Samahita Retreat – Centered Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training – Reflections – Lise Carrière

I have been practicing yoga for about 12 years now – pretty regularly, and various forms (hot, power, yin, hatha, etc.). The past 5 years saw a bit of a downgrade in my practice as I tried to balance working mega international events abroad with a regular practice. My decision to sign up for the Samahita Retreat, Centered Yoga 200 hour yoga teacher training was based on the desire to deepen my practice and knowledge, and also to shift things in my life as my current work wasn’t doing as much for my overall happiness as it used to. What that shift is, I do not know — and it is not necessarily to teach full time. At least that’s what I told myself going in!

Before flying to Thailand, yoga for me was primarily a physical practice. Although I had done a little meditation (on and off), I hadn’t actually connected the two together. The opportunity to practice meditation, pranayama, kryas, asanas daily for 4 weeks, to gain an understanding of the philosophy behind it all, in-depth anatomy classes (tough and awesome!), and how to apply it all to daily life is invaluable. On top of this, the detailed breakdown of asanas helped identify and correct bad habits built up over the years, deepen poses, and also successfully practice poses not previously done – which is amazing. Paul Dallaghan and the Samahita Retreat team offers a challenging (mentally, physically and some days emotionally), in-depth YTT and give you 100%+ support throughout the process. I was challenged, supported, I grew, learned so much, made life-long friendships, and I now have a comprehensive, sustainable, daily meditation, pranayama and asana practice. I look forward to continuing my education and who knows…I may even end up teaching! I know this is a special time in my life and I will always look back on it with pure love, joy and gratitude.

Thank you Samahita Retreat, Paul, Gillian, Arielle, Daniel and my fellow students.