Wellness Retreat Program

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Samahita’s Wellness Center is set up to offer value treatment packages. You’ll even can get more out of your stay, more relaxation, rejuvenation or just refresh by clearing out. Put yourself in trained hands, in a supportive environment, and let the process unfold. You can decide to enroll in a dedicated value program or pick a la carte treatments.

Value Package

Brain Health Upgrade Program

Get a total brain health upgrade with our biohacks for brain wellness including red light therapy, Audio-Visual Entertainment and EEG biofeedback meditation.

Value Package

Total Self-Care Program

Get the best value of all Total Self-Care treatments in addition to your booked program and all its offerings – a fixed value package over the duration of your stay.

Therapies & Treatments

Samahita offers a full Total-Self-Care menu of hands-on treatments, colon hydrotherapy, and infrared sauna therapy. Book them a la carte during your stay or save and get the best value when you book one of our value package programs – Detox, Weight Loss, Brain Health Upgrade or Total Self-Care.

The Soul of Samahita

Read about our unique qualities, philosophy and why we have set up a retreat center dedicated to vitality and well-being, from a personal journey to long-term training and direct experience.

Wellness Center

Samahita has an onsite dedicated Wellness Center to offer you healing treatments in your value package or a la carte.

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Online Health Coach

Get empowered by bringing the Samahita magic home
Complement your experience on any program at Samahita to continue your health journey at home, with support from a Samahita personal health coach.

Stay & Save: Value Packages, Discounts & Loyalty

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