Start a new chapter in life

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Start a new chapter in life

By Dr. Paul Dallaghan

June 21 already! Seems like only last week I was writing here about new year resolutions, be they on January 1st or the Lunar New Year. And here we are at the Summer solstice (northern hemisphere, winter solstice if southern), where it is the longest (or shortest) day of the year. 

Also in recent years a fresh bout of political opportunity was able to get the UN to make June 21 the international day of yoga. 

Well here’s what matters on this day: the sun is in its full glory and you get to close a chapter, turn the page, and what comes next is written by you. Not someone else or some other group. You. 

So those leftover resolutions can now maybe adapt to some midyear sun energy, whether you include yoga or not, and take hold of the reins, or pen, and move ahead. 

Though this international day of yoga is highlighted for one day, the real power and benefit from an approach to yoga is regularity and consistency. Take advantage of the sun in all its glory on this day and move forward with whatever you feel you got stuck on, sidetracked from, lost focus or motivation in, and now renew. 

Turn inward and access the light within. Then as you engage with the outer bring a joyful purpose. Let this June 21 (and everyday thereafter) be a day where you do not allow any input, person, activity, piece of news, to drag you down, trigger negativity. 

Stay Positive 
Be Enthusiastic 

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Paul Dallaghan’s expertise with breathwork, body and meditative practices comes from three sources: over 25 years of daily dedicated practice and teaching these techniques; immersion in the original culture through one-on-one direct training in practice and study of ancient texts; doctoral scientific research at a leading US university (Emory) on yoga and breath in terms of stress, health and aging. Paul occupies a unique space to impart genuine teaching and science on these practices, acknowledged by his teacher and lineage (Kuvalayananda) in India as a Teacher-of-teachers and a Master of Breath, identified to carry the tradition (Pranayama). This places him as the only master-level yoga and breath practitioner currently immersed in scientific academic research on breathwork, stress and health. His sincere and ongoing role is to teach, write and research to help put out experienced and authentic information on these areas in a world full of confusion and conflicting messages both off and online.

For more on his background see his bio.

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