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What’s New at Samahita – Pure NIR Incandescent Sauna

By Samahita Team

We offer the latest options of Sauna Therapy at Samahita

At Samahita we are proud to introduce a new sauna technology for your health and well-being. In addition to our SunLighten Sauna with offers full-spectrum infrared sauna, you can now utilize the power of focused, pure Near Infrared (NIR) sauna experience, with technology by SaunaSpace. We are the only place in Asia offering NIR true to the original design.

The Value of NIR Saunas

1. Raises Core Body Temperature from within

Incandescent heat lamps produce less ambient heat as a far-infrared saunas or a traditional steam sauna. The benefits of sauna therapy come moreso from raising the core temperature of the body, internally. The incandescent lights in NIR saunas are concentrated and use a high wattage. This enable the heat and light to penetrate deeper into cells, up to 9 inches, reaching even internal organs.

2. Stimulates Photobiomodulation (PBM)

When living tissue absorbs light from a very specific range of wavelengths, known as the ‘mitochondrial stimulation band’, a process called Photobiomodulation (PBM) happens.

This stimulates the cellular mitochondrial light receptor enzyme, cytochrome-c oxidase, and the cells respond by increasing ATP production, releasing Nitric Oxide, and forming Reactive Oxygen Species. According to SaunaSpace, studied benefits of PBM include: the promotion of anti-aging, the enhancement of athletic performance, improvements in memory and cognition, accelerated muscle repair, and boosted cellular regeneration.

2. Parasympathetic Response

The NIR sauna offers an experience of deeper relaxation than other more stimulating sauna therapies. This may help an autonomic shifting to the “rest and digest” parasympathetic system after a time such as 30-40 minutes on its own.

4. Low Electromagnetic Frequency Emissions

Incandescent NIR bulbs are low in electromagnetic frequency emissions and are more energy-efficient. NIR bulbs provide the therapeutic effects inherent in natural sunlight, but without the harmful ionizing UV radiation. Better for the body. Better for the environment.

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