By Sarah Pierroz
"Divine being, have mercy on me. Come, reside in my heart. Without you, I feel an emptiness. Fill up my hollow entity with love." Prabhujee Daya Karo, performed beautifully by Hiroyuki Matsuhisa, Gillian Breetzke & Eela Dubey during Classical Pranayama Training with Sri O. P. Tiwari August 2019
By Nabs Hadi
Nabs Hadi sings his poem On the Path of Spiritual Love at Samahita Retreat new years eve party 2018-19. Sang in Kurdish.
By Daniel Stringer
Watch Rachel Brice and her group perform Tribal Belly Dance during the retreat "Sahara Dance - The Art of Belly Dance"
By Daniel Stringer
Nabs Hadi and Gray Bashew perform a unique blend of human beats and Sanskrit / Arabesque chants during the Samahita 15th year anniversary celebrations.