Arrival Information

Retreat Center Guidelines

To keep a level of awareness, and to maintain a friendly and respectful environment, we kindly ask for your cooperation in the following:

Early Morning Silence

  • Mornings are magical at Samahita and a time focused on practice. Savor the morning peace and calm, watch the sunrise, be internal.  We encourage you to nurture your soul in silence and your personal space.
  • Out of respect for all our guests Silent Time is observed from dawn until classes conclude at 10:00 am. Thank you.

General housekeeping:

  • We are a smoke and alcohol-free environment. Please do not smoke in or around the property and refrain from bringing in any alcohol. There are many other venues outside where it is possible to indulge if need.
  • Please do not offer or solicit services or products to other guests (including but not exclusive to selling jewellery, clothes, massage, yoga sessions) without management approval.
  • We encourage conscientiousness and eco-consciousness, and are aware of the limited resources of our island. Please request to change your bed sheets only when necessary and use one pool towel per day. Housekeeping will service your room every third day.
  • Please keep towels separate: white towels in your room, blue towels for the pool and beach, and beige towels for the wellness center. Practice towels are provided in the shalas and cycle room.
  • Bathrooms are located next to the lockers, in the wellness center, in the shop, and at the front reception.
  • Remember to keep hydrated. There are water stations in front of the residences, by the dining area, and in the wellness center.  Please keep the glass water bottles provided in your room. Water bottles can be purchased onsite.
  • Please use the yoga mat storage areas onsite, and the drying rack in your room for towels or clothes. Please do not hang them on furniture or your room balcony.
  • Laundry service can be arranged with private laundry providers. Samahita Retreat does not offer a laundry service. There are two main options: a local independent service next to our center who charge by weight or a private pick-up and drop-off service who charge per piece.
  • Please visit front reception to arrange a taxi, rent a scooter, book a tour, or sign up for complimentary excursions such as the temple walk.
  • Please don’t feed any dogs or encourage them to come into the center.


  • Herbal tea, coffee and bananas are available from 6.45 am, with a light breakfast from 8.00am, ideal for those who aren’t joining classes. We recommend keeping breakfast very light before class or waiting until after before eating.
  • Full brunch is served from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm with both breakfast and lunch items. Eggs are included and can be ordered fresh from the juice bar.
  • Dinner buffet is from 6:00-8:00 pm
  • The Juice Bar is open from 9:30 am where you can order drinks and food from the a la carte menu. All items except eggs will be charged to your room.
  • Please clear your own plates at the recycling station.
  • If you have any allergies or food intolerances, please inform the kitchen staff so we can accommodate your needs.
  • If you are going out to eat offsite, please let the front reception know, so the kitchen can plan accordingly.

Wellness Center

  • Please see wellness reception for all questions and bookings of health programs, spa treatments and therapies, as well as private yoga and fitness sessions.
  • The steam room is complimentary and available every evening from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Please sign up in the wellness center for use before 6:00 pm.
  • We also have kayaks and paddleboards that are complimentary to use. Please sign up at the wellness center and ask someone to show you how to use them if it’s your first time.

Yoga & Fitness

  • All guests will be asked to inform us of injuries, pregnancy or health issues upon arrival.
  • Please see the chalkboards in front of the main yoga shala for daily class locations.
  • Please do not bring glasses or mugs into the shalas, only bring water bottles and containers with lids.
  • If you are using props, please place them back nicely in the prop room where you found them.
  • There is a mat washing and hanging area behind the fitness shala, and storage for yoga mats and lockers next to the main shala.
  • We recommend that you bring your own yoga mat. If you want to borrow a yoga mat or a lock please ask at the front reception. Please keep the locker area clean and return borrowed items to reception when you leave.
  • Our fitness facilities are open to guests during class times only.
  • Guests on all Retreats and Teacher Trainings may join fitness classes when their schedule allows for it and space permitting.

What to Bring

  • Sticky yoga mat
  • Yoga / fitness clothes
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Swimwear
  • Insect repellent
  • Open sandals
  • Running shoes and socks
  • Light rain jacket
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Journal for writing
  • Feminine sanitary products
  • Passport with more than 6 months before expiry, and visa if needed.
  • Some items are available at our Eco-Life shop including yoga mats, t-shirts, journals, and refillable water bottles.
  • There is a Government Value Added Tax (VAT) on all items purchased of 7%. This is added on your bill at the end of your stay.
  • Your own personal purchases and services used such as massage and juice bar snacks are an extra charge and added to your bill.
  • There is a full Thai staff team here to help you.
  • It is common practice for guests to leave a tip upon departure though it is a personal choice. 300-500 Thai Baht is typical over a week and it is divided up amongst all the staff. They truly appreciate this kind gesture.

Unplugged at Samahita

We invite you to go device-free during your stay at Samahita Retreat – the perfect opportunity for a “digital detox”. We recommend a minimum 3 days. Plan in advance and let your family and friends know. Take the challenge and commit. You will feel the benefit!


Please review our Frequently Asked Questions here

Family Guidelines


We support your travel to a center like Samahita with your children. Over the last twenty years, children have joined their parents and felt extremely comfortable here. When children flow with the focus of the center it works well for both parents and all other guests. However, we are not a child-oriented retreat center but rather our focus is for people traveling and staying for their wellbeing time. Therefore, we allow children to stay under certain observed circumstances. Due to the commitment to support other guests we must strictly enforce these guidelines. To preserve the space for our guests we limit the number of children under 13 to 4 at one time.

Our key child policies are:
A. All children under the age of 13 must be supervised at all times.
B. Please be aware of other guests who want to have peace and quiet during both class and recreational times.
C. We observe silence in the center every morning until 10 am. Please be kind and monitor your children’s behavior not to cause disturbance to other guests around you.
To respect other guests, we ask that parents/carers must ensure the following:
1. Children should not be in areas close to the practice shalas from 7-10am and 4-6pm. (If playing on the beach please make sure they are away from the beach shala).
2. Children must not be in the pool between 7-10am and 4-6pm, the scheduled time of our classes.
3. At all other times, we cannot allow noise or rowdy behavior in or around the pool or near other guests. There is a long open beach where kids can run free. If children are making noise in the pool we will ask parents/carers to take them to the beach.
4. At all other times, please respect other guests, during their mealtimes and when guests are relaxing, essentially 10am – 4pm and 6-9pm.
5. Due to safety, children under 13 are not permitted to join yoga and fitness classes. If your child would like a yoga or fitness session please book a Private Session with one of our teachers which can be tailored to suit their needs.
6. Parents should organize children’s daily activities on the island, visit waterfalls, shopping, other resort’s kids clubs. Our Front Office team at reception will be happy to give you plenty of suggestions.
7. Parents can organize children’s meals to be taken to their room or beach during the silent and quiet periods, from 7-10am and 4-6pm. Please ask our Juice Bar team for assistance.

If you feel you can manage these guidelines with your child/children present with you at Samahita then we ask you to read and sign an agreement which we’ll send to you before we can finalize your booking. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. God bless the children.

Cancellations and Postponements

Please review our policies here

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