Dear Daniel and Anthea,

Hope this message finds you well. I had a very nice experience during my stay in Samahita. I hope the review below could help people step out and come to Samahita:

– I took this course because of the well-known education here. All those amazing yogis I met in my life were trained from Samahita. In Samahita, all teachers there never push you, but cultivate you to be true self. The structural training of YTT program is much more than a certification, instead, it’s more about the transformation in your life.
-Before I came here, I thought yoga was one of the healthy exercises. However, after the yoga teacher training, I understand that yoga is a choice, and the choice of lifestyle.
-Due this amazing education in Centered Yoga, I learned more about cherish my life, and trust the universe. Be patience, devoted, faithful.

Appreciate everything in Samahita and in my life.

Thanks for your time and wish you a merry Christmas.

Yiyin (Louise)