Water – The Real Elixir of Life

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Water – The Real Elixir of Life

By Kirsten Mia

The REAL elixir of life…

Water. The elements oxygen, and hydrogen. Without this magical substance, life on Earth as we know it would not exist. All living organisms contain water and rely on it to survive. Us humans are made up of about 65% of the stuff! Water covers 70% of Earth’s surface and exists as a liquid, gas and a solid. As a tasteless, odourless (almost colourless – hint of blue) liquid, it is described as a universal solvent for its ability to dissolve many substances. We use it to extract and process minerals, grow our food, transport goods over vast oceans, it is a source of food, we play many sports on ice, snow and water. Without it, we could not produce and process most of the products we create and use daily. We use precious water to keep clean, wash our clothes and flush our toilets. Think about how many times a day you wash your hands…

In last week’s blog, we looked at the building blocks of life on earth as a foundation to then build upon when looking into some of the topics that influence us as human beings in this day and age. So in this article, we will dive in to some further detail about the REAL elixir of life, water. For us to BE WELL, we need to consume between 2 and 3 litres of water per day. Dehydration, even if it is mild and goes un-noticed, can have negative effects on the body, and mind, including mood, digestive issues, cognitive and brain function, nutrient depletion and skin problems. Here’s some of the reasons WHY we need to stay properly hydrated…

  • Lubricates joints, spinal cord and tissues
  • We need water to perspire, urinate and defecate
  • It aids digestion and helps to prevent constipation
  • Aids in cognitive function and improves mood
  • Via the blood, it carries nutrients and oxygen around the entire body
  • It helps create saliva
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Maximizes physical performance when doing physical activity
  • Keeps our eyeballs from drying out!

Water is our planet’s most valuable commodity, both to the environment itself, as well as all living organisms. Many of our fresh water supplies have been polluted over the years hence the rise of people drinking bottled water. This however, creates another problem, plastic pollution. And it is really all human beings’ right to have access to clean drinking water. Water is a critical component in all chemical reactions in our bodies, so it’s important we drink not only enough each day, but it must be clean and free of impurities, and if we have access, good quality. Not all water (bottled, filtered or from the tap) is made equal. Completely pure water (just H2O) is perfectly fine to drink, but what is more beneficial to us, is water that contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

  • Boiled Water – One of the safest and most effective ways to purify your water.
  • Reverse osmosis – Water that has been filtered of practically all impurities. It is so pure that it can in fact be cooled past freezing without actually turning into ice. However all the minerals are also removed.
  • Distilled Water – Produced by boiling water and collecting the condensed steam and turning that back into water. Also removes all impurities, as well as the good stuff…
  • Spring Water – This is a broad term when it comes to “bottled water” but it should be from a natural, clean, underground spring/source.
  • Hydrogen Water – Water that contains hydrogen molecules that act as powerful antioxidants. Many studies on humans are inconclusive as to the benefits it may bring. You’ll need to weigh up the cost/value.
  • A drop of Iodene/bleach – If drinking while travelling or adventuring in nature, take Iodene or bleach along and add a few drops to the stream/river water to purify it.

While “special” water may provide some marginal benefits, as long as you’re getting enough, clean water each day, that’s the most important thing. (In hot countries or when exercising, add some lemon and salt/electrolytes to your bottle) Water is precious and here on the island at the moment, we are on water rations as it’s been a long hot dry season, not enough rain to top up supplies. So in trying to be a bit more sustainable, even if you have plenty water coming out your taps, here are a few tips to help save water!

  • Fix minor leaks around the home/office
  • Carry a re-fillable bottle with you
  • Turn tap off when you brush teeth or shave
  • Do full loads of laundry with cold water
  • Water your garden early in the morning or late evening when its cooler
  • Install a rainwater catchment system from the gutters/roof to use as grey water
  • Only run the dishwasher if you have a full load

Hopefully you have gained a new perspective on our most precious resource water and can share this with friends and family. So stay hydrated folks! Till next week… be well, be healthy xxx Kirst










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