Covid-19 Update

Dear friends and guests of Samahita,

We opened the doors of Samahita (then Yoga Thailand) in 2003 and have passed through SARS, MERS, Thai political change, financial crisis, and more yet continued to stay open and serve. We were then faced with a huge challenge from the Coronavirus pandemic where we had to respond to the escalating global situation. To prioritize the health of staff and guests we had no choice but to close. Now, to continue to offer Samahita’s services to all in the future then the only economic path of survival is to remain closed and conserve until later in 2021. We represent a community and take care of a large team here in Thailand so are responsible for their security and welfare.

In addition, current travel restrictions to Thailand to protect the very low impact of the virus in the country will likely prevent guests visiting until then. The good news is that Thailand will be one of the safest places to travel to when restrictions lift, with Koh Samui considered a target destination for people to travel safely to.

  1. If you have a booking: no problem, postpone your visit and receive full credit for any later visit. Email:
  2. If you would like to book from when we reopen please follow the regular booking system on the website and our reservations team will be in touch:

Ironically all is beautiful and healthy at Samahita right now, with the breeze, sun, beach. In fact, it’s so nice and quiet it would be perfect for you to be here. But Mother Earth and the world’s governments have other ideas. We hope you are taking care of yourself wherever you are. There are multiple notices about how to handle yourself for the coronavirus so no need for us to add to that. Instead, now is the key time to really make use of some of these elements of yoga-breathwork-meditation practice that we teach here.

For that we pledge to help you …..

– we will continue to offer free live classes, videos and articles during this time to help your practice in breath, in body, in heart, and in (no) mind. Stay tuned for our updates

Samahita is one of the original and pioneering retreat centers in the world – not a hotel, not a resort or spa – rather a home to find peace, clarity and awaken vigor. We offer both advanced experience in practices and the uniqueness of space – this retreat center – to find and cultivate all this in you. This is clear in our mission statement printed below.  So ….

…. looking to the future:
– we intend to reopen and be active as soon as we can in 2021 with our trainings, great guest teachers, and our full YogaCoreCycle and wellness programs
– we will operate as the retreat center we are, your home away from home, clear and simple
– we will, therefore, streamline our offering and make it more easily accessible to you
– we will continue to stay with you each week and post online sessions to support you

Thank you for all your interest and support. We return it in our care and love of each person’s soul.

Though closed….. this is a new beginning

Om shanti – peace to all on all levels
Paul and all at Samahita

Samahita’s Mission

Samahita means centered and is purposely set up to transform lives, to bring a balance of vitality and peace through our offerings and space: world-class expertise in the practice of yoga, breathwork, meditation, health and fitness, in a uniquely dedicated mind-body supportive environment.