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5 star ratingWill come back! This is an amazing retreat. The staff is nice, the rooms are good, the beach and the pool are great!! There are towels for you everywhere, bathrooms en showers, they have thought of everything. The classes are good too, instructors were nice and good to follow, even if you have no experience like me. Loved it and will certainly come back in the future!
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Road22123372709 Avatar
5 star ratingSlow down at Samahita An incredible place to stay, Samahita was a recommendation from a work colleague and it did not disappoint. There was a little confusion settling in (knowing when meals and snacks were served), but by the end of the first day, we had easily settled into a routine of yoga, meditation, fitness class, healthy meals and time away from our phones and computers. A special thanks to Gill who really helped my partner feel more at ease with yoga. We stayed for 3 days, but strongly recommend staying for 7. We had a hard time leaving after such a short period and felt that 7 days would really be an optimal amount of time at the retreat (or even 10 days!).
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Robert Avatar
5 star ratingAn Amazing Experience! Please know what an amazing experience that my husband and I enjoyed while at Samahita Retreat for 2 weeks this past March. The yoga teachers were inspiring and we gained some great insights - our thanks especially to Gill, Daniel and Kirsten. It was just the refresh that my practice needed! The temple walk with So was enlightening thanks to the wisdom he so generously and humbly shared. The view at the top was indeed awesome, though the steep climb did challenge us - both on the way up and down! And the food! The kitchen staff are truly artists creating delicious meals that varied over our entire stay. We have never felt healthier! Kudos to the hardworking staff. The diligent housekeeping staff and the friendly front of house team also deserve praise for ensuring that everything operates so smoothly. We hope we will have the opportunity to return again. With deep appreciation from Kathy and Stan
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Cruiser554289 Avatar
5 star ratingWonderful, peaceful reset Fantastic place for a yoga and fitness retreat and a mental reset. Super friendly staff, kind and professional instructors, delicious and healthy food, spacious and comfortable rooms, all in a beautiful setting. We would definitely return
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Scott M Avatar
Scott M
5 star ratingRelaxed atmosphere, great teachers and so peaceful and quiet! Went here for 10 days (and I’m at Vikasa now, can already tell that Samahita is the better option for my liking!), and my shoulders dropped during the first day. The atmosphere is relaxed, everyone greets each other (without meaning you have to chat, unless you’d like to), and there is plenty of space to just hang out - alone or together. Samahita attracts decent and nice people it seems, in all ages (the youngest in his early twenties and the eldest in his seventees). No influencers (and if there were any, they weren’t filming and photographing in classes. I find that disturbing here at Vikasa). I stayed in a beachview villa, and is was very nice, with a lot of space for clothes and other stuff. Had three massages, all with Jaebsi - she is a very skilled therapist, highly recommended! Food on buffet is homemade and fresh, and the chai tea was sooo good! Spicy and rich! In the Yoga and meditation classes, you can adjust everything to your level. Something that was nice for me as a rookie. Staff is very pleasent and helpful. The location of Samahita is so peaceful and quiet. No noise from roads, airplanes or powergenerators (all of the mentioned make plenty of noise at Vikasa). Why am I mentioning Vikasa in my review of Samahita? Because it seems they are competitors regarding pricerange, services offered and crowds they cater to. I would have liked a review like this when I booked my holiday. And needless to say, I would have spent all my time at Samahita, instead of sharing my time between the two resorts.
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Travellingisfuel Avatar
5 star ratingPerfect stay I had a wonderful week at Samahita on a yoga retreat with Adam Keen. Fantastic spotless accommodation, delicious food and a great programme of wellness activities in a beautiful beach front setting. The staff were all so welcoming, helpful and friendly. I hope to return very soon.
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Helen S Avatar
Helen S
5 star ratingSamahita Cocoon Center French, I just spent 10 days at the Samahita retreat center in Koh Samui. It is a very pleasant and beautiful place, as I had hoped. The room at the back was impeccable, sober and elegant decoration and very comfortable. Spacious bathroom and good pressure in the shower. The center has a beautiful dimension and is very well organized. It allows you to walk as you please, yourself by staying alone and quiet, yourself by sharing convivial moments with other participants. The 2 yoga rooms are very good: one large closed but with large windows, the other completely open facing the sea. The courses in English are clear and precise, the very well-calculated series can be aimed at both amateurs and advanced levels. Team of friendly and warm teachers. The proposed rhythm of the "Core cycle" I followed is ideal. Evening meditations (one every 2 days or so) are very varied, not very long, original and of good quality. The breakfast buffet is followed by that of lunch, which allows a brunch. It's delicious, healthy, hearty and varied as well as the evening one. I keep in memory of