Practice & Teaching

The suite of practices at Samahita is taught in a variety of guided group classes, one-on-one private sessions, and teacher-assisted self-practice classes during trainings.

Guided Group Classes

A group class where the teacher leads the class offering verbal guidance, shows visual cues, and offers some amount of physical hands-on correction to a group of people in one class, being led through the same sequence of activities or poses. Skilled teaching makes sure modifications and degrees of intensity are offered for the different capacity of each person in the class. It is an ideal setting to receive more detail and be motivated by both the teacher and within the group.

One-on-One Private Sessions

If you desire more direct and personal attention in what you are learning in a practice then our team of teachers is adequately skilled and available for booking on a one-to-one basis. This is additional to the regular schedule and can also be booked for a small group up to 4 individuals.

Teacher-Assisted Self-Practice Classes

During our 200 and 300-hour training programs we aim to develop students from a group guided class to a self-practice approach. This is a traditional yoga approach where the student has some experience with the asanas and is aware of some sequence to practice in. The teacher does not lead in normal group verbal way but rather approaches each student individually and offers a combination of verbal guidance, visual cues, or physical hands-on correction or adjustment to the position (asana) to either show how it is done, reveal to the student it is possible to do, help to get into the pose, correct or improve one’s position in the pose, or, most subtly, to highlight certain nuances of the body and mind while engaged in the asana. We believe it is a great way for a student to go deeper into what they are doing. Caveats exist where a routine becomes mechanical and dogmatic. A student should then be in a good guided class, as we offer here, and then come back to self-practice refreshed. The aim is to practice with awareness, connection and feeling.

These are some of the classes you can expect to attend at Samahita:

  • Dynamic Core Vinyasa (different sequences)
  • Restorative Asana (different sequences)
  • Basic Breathwork
  • Pranayama (more involved yoga breath techniques)
  • Contemplation of gratitude, forgiveness and guidance
  • Meditation techniques (several approaches)
  • Silent sunrise cycle
  • Fun music cycle
  • Core integrated strength


Samahita has been awarded some of the highest accolades in the teaching and practice of yoga in the world since 2003. Discover, learn more, or deepen your yoga practice with an aim to practice, understand, and take home a set of yoga techniques for you. We offer both guided dynamic and restorative classes as well as teacher-assisted self-practice.

 Meditation & Breathwork

practice teaching meditation

We offer you guided daily meditation and breath classes as part of the YogaCoreCycle program. Integral to your overall health is inner peace, mental calm, better focus, and improved awareness.


practice teaching core

Get in touch with your deep core muscles – to support your back, pelvis and spine. We offer group classes that cover key functional fitness principles in a high-intensity training format.

Enjoy fun, dynamic exercises which integrate foundational body-based core exercises with top of the range functional equipment including TRX, Bosu, UGI, Sliders, Kettle Bells, Grids, Toners, Flexbands, Resistance bands and Redondo Balls.


practice teaching cycle

Indoor cycling (aka spinning) with a direct view of the beach is a fun, mega cardio, fat burning, sweat pumping, fitness building workout. You don’t need experience, just your desire to ride. Fortunately, you adjust the resistance and manage your intensity. Our dedicated cycle studio looks onto the beach and is stocked with Schwinn’s latest Carbon Blue cycle technology in bikes. In the morning we offer a self-silent-cycle while in the afternoon it’s a music-infused upbeat ride.

Samahita and its staff are here to serve you through great value and high quality in what we do and offer. Our close attention to detail, by our teachers in delivering all these practices, is to encourage you to participate to the best you can and de-stress even further through our wellness programs. And with Yoga CoreCycle as an all-inclusive program you can transform how your body works, heart feels and brain functions. We want you to …… breathe into a new life.