Despite of my professional establishment in the fitness field, i.e., 2 years as Fitness Physique Champion armed with over 12 international recognized certifications & awarded as best coaching, I was holding back to start yoga for many years simply because I feel is crucial to improve multiple areas same time of your life, from motivation to habits, and tapping into the power of lifelong learning. Often times I feel stuck when I am not making progress I anticipated during my attempts of yoga practice, then right away I lost the momentum to continue. However, I feel one specific thing is missing, balance of life as I always so busy being busy into my business of helping others with health & diet as I feel so great to serve others but neglect self care & balance of my own. I suppose law of attraction has somewhat presented me an opportunity to indulge in the Centered Yoga at Samahita Retreat. Everything seemed to fall in place with the right timing, location and most of all my determination for this breakthrough and challenge for personal growth. At first it might seem overwhelming & tough, but the amazing team’s support has made all the differences. Dare I say this, this one full month dedication & focus of TT experience, now is like flip a switch in my life that my desire is so strong to pursue for a long-term commitment & relationship with my yoga journey & definitely guide me to develop a miracle mindset: ANYTHING is possible when you have the hope and strength to keep moving forward.

Taking 200 hour yoga teacher training was the best decision & had given me total fulfillment plus overall fitness improvement that will leads me to achieve whatever goal I set my mind to expand my ability. That’s because the program designed to bringing motivation, productivity, learning, creativity, time management, and habit building all go hand in hand that are absolutely essential to becoming a high quality yoga instructor as well as a better well being. Here, special thanks to Paul Dallaghan & the amazing team. I look forward to continue to grow and give because of this opportunity from this amazing Learning experience and Journey from the Centered Yoga at Samahita retreat .