Custom Retreats

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Our Team will Customize Your Retreat

Samahita, with its team of qualified teachers, can work with you to arrange a program for your group.

We provide:

  • Expertise in body-mind practices
  • Techniques for work and home
  • Group building practices
  • A natural and energized environment
  • Harmonic, focused and supportive group setting
  • Brain and body supportive healthy food
  • Experience in how much to offer on a daily schedule
  • Group meeting facilities by the beach
  • Comfortable accommodations
  • Local excursion options

How to Customize Your Retreat

Identify your group’s goals and desired experience. Take a look at our site to draw inspiration of what to do. Send a note to our team to inquire about possibilities. We will help draw up practice plan, curriculum, and a daily schedule for your group

Pick a few of these Classes and Workshops for Your Retreat

Yoga & Fitness Sample Classes

  • Dynamic Core Vinyasa (more powerful)
  • Gentle Linear Vinyasa (medium challenge)
  • Restorative Asana (great for all)
  • Basic Breathwork
  • Pranayama (more involved yoga breath techniques)
  • Contemplation of gratitude, forgiveness and guidance
  • Meditation techniques (several approaches)
  • Silent sunrise cycle
  • Fun music cycle
  • Core integrated strength
  • Building a home/office (short) practice

Health & Vitality Sample Workshops

  • Eating for energy and vitality
  • Eating and living according to your body type, climate and season
  • Diet & lifestyle to managing stress within corporate life
  • Disease prevention through detox
  • Deconstructing cravings
  • Kickstarting new healthy habits
  • Sugar blues
  • The facts on fat
  • Healthy living cooking class

All Customized Retreats Include

  • Eco friendly onsite accommodation
  • Transportation to and from Koh Samui airport
  • Delicious and healthy buffet meals
  • Prior consultation to assess retreat requirements
  • Tailored wellness programs
  • Private group yoga and fitness sessions with qualified teacher
  • Workshops on nutrition and healthy living with qualified health coach
  • Take home tools and guidelines
  • Meeting space by the beach
  • Audiovisual equipment


  • Boat & Snorkeling Trip
  • Local Market Trips
  • Beach & Temple Walk
  • Additional wellness therapies

Optional Additions

  • Use of meeting space with audiovisual equipment for coaching, creative brainstorming, business planning.
  • Team building activities
  • Private life coaching sessions
  • Private nutritional counseling
  • Additional wellness therapies
  • Private executive villas

Giving Back Activities

  • Beach Clean Up
  • Animal Shelter Visit

Ready to Customize Your Retreat?

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Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

The Heart of Samahita is found in its impressive mix of facilities that provide the space for your experience, as well as through the food where tasty and healthy merge powerfully, and in our quality mix of guest rooms, where you can stay in the highest of standards right at the beach or find rooms to suit all budgets from beach to garden. And when here you can also paddle board, kayak and snorkel, amongst other activities. Feel free to take a tour and find out where Samahita is located.