Samahita Retreat is purposely set up to help you unlock your potential, increase your energy level, recover and enhance your vitality – to breathe into a new life. Health, fitness, and wellness through yoga practice, meditation, breath, core and cardio workouts. With charged delicious food, interesting people, detox and vitality enhancing wellness programs. Since 2003 in a relaxed yet supportive environment, directly on the beach. Samahita has a world-renowned reputation in yoga and wellbeing under the guidance of its experienced founder, Paul Dallaghan.

We are here to share this with you.

Programs You Can Take Here:

Since 2003. over 20,000 people have joined us and used the word “authentic” to describe what goes on here. We offer life-giving tasty food, with a variety of guest room options, and teach a yoga course you can take home in asana and pranayama breath, meditation. Our facilities include several dedicated yoga retreat spaces, an indoor cycle studio facing the beach, and a fitness retreat loft with incredible sea views.

Your room booking is fully inclusive of all activities, delicious food, dedicated water stations, brunch tea, coffee and fresh juice, full facilities with wifi, all right here on the beach.

Yoga, Health & Fitness
Practice & Teaching at Samahita

Whether you call it yoga, meditation or spiritual practice, or working on yourself, self-development, biohacking, or more, our approach covers several practices that involve the body, breath, heart and mind, as the following graphic displays.

We offer group classes, teacher assisted self-practice and one-on-one private sessions. Paul Dallaghan, founder and main teacher of Samahita and Centered Yoga, has spent over 20 years refining the practice of asana (body), pranayama (breath), meditative techniques (mind), mantra (sound), chanting and mindful compassion (heart) as well as body optimizing practices (core strength and cardio) that also enhance the mind. Combined, the effect is to help one live a more empowered life, full of energy, kind to others, and clear in mind.

These are some of the classes you can expect to attend at Samahita:

  • Dynamic Core Vinyasa (different sequences)
  • Restorative Asana (different sequences)
  • Basic Breathwork
  • Pranayama (more involved yoga breath techniques)
  • Contemplation on gratitude, forgiveness and guidance
  • Meditation techniques (several approaches)
  • Silent sunrise cycle
  • Fun music cycle
  • Core integrated strength

Samahita’s Teaching Team

Samahita-Teaching-TeamThe teaching staff at Samahita have been guests and students in their early visits here, then completed numerous training programs in yoga, fitness and health, and are now part of the team because of their skill, love of the place, and their interest and joy to share and teach others who come here, as they know firsthand what that is about.

YogaCoreCycle(YCC) is:
One program with many all-inclusive activities.

brochure yogacorecycleSamahita’s YogaCoreCycle is an incredible yoga fitness retreat designed to offer your BODY and MIND a level of ACTIVITY and REJUVENATION that covers all aspects of human functioning across both dynamic and restorative YOGA asana, MEDITATION and BREATH, core strength and cardio FITNESS workouts.

What’s on offer through the YCC program encourages you to achieve optimal health, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. All that’s needed is your engagement and participation—most of which happens directly at the beach!

The full program implies the option to take all five hours of classes every day or choose based on your needs. Conceived and developed by Paul Dallaghan, Samahita’s founder, with input by athlete trainer and movement expert, Arielle Nash-Degagne, it has grown out of long term (over 40 years) experience in the world of yoga, meditation, health and fitness.

  • Prime Season: January – March
  • Discounted Season: April – December
Private Room Semi-Private Room Shared Two Bedroom Loft
Season Prime Discounted Prime Discounted Prime Discounted
Daily Rate $198 $178 $178 $158 $158 $138

The One-Bedroom Suite rate is $20 per day added to the Private Room rate. A second adult guest is charged at the Shared rate.

3-Day Minimum is required.

Samahita has been awarded some of the highest accolades in the teaching and practice of yoga in the world since 2003. We share that learning with you in both dynamic and restorative yoga asana classes that include the breath and mind work of a full yoga practice. Discover, learn more, or deepen your yoga practice with an aim to practice, understand, and take home a set of yoga techniques for you.

