Samahita at 20: New Beach Rooms & Upgrades

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Samahita at 20: New Beach Rooms & Upgrades

By Dr. Paul Dallaghan

Not only has Samahita made it to 20 years but we’ve doubled our beachfront.From December 1st this year we go from 100m to a full continuous 200m of beautiful beach front.But that’s not all. Over the years many have expressed the “dream” to come to a place like Samahita and stay right at the beach. It seems that dream’s time has come.Samahita has taken over the luxury villa and garden property next to us. We have designed and built 20 new spectacular rooms – right at the beach. All king size beds. All new features. 7 of these rooms are direct beachfront, with full unobstructed morning sunrise and all day beach views. 3 more have unique beach views right from the bedroom and deck, all day. And the remaining private rooms at this beachfront property have a mixture of views of the sea, beach, tropical garden and our magnificent 80m tall tamarind tree at the center. There is also an additional swimming pool in this area along with seated sala areas right at the beach. Most importantly, the area flows contiguously from the Meditation garden around the yoga shalas and back to the pool area.Samahita has always been self-funded, committed to putting earnings back into the property, the facilities, the staff, and more. At times that is not easy, especially through the recent closure period. Yet there are times to make bold moves, use “buddhi” and go further to improve what we do. This independence allows Samahita to maintain total integrity to who and what we are.Samahita started, and continues, as a place 100% dedicated to bringing Wellbeing into people’s lives. We live it, We practice it. We offer it. We do our best to put it in a purpose-built retreat center, in the classeswellness amenities, through the food, and how you experience your stay. Because your personal time and space is just as important as the classes you go to and the programs you attend.Samahita is committed to being here for another 20 years, independently and privately run, staying on top of the practices and the latest information, data, science, and more that supports them.Our philosophy of “Great value at a Fair price” continues just as the purpose and special energy you feel when at Samahita remains nurtured and enhanced.These new rooms are called our “inhale” Beachfront Rooms while the rooms that have served us so well for so many years are our “exhale” Gardenview rooms.We are NOT increasing the rates of our “exhale” Gardenview rooms. They remain at the low season rates set back in 2018. In a time where it seems like every place and service is in inflation price rise mode we stand by this philosophy and continue great value and fair pricing. Keep your budget low and still enjoy the rooms you know well.Our NEW “inhale” Beachfront Rooms are a rare gem of unique beach location with a modest-luxury-comfort, without waste often found in “luxury” resorts and hotels. These “inhale” rates are just a small increase over the current rooms. You might be able to afford a little more for an ideal beach stay. For example, a new beach private room is only $40 more a night than the regular gardenview privates. If you want the exclusive beachfront spot then that is just a little more!Whether you stay in the All New “inhale” Beachfront Rooms or still enjoy our “exhale” Gardenview rooms, you will benefit from all the upgrades Samahita has just invested in – new comfy-huggable bath towels, new “love-my-sleep” mattresses, double-layer curtains (black out with sheer), little in-room extras, essential oil in-room diffuser. And at the pool and beach, new beach chairs, new comfy-huggable beach-pool towels, an attractive new walking path, and an upgrade to the beach wooden fitness-yoga shala. Spectacular. Plus, investment in a fully upgraded WiFi system and internet access and speed across the entire property, adding access points by every room and common area, cables changed to the latest fiber optic, so when you do connect it’s efficient. And when not, we still encourage a digital detox.Now more than ever, come join us. Book your stay! and naturally ….. photos of updates will keep coming.

Paul Dallaghan’s expertise with breathwork, body and meditative practices comes from three sources: over 25 years of daily dedicated practice and teaching these techniques; immersion in the original culture through one-on-one direct training in practice and study of ancient texts; doctoral scientific research at a leading US university (Emory) on yoga and breath in terms of stress, health and aging. Paul occupies a unique space to impart genuine teaching and science on these practices, acknowledged by his teacher and lineage (Kuvalayananda) in India as a Teacher-of-teachers and a Master of Breath, identified to carry the tradition (Pranayama). This places him as the only master-level yoga and breath practitioner currently immersed in scientific academic research on breathwork, stress and health. His sincere and ongoing role is to teach, write and research to help put out experienced and authentic information on these areas in a world full of confusion and conflicting messages both off and online.

For more on his background see his bio.

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