Private Session


Learn One-on-One Privately

Our team of teachers is highly skilled in yoga and functional fitness and can be booked one-on-one if you desire extra focused attention to work on something or learn more. This is additional to the regular schedule and can also be booked for a small group up to 4 individuals.

Book your private or professional session onsite with our Wellness Team or in advance with reservations. Payment will be taken at the center in local Thai currency.

Private Session Packages


A private yoga session can be of specific value to you especially if you want to focus on particular asanas (postures), pranayama (breathwork), meditation techniques or mantra (chanting).

Our knowledgeable team will personalize your session and adapt to your needs and skill level, so that you can move through the postures with increased intelligence and have more resources to build on your personal practice.

60 min 2,500 THB
90 min 3,500 THB

*(for any extra persons, an additional 500 THB)


We offer various modalities for your needs to help you explore intelligent movement, from: functional training, cardio, strength training, body toning and core work, high intensity, bootcamp, injury rehabilitation, and running programs.

Sessions are designed specifically for your pace, ability and goals with challenging and fun tools used, such as TRX, BOSU, kettlebells, sliders, cycling, and more.

60 min 2,500 THB
90 min 3,500 THB

*(for any extra persons, an additional 500 THB)

Private Packages

3 Privates 6,750 THB
5 Privates 10,500 THB