Wellness Retreat Program

Samahita’s Wellness Center is set up to offer value treatment packages. You’ll even can get more out of your stay, more relaxation, rejuvenation or just refresh by clearing out. Put yourself in trained hands, in a supportive environment, and let the process unfold. You can decide to enroll in a dedicated value program or pick a la carte treatments.

Value Package

Total Self-Care Program

Get the best value of all Total Self-Care treatments in addition to your booked program and all its offerings – a fixed value package over the duration of your stay.

Value Package

Brain Health Upgrade Program

Get a total brain health upgrade with our biohacks for brain wellness including red light therapy, Audio-Visual Entertainment and EEG biofeedback meditation.

Float Therapy

Float Therapy is a profound experience that induces a deep dream-like state of relaxation. It’s so simple, all you have to do is get in our state-of-the-art Dreampod and float on the water. As you lay there the senses receive less and less input so your mind becomes calm and peaceful and your body can relax at a level you have probably never experienced.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Samahita offers you the latest in sauna technology by SaunaSpace and Sunlighten, for your health and well-being, helping you to live a long, healthy life! We recommend trying both sauna experiences during your stay to help you address stress, sleep, digestion, toxicity, inflammation or pain.

Therapies & Treatments

Samahita offers a full menu of Total-Self-Care treatments to help optimize physical, emotional and mental health and to help bring you to a place of total relaxation during your stay. Feel the benefit of therapies designed to address your various needs, ranging from traditional Thai or focused deep tissue massage, to healing aromatherapy, and revitalizing facials and scrubs.

Book them a la carte during your stay or save and get the best value when you book one of our value package programs – Total Self-Care or Brain Health Upgrade.

Wellness Center

Our dedicated Wellness team will coordinate your Total Self-Care and Brain Health Upgrade programs and schedule. All treatments, therapies, private sessions and visiting practitioner appointments can be booked through our receptionist during your stay. We have therapy and treatment rooms located at the beach facilities and wellness garden. Shower facilities are provided for all our guests.

Natural Detox

The environment, programs and nutrition at Samahita offer a natural opportunity to detox from the mental and physical stresses of life:

The body has its natural detox ability. It needs the right support through food, activity and environment to optimize its function. Samahita provides all this to you at no extra cost so you can enjoy your own natural detox during your stay with us.

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