The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training absolutely deserves to be described as an education in yoga. Even though I expected that Paul and his Teaching Team are exceptional Yoga Teachers my expectations were exceeded during the month at Samahita Retreat. The Yoga Teacher Training at Centered Yoga was recommended to me by a highly appreciated teacher of mine and I planned the month in Thailand for the Teacher Training for about 1 and half year. The main reasons to take the course were to deepen my self-practice as well my meditation practice. Moreover I knew that the program has a strong emphasis on accurate pranayama practice, which was important for me too.

As a single mom I brought my 4 year old daughter with me and that was the greatest challenge – meeting all needs and demands of my daughter and the Teacher Training. All this would not have been possible without the support of a good friend of mine accompany us.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity of being able to learn and personally grow at Samahita and the incredible support of the excellent, dedicated and inspiring team of teachers I was able to learn from.

The whole program is very intelligently structured and every single part inserts itself perfectly together to an amazing overall concept. A major learning experience at a physical level arose out of the evolved and modern yoga practice taught at Samahita (keyword: sukha adho mukha svanasana): My knee pain, that I had for almost 2 years, disappeared completely during the month. Spiritually the daily contemplation, especially regarding forgiveness, has developed into a freeing process of more understanding, kindness, benevolence and inner peace.

Back at home there is not a single day my “unreal” life does not profit from my deeper understanding of yoga and the knowledge and insights I gained during the inner journey at Samahita.