magnificent sensations: the light breeze that glides on the skin during practice, the natural elements that vary, winds, clouds, rain, sun, the lights of the rising and setting sun... I met Germans, Canadians, English and Nordics and also French... The advantage of being able to come and leave as we wish has the slight disadvantage of having many and superficial relationships. But those who follow an internship on fixed dates must be able to get to know each other better and probably appreciate each other better. The beach is long and quiet, very few motor boats that are very noisy in many Thai islands. The sea water is very hot, but like everywhere on Koh Samui, soil a little muddy and sometimes rocky and shallow over long meters. Very pleasant walk outside the center to a small temple or to a small village 3 km away. Yes, I felt well regenerated when I left. This 10-day period was perfect for me; not too short. It could have been longer, but with the risk of getting too attached to it? Thank you to the whole team and all the very attentive staff. Bertrand
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Bertrand P Avatar
Bertrand P
5 star ratingExcellent yoga retreat Excellent retreat for yoga. On the beach front sessions. Nice pool, can use kayak and paddle board for free. Core and fitness classes too. Slightly expensive massage treatments in relation to rest of the island. Good veggie food, helpful and knowledgeable staff.
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Sue W Avatar
Sue W
2 star ratingAs a whole I cannot recommend this resort Samahita is located on a lovely beach, appear luxurious, the staff is friendly and helpful and the food is Ok. My room however was really tiny and faced a 2m high concrete wall 2 m from the door, no other windows, the bathroom was shared, which was ok, a narrow space connected to the other room using the bathroom and this was the only space to dry your towels and swimsuit, only it didn’t dry there. The yoga was Ok but it was the practically the same yoga class repeteted every day, mot very inspiring. I did not participate in the fitness classes. As a whole I cannot recommend this resort
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Travel19452600433 Avatar
4 star ratingA must do Always wanted to do a yoga retreat but did not feel like leaving the family behind. I knew abt Samahita but wondered if my family would enjoy the experience too. They did in fact. I took a 3 day yoga core cycle. While I immersed myself into Samahita, my husband and daughters went to the beach, to the mall, enjoyed the pool and just like that 3 days were over. Food was great. My husband and I enjoyed it. My children liked the breakfast buffet but not the other meals. We could order spaghetti or mac and cheese for them. I love the pace of all the activities. I love the quietness of the place. I would love to go back again someday.
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JLira Avatar
4 star ratingGood choice for a relaxing and yet somewhat active time booked the newly renovated beach private room with a total-self care program for 7 nights, the room does not have a view of the beach, but looking out onto a green courtyard which was also very peaceful. the mattress is probably one of the best i have ever slept in. (and i travel a lot) overall i liked the experience, its a mixture of a resort with all the comfort one seeks, and access to yoga and HITT classes. however if one is looking for a true yogi type of retreat, this is probably not it. i particularly like the Respect Silence rule in the mornings, it really adds to the calmness of the retreat, however if it could be reinforced a bit better would be ideal. and the food/meals were delicious, for a carnivore and foodie like myself, it was very easy and cleansing to go 100% vegetarian during my entire stay.
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Karen W Avatar
Karen W
5 star ratingGreat retreat for yoga and fitness I spent a total of 5 days at the Samahita Retreat and felt very comfortable here. The retreat complex is beautiful and designed with lots of details, there is something to discover everywhere. The peaceful surroundings helped me to feel very relaxed and at home straight away. The program throughout the day is well timed, so that between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. you have flexibility for things like a massage or just relaxing on the beach. Breakfast was served at 10 a.m., directly after the first yoga class. Lunch is served until 1:30 a.m. and dinner from 6 p.m. after the second yoga class. The very delicious meals in particular offered a great opportunity to talk and exchange ideas with other guests. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I can only warmly recommend it.
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Simone W Avatar
Simone W
2 star ratingJust a heads up… I came to Samahita as part of a yoga retreat and was quite uncomfortable the whole time. I even felt the desire to end my trip early… The staff were not very friendly or communicative which is highly unusual based on my stays at other Thai hotels. Often when asking the front desk manager or head of restaurant staff for something, they seemed annoyed. We were placed in rooms across the road with the hardest mattresses I’ve ever slept on and the shower drain was clogged. Every meal was VERY similar to the next and sadly not very tasty in my opinion (I am vegetarian and used to plant based meals.) On a daily basis the kitchen ran out of food during meal time and if you weren’t there early you were left with scraps for a while. There were many hours when there was nothing readily available to eat or drink other than water. The beach in front of Samahita is the filthiest I have ever seen in my entire life, and I have been to many places around the world. I even cleaned a bit on the beach with my daughter but the amount of garbage was so extreme we realized we couldn’t make much of a dent despite our efforts. Yet on the other side of the island at our other hotels the beaches were pristine…. I also found it annoying that we had to carry our yoga mats around and there wasn’t a designated place for them inside the yoga area. Additionally the on site spa is very plain and there seems to be an IT room in there which adds a weird vibe. The massages were good though. Finally upon checkout the hotel didn’t properly charge us and then a few days later came chasing us (to the wrong email) which I found really disorganized. Samahita is the main reason I have no interest in returning to Ko Samui.
