience in many different styles of body work, in order to help bring about pain relief, structural integration and energy balancing. He combines the following styles to create a personalized and optimal therapy for you:

  • acupressure
  • trigger point therapy
  • myofascial release
  • muscle stripping
  • therapeutic stretching
  • gua sha deep abdominal massage
  • barefoot massage
  • rock and roll massage
  • energy work

Nick has studied massage and meditation for the last 40 years. He studied meditation and Kum Nye massage at the Odiyan Retreat Center, from 1975-1983. He graduated with 1350 hours of training from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts. Nick’s goal is to help as many living beings as possible in their life find happiness and reprieve from pain.

90 min 5,900 THB