By Kirsten Mia
Why travel? Travelling enables us to see and experience different perspectives, cultures, ways of living and being, allowing us to open our minds and hearts to our fellow humans across the globe.
By Dr. Paul Dallaghan
Latest update on travel to Samui as announced on January 11th, 2022: You can travel to Samui WITHOUT any quarantine on the SAMUI SANDBOX program.
By Gill Breetzke
Samahita is now open after 20 months of closure. Gill shares her experience traveling back into Thailand using the quarantine-free Thai Pass system.
By Samahita Team
Thanks to Conde Nast for featuring Samahita in the 2019 edition of the Conde Nast Spa Guide. "Expert-level yoga and stress-annihilating breathwork in a serene beach setting."
By Anthea Grimason
How fascinating it is that the human heart, the muscular mega-pump that delivers oxygenated blood around our bodies and the center of our circulatory systems, is also the center of our emotions. Its emotional capacity is vast, from the ability to feel love, compassion and to care very deeply, to sadness, pain, anger and even hate.
By Dr. Paul Dallaghan
An auspicious event. It happens only once every 144 years. Of the four sites Allahabad is the largest. It is held here every 12 years. On the occasion of the twelfth of these it becomes the Maha. But this is determined more by astrological alignments than a multiple of years. January 2001 saw the largest gathering of humans in one location for one particular event, ever.