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Malka K Avatar
Malka K
5 star ratingAmazing place! Samahita is such a special place, blissful natural surroundings and amazing yoga! It's a gathering place for likeminded people from around the world to practise yoga and to just be. We stayed as a couple for 12 days and really enjoyed the ambiance, yoga, massages, food and lovely new bungalows!
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Shirley Avatar
5 star ratingThe most magical place in Koh Samui I’ve been here 8 days now and am finally due to leave today. I will never forget this beautiful place, the people I have met here and the experiences I have had. The teachers are all amazing, great teachers and just lovely people, as are all the staff here. The food is wonderful and I can’t think of a better place to be if you are travelling alone. There’s a couple of beautiful bars nearby, so if you need a night or two of decadence amongst all the yoga and whole foods, you can still do it. I stayed in a beach front room and it is absolutely beautiful with a huge, comfortable bed. I will definitely be coming back soon!
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Annie Cass Avatar
Annie Cass
5 star ratingFantastic yoga and wellness centre Returned to Samahita to experience their latest upgrading of the rooms, etc. and the addition of extra upmarket rooms by the beach. A fantastic experience with very friendly and efficient local staff, and the international teaching team. As always, the yoga classes were superb with the teaching continuing to evolve as they apply both their extensive experience and academic research to optimise the benefit to guests, in terms of immediate benefits to their health, and education on how to live a healthier life. Really delighted I made the long trip again.
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Paul O Avatar
Paul O
5 star ratingFantastic Yoga Retreat - A definite bucket list item - Yoga - Wellness at its best. Overall - probably one of the most efficient professional and enjoyable Yoga retreat experiences of our lives. We stayed at their brand new BEACHFRONT rooms and its definitely up there with the top end ''luxury brands'' fact beds / pillows were so comfortable laying there listening to the mellow sound of the theraputic movement of the small waves along the beach - made it challenging to get up for our daily yoga 😇 The choice of air conditioning / fans or just leaving the windows open makes it very easy to achieve that perfect sleeping temperature needed for a great nights rest.
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Stevechappell07 Avatar
5 star ratingBeautiful place to practice Samahita retreat was an amazing experience! The teachers were fantastic, the food was delicious, the other guests were kind and friendly, and the beachside location was beautiful. We were really able to slow down and deepen our practice. Thank you!
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Patrick Coleman Avatar
Patrick Coleman
5 star ratingNamaste! I'll be back! A wonderful place to unwind and do a pleasant yoga practice. I initially only booked 3 nights and then extended it by 2 more days. After 1.5 days I noticed the positive effect this place had on me. The staff is extremely helpful and the yoga teachers are very professional. I always felt comfortable. The food is very good and I got to meet lots of great people. Most of them were solo travellers, like me. Absolutely recommend it!
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Jennifer F Avatar
Jennifer F
5 star ratingExcellent yoga retreat venue Perfect place for yoga retreat with excellent food, quiet and peaceful environment to meditate and relax. Highly appreciate the effort to creat a sustainable space!! Extremely helpful staff at hotel
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karina y Avatar
karina y
5 star ratingBest place to unwind and recharge mind and body This is our 3rd time visiting Samahita Retreat for about a week. This round, there were fewer guests and as usual, the healthy food was superb and still remain as my my main highlight each time. I kove the banana pancake ans chocolate mousse cake! Yummy! We also tried a private aerial yoga session with trainer Kirsten this round and thoroughly enjoyed it . Novel and fun experience! The 4pm core cycle programme was also fun with circuit workout which included Thai boxing this round. Of course, every trip will not be complete without our therapies massage. I hade a Thai, Sabai and Aromatherapy massage and loved all 3 types. The therapists were skillful. Overall, still loving this place. Will be back again.
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May L Avatar
May L
5 star ratingPeaceful haven Samahita is exactly the peaceful haven I needed. Great yoga sessions, beautiful views, and most attentive staff make it the place to go when I need to recharge. The massages are amazing so don’t skip them.
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Kfirben Avatar