Get in touch with your deep core muscles – to support your back, pelvis and spine. We offer group classes that cover key functional fitness principles in a high intensity training format. Core strength is essential for health, a yoga practice, and a happy life. Enjoy fun, dynamic exercises which integrate foundational body-based core exercises with top of the range functional equipment including TRX, Bosu, UGI, Sliders, Kettle Bells, Grids, Toners, Flexbands, Resistance bands and Redondo Balls.

Indoor cycling (aka spinning) with a direct view of the beach is a fun, mega cardio, fat burning, sweat pumping, fitness building workout. You don’t need experience, just your desire to ride. Fortunately you adjust the resistance and manage your intensity.Our dedicated cycle studio looks onto the beach and is stocked with Schwinn’s latest Carbon Blue cycle technology in bikes. In the morning we offer a silent-sunrise-cycle while in the afternoon it’s a music infused upbeat ride.

Meditation & Breathwork
We offer you guided daily meditation and breath classes as part of the YogaCoreCycle program. Integral to your overall health is inner peace, mental calm, better focus, and improved awareness.

Make it your own program

  • Choose your dates
  • Pick your room type
  • Consider one-on-one sessions
  • Be flexible with the daily schedule
  • Do more or less of the yoga classes
  • With Dynamic group classes in the morning
  • And Restorative with breath in the afternoon
  • Do all or some of the core and cycle workouts
  • Join morning meditation and breathwork
  • With an option to participate in evening meditation
  • Relax, read, enjoy the beach

Total Self-Care

brochure total self care
Samahita’s Total Self-Care Program has been developed to help you make the most of your stay and relieve stress. Arrive with a whole plan of therapies and treatments pre-booked and at a bundled value package price. You get the stress-free benefit of the whole selection of yoga, breath, meditation, and fitness classes every day, all the great food, and a selection of massages, facials, scrubs and skin treatments.

  • Prime Season: January – March
  • Discounted Season: April – December
Private Room Semi-Private Room Shared Two Bedroom Loft
Season Prime Discounted Prime Discounted Prime Discounted
3-day* $774 $714 $714 $654 $654 $594
5-day $1,260 $1,160 $1,160 $1,060 $1,060 $960
7-day $1,722 $1,582 $1,582 $1,442 $1,442 $1,302
10-day $2,440 $2,240 $2,240 $2,040 $2,040 $1,840

The One-Bedroom Suite rate is $20 per day added to the Private Room rate. A second adult guest is charged at the Shared rate.

  • 3-Day Minimum

Brain Health Upgrade

Brochure-BHUSamahita’s Brain Health Upgrade program is to help you care for and improve the state of your brain and how it works through organic ancient practices from yoga and meditation as well modern technology and biohacks. A combination of mitochondrial enhancement through light therapy, brainwave modulation through Audio-Visual Entrainment, EEG biofeedback meditation, and all the yoga, workouts, breathwork, nutrition, meditation, nature and more that is part of your Samahita stay.

  • Prime Season: January – March
  • Discounted Season: April – December
Private Room Semi-Private Room Shared Two Bedroom Loft
Season Prime Discounted Prime Discounted Prime Discounted
3-day* $960 $900 $900 $840 $840 $780
5-day $1,540 $1,440 $1,440 $1,340 $1,340 $1,240
7-day $2,002 $1,862 $1,862 $1,722 $1,722 $1,582
10-day $2,820 $2,620 $2,620 $2,420 $2,420 $2,220

The One-Bedroom Suite rate is $20 per day added to the Private Room rate. A second adult guest is charged at the Shared rate.

