I came into yoga from a fitness background and for many years used it as my stretching practice. I ran, cycled and did crossfit, yoga was my counter balance. I knew it made me feel good but didn’t need to know any more than that. Then things began to change and people started asking me about my practice and the benefits, suddenly I realized that I wanted to know more and teach people how to bring yoga into their daily life.

By undertaking the training at Samahita Retreat my knowledge of yoga has expanded massively, I had little awareness of the breathing and kriyas practice and the all-round benefits to health and wellbeing. I had not been interested in the philosophy side, but once I learnt about it I was hooked. I finally get it, it’s a life system and if you put them all together the obstacles of the world are easier to face, you have tools in your bag to recover quickly. The teachers have this passion for yoga that is contagious, and makes you want to do the same. I came out of the centered yoga training in Thailand wanting to inspire people to find yoga, it wasn’t just a training it was truly life changing!