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Sponsoring Elephants at Samui Elephant Sanctuary

By Samahita Team

Sponsoring Elephants at Samui Elephant Sanctuary

As Part of Samahita’s ongoing commitment to supporting good causes we have committed to sponsoring Elephants at Samui Elephant Sanctuary.

Elephants are used widely throughout Thailand in the tourist industry for providing rides and performing shows. These unfortunate elephants work continuously throughout the day carrying tourists back and forth. It may seem like an exciting novelty but these beautiful animals are worked to exhaustion for decades, given their long life span. One such elephant, called Khum Phean b.1958, worked in the logging industry and was transferred to a tourist camp where she worked for a staggering 30 years providing rides before being rescued.

As this industry generates a lot of income it has grown over the past few years especially with the increase in tourists from Asia. Rescuing an elephant is not a simple process, as one can not simply walk in and take an elephant. So, Samui Elephant Sanctuary pays for ageing or ill elephants who have been rejected or have no commercial use. This is partly why running the sanctuary has such high running costs along with purchasing land and the day-to-day care of the animals.

We recommend if you’re planning on visiting Thailand to refrain from taking tours, or staying in camps, where elephant riding is included and instead pay a visit to the sanctuary on the north of Samui Island or even leave a donation of your own with our reception.

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