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Yoga and Injuries Part Three: Relaxation is vital, Support is key, Breath is essential

RELAXATION IS MOST OVERLOOKED AND VITAL TO LIFE The reality is we are in a continuously oppressive, destructive environment. That doesn’t mean to set a negative tone or context; it just means there are numerous forces we have to deal with: environmentally, and through physics and so on. To put yourself in the savasana position […]

Yoga and Injuries PART TWO: Meditative mind in asana, attitude and engaged participation

  As a yoga teacher, I want to help people with their inner physiological process so they function better, think clearer, behave nicer, express and share cleanly, and treat people better. INTERNAL FOCUS You might be moving and bending, but the mind jumps around. And though everyone knows this shouldn’t happen, and everyone emphasizes mindfulness […]

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