My decision to take part in the Yoga Teacher Training at Centered Yoga Samahita in Thailand was a easy one. I had visited Samahita many times before, and I never forget my first holiday there, the peaceful place right at the ocean, the perfect setting for a escape out of our busy and sometimes stressful lives. The teachers at Samahita Retreat have been wonderful and knowledgeable , and it was there where I had my first Mysore class, and from this point started practicing regularly. As I delved deeper into Asana, I wanted to expand my knowledge of Yoga and human anatomy, and thus decided to undertake the 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Before beginning the TT, my understanding of yoga mainly consisted of Asana and some Pranayama. Now however, after completing four enlightening and intensive weeks at Samahita, I have gained a deeper understanding of the yoga philosophy and specifically how to integrate the practices to allow me to lead a more balanced and peaceful life. Especially through the Philosophy classes, were we explored the Sutras of Patanjali, I started to understand how the eight limbs of yoga help us to overcome a lot of daily struggles along the path of yoga. I found the teachings of anatomy, philosophy, chanting mantras, pranayama and asana practice to be very well balanced at Samahita. Espeically the intensive Pranayama and Chanting practices were new to me, however I swill always cherish the experience of chanting together with 27 people from all over the world and feeling this special energy around me. The fantastic teachers, each with their individual knowledge and unique ways of teaching, where able to convey the true meaning of yoga to all of us students, no matter our background of experience level.