I decided to apply for the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Samahita Retreat in Thailand looking for a way to deepen my own practice and understanding of yoga and my expectations were certainly more than met. I loved how anatomy and philosophy were taught in a way that one could connect to it and see how to apply it in practice. Also, the approach to asana taught by Paul and his team was eye opening to me! The focus was brought back to important key principles that are relevant to any asana practice irrespective of the style of yoga. The intense daily practice of asana, pranayama and meditation together with the discussions of philosophy and the sharing of experiences with other participants laid the perfect basis for further self-reflection. Among other things I realized how important it is to build a yoga practice that supports your daily life and that adapting the practice to one’s needs should be considered a strength and not a weakness or shortcoming.

Thank you to the dedicated Centered Yoga teacher team at Samahita Retreat for creating such a nurturing learning-environment where internal growth happens almost naturally!