I first heard of the Samahita Retreat through a recommendation from a teacher. Upon further research, I became intrigued by the name, Centered Yoga. Over years of practice, I encountered many flavors of teaching and yogic philosophy. I knew for my 200-hour teacher training I wanted a grounded but challenging course, both physically and mentally. I wanted to become a “yogi” (whatever that meant). The uniqueness of Paul’s experiences, his current research in Hatha Yoga, and the immersive and stunning environment in Thailand precisely satisfied my criteria to live, breath, and eat yoga.


Prior to my teacher training, yoga was synonymous with asana. I participated in pranayama if it was included in a class and had a feeble meditation practice at home. I was cynical about the state of the world and easily overwhelmed by suffering and hate. I felt powerless. However, while exploring the depths of asana, meditation, pranayama, and philosophy I learned the power within my body to interact with the world on a new frequency. My teacher training taught me to use my breath as a channel to access the timelessness of the present moment and all the power within that space. Where before I felt divergence from people around me, I now recognize our similarities. I have a greater capacity for compassion and understanding that I had only read about. I am also a better listener. My favorite part about learning at Samahita was interacting with the people I met there. The environment fostered the ideal space for honest conversations reflecting on our lessons. I left Samahita with the tools to not only advance my yoga practice and to teach but also to evolve. I am grateful for my teacher who directed me to Samahita and for those I met while studying there. I have a yoga family now.