5 star ratingGreat Wonderful and great place to be, to relax and calm down. Great yoga and massages, nice food, feelgood and quiet room. Big and lovely thanks for Kristen and the team. I enjoyed my time so much. To stay there you feel welcome. I have been there for 5 nights 🙏🏻
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Silke Avatar
5 star ratingBest yoga retreat in paradise! Samahita is truly paradise on earth! It is absolutely the best retreat I have ever had in my entire life. Of every single detail is been taken care of by the friendliest staff (who also all remember your name) to make sure you will have the best experience and get everything you need. I highly recommend Samahita Because the quality of the yoga, meditation and yoga core classes together with the delicious food, stunning Beach, pool, and treatments is more than a 10+ !!! My life has changed and I also met the most Amazing People all over the world! Thank you so much 🙏
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Isabella Avatar
5 star ratingI will definitely be back, having already been there twice! I just ended my stay at Samahita Retreat this August where I had already been once before last summer. I have all good things to say about it. It is a Yoga Retreat in the best sense of the word in that it offers knowledgeable, well balanced yoga instruction along with all the services of a spa, including healthy and delicious cuisine. The teachers are very experienced and caring, and the staff gracious and attentive. The other guests were easy and fun to get along with, and as a solo traveler I never felt isolated. On the contrary, there was always somebody to share time and conversation with. Teachers also took the time to get to know the guests and would often sit down with them at meal times. The rooms are lovely, clean and gracefully decorated. Samahita is situated right on the beach in a very beautiful and quiet part of Koh Samui. I will definitely be back! 5 stars!
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Suzanne G Avatar
Suzanne G
5 star ratingHome away from home Home away from home. Everything was perfect the staff is so sweet, friendly and helpful, you don't want to leave. The food is healthy and delicious. Rooms are comfy, super-clean, there's a sauna, pool and amazingly quiet beach - everything is kept with great care. The yoga teachers are all incredible, each holding space in a different way, so you get to enjoy a variety of approaches. There's also lots of evening meditations you can join. I honestly can't wait to come back again.
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Barbora Avatar
5 star ratingMix of great people, welcoming absolute beginners with open arms :) Quiet and tranquil location. Great to do classes overlooking the beach. Well cleaned. Amazing food. Lots of smiles! Instructor Jack she’s a crackup and super soul ;) Very simple to understand schedule with classes effective and very fun. Don’t miss the gong meditation! I learnt a lot! Will definitely return! Minor suggestions : it’d be nice to have the chants printed somewhere in our rooms so we can practice a little to participate more while in session :) Also bring a protein bar or two for mornings when you need a bit more that their very tastey breakfast bananas
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RoyalEnfieldG5 Avatar
5 star ratingI love Samahita! ❤️ Samahita is a hidden little gemstone! I stayed at Samahita for a month to complete a 200-hour yoga teacher training, with some of the most sincere and learned yoga instructors I’ve ever met. From the instructors, to the facilities, to THE FOOD, to the beach, to the incredible staff…I found myself not wanting to leave! The level of care and conscious attention to every single detail of the facilities and management is truly rare and quite remarkable. The staff and instructors have been with Samahita for many many years, which really says a lot about the spirit of care and reciprocity that feels alive and palpable on-site. Their food was unbelievably delicious and clean. The staff went out of their way to accommodate any diet needs. The massage therapies and the infra-red sauna were a real treat (and very affordable). I also really enjoyed the international experience…people attending were very friendly and came from all over the world. It was very easy to make connections or go off on your own if that’s what you are seeking. There aren’t enough stars to give Samahita, and I can’t wait to return!
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Anne G Avatar
Anne G
5 star ratingRelaxing paradise The best staff ever. Great classes and the perfect place to relax and ease your mind. The food was great and also there are some fun activities to do which the staff crew would help you organize. The classes where perfect and the teacher were great ❤️
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Maria Victoria J Avatar
Maria Victoria J
5 star ratingUnwind, detox, self realization experience If u are looking for a refreshing, relax and healthy kind of short break away from the busy and stressful city life, this is the one. I love the feeling of calmness and relaxation after workout and then what awaits you is a spread of healthy yet super yummy buffet of organic and nutritious food. Never felt so good after eating. The staff are super friendly n they will remember u by your name. Massages are also superb. This trip is designed for individuals who want to unwind and appreciate the beauty of being alive. Yoga instructors are very patient and friendly too. No worries if u are a beginner cos instructors approach from the basics. Overall, love the experience so much. Thank you samahita!!!
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Jennifer T Avatar
Jennifer T

