Bérengère Mercier

What an inner jouney in Samahita ! I took this 200 hour yoga teacher training mainly to go deeper into my yoga practice. I already thought yoga was a life changer, but the inner change I felt in Thailand was really beyond my expectations.

Paul and his team guided us with great precision, step by step, surrounded with benevolence : from meditation to pranayama, asana, anatomy or philosophy. This Centered Yoga class is demanding : you learn (and un-learn!) a lot, but it brings you great knowledge and feelings. Day by day, I felt my hips and heart opening and the inner change taking place. After one month in Thailand, I have the strange and delicious feeling of being re-born.This Samahita retreat elevated me, not in a superior way but with lightness.


I have learned here that trust is the key to patience; that being in the moment and listening to your feelings is a precious gift, that I try to keep with me in Paris. I have also learned that Yoga, with repeated and sincere practice, permits you to look in. Leaving the Samahita yoga bubble and going back to the city, I try to put yoga first : take more time for my practice and do pranayama everyday, thanks to Paul’s prescription sheet.
Thank you so much for putting me on the path of inner listening. Lots of gratitude for this safe haven and its generous teachers.