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Why do Yoga Research? An Interview with Paul Dallaghan

By Sarah Pierroz

“Why do Yoga Research?”, an interview with Paul Dallaghan, is excerpt from “Looking In”: a documentary into a Yoga Scientific Research Study”, by Sarah Pierroz.

In January 2019 Paul Dallaghan designed and undertook one of the most comprehensive controlled research projects on yoga to date, carried out at the original center for yoga research since 1924, Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute, Lonavla, India.

The study focused on detailed protocols on breath practice, meditative forms, and body asana approach. Several scientific measurement methods were used to collect data across physiological, anatomical, biochemical, and psychological markers. Context and engaged participation were also considered key elements to situate this study.

The question of why one should research into yoga practice was put to Paul. This video details his thinking and rationale on this. It is an excerpt of a larger documentary project, “Looking In”, by Sarah Pierroz, which captures the wider experience of the diverse group of students in the two-month long yoga research study. Witnessing how yoga and science come together, with the hope of helping not only individuals develop and deepen a personal practice, but also how the information collected may benefit society at large.


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