Our Guest Reviews

I really loved my time at Samahita. It was my first time ever doing yoga and the team really made it an unforgettable experience for me. The staff is so nice & lovely. The food is amazing! Would come here again:)

Samahita Retreat helped me find the sense of inner calm I was hoping for. I met some amazing people here, instructors and guests alike and I was provided with knowledge that would allow me to live a more healthy and emotional, mental and spiritual life. Thank you!

I have been coming to Samahita since 2010 and have seen lots of good changes (accommodation, facilities, food, etc) over these years. The place is peaceful and nice for those who need time for themselves. I also highly recommend yoga training here as the team is super knowledgeable! You will leave with your spirit highly lifted up!

I choose for the second time Samahita Retreat for the following high standards that are really all met in one place: First it’s super clean, chic & simple, peaceful. The spot is breathtaking, the food is Delicious & classes ( Yoga, Core & Cycling ) offered are perfectly timed for a restorative getaway. Mind, body & soul find harmony
It was my first choice this year to celebrate my birthday as the place offered me the peace of ” me time ” with the opportunity of meeting new souls. It is also great for me to physically & mentally get ready for my rowing competition as you can work out facing ( great facilities ) the beach & healthy food was available throughout the day.

Thank you also for all your guidance over the last 10 days. It was a pleasure returning to Samahita. As I tell others, this is the best yoga retreat I have been to – one of the main reasons being the quality of teaching which is outstanding. The team’s care and passion is impressive and I have left each stay with new learning and increased love for the yoga practice. Look forward to returning. In the meantime, take care and I wish you and the team all the best.

The way this place is held together with love and consciousness – the wellness team, the expert staff, the wonderfully tasty and satisfying food. And the perfect beauty of a perfect tropical beach. You can create whatever experience you want and not be impacted by anyone else. You are free to go with the beat of your own drum here, held by a little conscious community of love and support.

