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Reflection on Practice

Paul Dallaghan
By Paul Dallaghan

Back in 2012, after almost 20 years of doing asana practice, Paul caught a moment to condense together a mix of asanas across levels with certain transitions. It is more of an artistic display of what the body can do without being competitively strained. An exercise in keeping balance while executing challenging activities. At the same time it is more than a single asana practice session should require. Paul’s emphasis is on the inner qualities, respect for others, attitude and approach to life, practice and our relationships. Paul is also a long term pranayama practitioner, one of the most practiced and accomplished teachers of it, and highlights the breath as an integral element of practice here. The total video is about 17 minutes long with a story subtitled throughout. If you’re curious about asana, its flow, and insights into other aspects of practice then please enjoy watching. Share with others. Leave a review or comment.

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