“After having taken part in the Yoga Teacher Training at Samahita Retreat I can only recommend it to everyone who is interested in gaining more insight in the practice and philosophy of yoga. My teacher in Austria suggested doing the teacher training (TT) at Samahita because she knew that I wanted to learn more about pranayama (breathing techniques).

Laura Sammer

Since many teacher trainings only focus on asana (postures) I am glad to have chosen one that puts emphasis on the breath, mantras, kriyas (cleansing techniques) and provides explanations and discussions about the philosophy behind it. I felt that the TT at Samahita had a very positive effect on my own practice by increasing my awareness. It enhanced my motivation to teach yoga to other people and I feel confident to do so. The adjustment practice and anatomy lessons at Samahita Retreat, that I think are of the highest quality, provided the fundament for teaching in a responsible way. I am grateful for having experienced this wonderful time and look forward to coming back one day.”