My experience at Samahita was simply amazing! Where to begin..people: you really feel like home, you find a new family at Samahita. One day feels like a month, 2 weeks..and you will have the feeling of having lived there for ages! Yoga: all teachers are amazing, Food: so yummy, healthy and delicious. Service: the staff is brilliant, kind and helpful. , Service: the staff is brilliant, kind and helpful. Rooms are very nice and comfy, location is perfect for relaxing and chilling. Loved Samahita, can’t wait to be back and I’ll carry those memories always with me.

Samahita is genuine and unique and perfect in size and location. Very friendly, accepting all levels on training knowledge and offering a place to relax, enjoying and meeting people while improving your body and mental health. I can recommend Samahita to anyone, coming alone, with family or friends does not matter-you will have a great time.

I would recommend this retreat to anyone feeling ‘bogged’ down in life. To come here and treat yourself is the biggest gift of all. I leave with an amazing feeling to deal with the ‘real world’ in better ways and look after myself.

I feel blessed to have discovered Samahita Retreat and privileged to have spent time with the wonderful teachers here! They have created the most beautiful space where I just love to come and unwind, reflect, cleanse and deepen my yoga practice. This is my second time at Samahita and I look forward to returning year after year to continue to grow, relax and be nurtured in this amazing and unique environment.

I had a wonderful time there. I did not expect to take so much pleasure!! The teachers were all nice and easy to communicate with, efficient and very professional. That was the first excellent surprise!

Last excellent surprise and not the least! THE FOOD. Healthy and delicious is the best combo ever, and you made it happen! Thanks for that!!

Keep the soul and integrity you have created, this is priceless and unique. It is a long lasting gift that you gave us. It is also a gift that we give to ourselves and give back to others beings around us. Thank you!! I will be back!

Rigorous, well-structured, and well-organized. It was intense but in a good way — you learn so much in such a short amount of time. Amazing adjusting by Arielle and Elonne. Their anatomy and philosophy classes were also well taught and very educational.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, its all incredible advice! Asana Study and philosophy opened new perspective for me and my understanding of yoga. I feel very inspired.

“ It was a wonderful experience!”

It was very good! The place, the food, the teachers, the staff, the wonderful weather. I am so grateful for staining one week in the place. The energy was so nice, it’s so peaceful and respectful of nature!! I definitely recommend Samahita. If you love yoga, this is the place to practice in communion with nature!!! Thank you very much

“Yoga Retreat”

We really enjoyed the yoga classes and the location just in the peaceful place We enjoyed the food the room.its.was great We will back there and recommend this place for relaxing time or yoga retreat

“The most relaxing, rejuvenating experience of my life ”

This retreat has an incredible energy about it with the friendliest staff, incredibly helpful and warm. The yoga classes are suited for beginner to advanced and all of the instructors provide great knowledge, corrections and variations to suit everyone as well as adaptions for injuries. The spa treatments are out of this world and the therapists are all professional and highly trained. The fitness classes are fun and challenging. The food is healthy and delicious with loads of variety. The location is tranquil, with a beautiful beach on your doorstep and fun excursions planned in the week to some local attractions. So impressed and highly recommend this for anyone wanting to get away from the hustle-bustle of life!

“Be here now”

My private lessons from Therapist Ara clearly demonstrated she is in the presence, genuinely engaging, caring & has a pleasant joyful nature. Ara guided my breathing rhythmic, correcting my yoga postures in Yin & Vinyasa & inspired me to give my best in silent Yoga Core Cycle in order to discover how I’m capably challenged without music, just listen to my breath! The nutritious plant-based food locally sourced & all made & prepared in the kitchens retreat by the Samahita staff who are so likable, friendly & have everlasting smiles. Introducing me to Keto bullet proof coffee – truly grateful for that unexpected treat. Expertise treatment from The Wellness team for my self-care sessions. Watching my son being in absolute joy. Surrounded by purity & harmony. Forever grateful to Samahita Team & Therapists & Guests. All this thanks to Yoga Namaste

“Beautiful paradise”

The atmosphere was amazing. It felt like home, like family. The facilities are great and it is right on the beach which is beautiful. We couldn’t believe how amazing and delicious the food was and everything was healthy. I went with my mum and we are beginners at yoga but the classes are very good for different levels as the teachers will give different options for each position. They also have a really good spa where you can book treatments and massages. We liked everything about our stay and would love to come back! Thank you to the whole team at Samahita.

“A yoga holiday for all levels of yogi’s”

I liked the ambiance of the resort – calm, friendly, happy place. The healthy food was delicious. The setting right on the beach was idyllic. I was a beginner yogi & felt extremely comfortable fitting in with all levels in 1 class. The instructors were exceptionally helpful & caring for my needs. I learned a lot & am inspired to take up yoga & continue a healthier lifestyle.

“A tranquil oasis for a wellness retreat”

The service and amenities are great. It’s a beautiful, relaxing setting for a wellness retreat. Location: It’s about 40 minutes from the airport and a fair distance from nightlife, shops etc, but you can easily book a hotel car to visit places like Lamai beach (20 mins), Silver Beach (35 mins) or Chaweng (40 mins). A round trip will cost around 1,100 Thai Baht. Food: The buffet spread that was included in my package was of the healthy variety – raw, clean, fresh. The only non-vegetarian food served is fish. It got a bit bland for me but I get the concept. Btw, there is more variety to choose from the ala carte menu e.g. Thai salads, curries, etc. Overall, the package (which I booked through suited me well because I wanted the freedom to choose which sessions I attend so that I can go off and explore the island on my own time.

“A place that makes dreams come true!!”

Very important yoga classes that help to make a trip to your internal world, to know better yourself and, finally, to be a better person. Amazing nature, delicious, organic and healthy dishes(!!!) Friendly staff and respect for all! We spent a great time in Samahita Retreat together with my daughter.

“A piece of heaven – Samahita – Koh Samui”

The entire experience exceeded my expectations. The location is perfect. I loved the silence in the morning, the yoga practice by the beach, the fact that we started the morning with cycling, the combination of core and yoga is a beautiful idea. Everyone is free to choose their classes and make their own individual experience. Aromatherapy massage is amazing. All in all a coming within yourself experience while connecting with all the beauty of nature. I highly recommend the snorkeling and boat trip to the island as that is another piece of paradise. The walk to the temple gives you such a beautiful view from up top. Take everything in and allow!

“Breathe, focus, relax”

Amazing teacher team, Gillian, Daniel, Ara, So, Alaitz… thank you very much. I was an absolute beginner in yoga, but your teachers were patient, gave answers to all my questions and made it very easy to learn the basics. Doing yoga in the morning with beach view during sunrise and meeting a lot of interesting characters is a tempting combination. The food is vegan but really good, massages are great, rooms are clean and the classes are sometimes challenging, but I really liked the combination of yoga, fitness and spinning. I am Definitely coming back! Thanks again to the whole team.


Alles. Wat een top resort. Heerlijk eten, zeer behulozame en lieve staff, zeer goede yoga lessen, fijne sportlessen. En dat alles aan een prachtig, mooi, rustig strand… Ik ga zeker nog een keer terug.

Everything. What a top resort. Great food, very helpful and lovely staff, very good yoga lessons, nice sports lessons. And all that on a beautiful, beautiful, quiet beach … I will definitely go back again.

I took a 5-day Total Self Care Program at Samahita Retreat and it turned out to be one of the best holidays I have ever had! The retreat is just right next to a beautiful beach so it is very relaxing. They have a great infrared sauna, steam sauna and a lovely pool. Oh the food, you will never have enough of it;)! And most importantly, the staff at Samahita is truly caring, friendly and wonderful. The staff at the reception (thanks Fong and Fon!) is exceptionally helpful, and always do extra mile to make sure you are well taken care of; and my therapist, Neena(10 stars), is super sweet and her massage is one of the best massages I have ever had!! On my birthday (yes this was my bday trip), the entire staff even surprised me with a delicious chocolate cake! I love their yoga classes too! Thanks Gill, Daniel and Ara so much for your teaching, I had loads of fun in your classes:)!! Can’t wait to come back again soon!