  • 3-Day Minimum


brochure therapiesAt Samahita, our Total Self-Care Therapies are designed to induce full relaxation and revitalization, nurturing the whole body. We have selected therapies to help optimize physical, emotional and mental health. Our range of therapies is designed to address the special needs of your skin, muscles, joints, deep tissue, and optimal functioning of your cellular health. It is worth the time to indulge and take care of yourself. We invite you to choose from the following massages, facials, scrubs and skin treatments:

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage for Upper Body
  • Deep Tissue Massage for Lower Body
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Sabai Massage
  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Foot Reflexology Massage
  • Herbal Facial Treatment
  • Galvanic Facial
  • Detoxifying Body Scrub and Wrap
  • Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Beachfront Facilities

brochure beachfront facilitiesSamahita Retreat opens to a beautiful, non-touristy beach. The tide moves with the moon on a daily and monthly basis, revealing a wider open beach or deeper swimming waters, highest at the end of the year and lowest in the middle. Your experience here is spread across places of practice and activity, relaxing and dining personal private space or enjoying the company of others in community group spots. We have 4 dedicated yoga shala practice spaces, an indoor cycle studio facing the beach, a sea view fitness loft, beachfront lounge and dining, a full juice and coffee bar as well as multiple filtered drinking water stations, a sustainable recycle center, an herbal steam room looking to the beach, a meditation garden, and the typical amenities across our reception, shop and wellness center. All with complimentary wifi access across the property.

Our centerpiece practice space, designed and built specifically for group and self-practice yoga sessions but also host to meditation sittings, trance dance parties, learning discussions, and video and slide presentations. It can operate as one whole 150 square meter space or be divided into two or three smaller spaces. It carries a special energy from years of dedicated practice on beautifully sustainable bamboo floors, with large open windows keeping it light and airy, opening at one end to the meditation garden and at the other to the pool garden overlooking the beach. It is fully equipped with all types of yoga props as well as inversion swings, TRXs and rope harnesses.

Many of the daily yoga, meditation, breathwork, and core classes happen here, with over 60 square meters of practice space and the sounds of the ocean from just steps away.

Samahita’s purpose-built, soundproofed, air-conditioned indoor cycle studio is equipped with 21 Schwinn Carbon Blue top-of-the-range bikes and a mega sound system. Best is the view – right to the beach. For the sunrise-silent-cycle, we open up the doors so the morning breeze flows in.

This loft space functions as open air or closed off from the elements. It has a view of the beach, large mirror on the back wall, dance bars around its perimeter, hard flooring and solid steel structural beams, perfect for all types of fitness, dance, inversion swing, and yoga classes.

At the beach, next to the pool, exists an extra space for either small sized yoga classes in the morning or private lounging and dining through the rest of the day. A perfect beachside yet shaded personal read or workspace.

We offer a full buffet experience from breakfast to lunch and over dinner, with a combination of a Healthy Lite section as well as the myriad of other dishes. The dining area opens to the pool and looks on to the beach, bright and airy, for small or large groups to sit.

Another part of your reason to be here is to chill. This lounge is the perfect spot to do nothing, sit and read, or lay back and listen to music. The ideal space to relax and hang with your partner or take time alone. Its open-air quality lets you enjoy the sea breeze, feel the tropics, with a view of the beach.

Fresh juices, both veggie and fruit or a combo, fresh young coconuts, gelato and homemade sweet treats add up to enjoying life while feeling good and healthy. So does coffee, when done right. We source organic Hill-tribe Coffee from North Thailand. We offer it in the usual forms but also Bulletproof options. We make and bake everything offered here, all with the best and healthiest ingredients, especially when it comes to oils and sugar.

Water is essential to life. As a retreat center focused on a conscious and conscientious lifestyle, we eschew the sale of plastic bottles and believe in offering our guests the best quality filtered water as part of your experience here. All at no charge. Fill up and hydrate.

Samahita Retreat embodies the quality of a home more so than a commercial resort. We believe in what we do and why emphasizing not just a personal healthy approach but one that cares for the planet. We do our best to compost any leftover food and recycle any other forms of trash, even ones we find washed up on the beach. Join us in clearing your own plate and embracing the green.

Our saltwater swimming pool is a stone’s throw from the beach and fully equipped with sun loungers and shaded areas. There’s an additional shallow pool for the kids or grown-ups that just want to sit immersed in the water before jumping back into the steam room or taking part in other activities.

Our herbal steam room uses a blend of Thai herbs (Samonpi) to add the therapeutic effect of steaming. It is on every evening, after the sunset, but can also be requested for use during the daytime. Next, to the pool, its two round windows look out to sea. Enjoy your steaming session with dips in either the pool or the sea. This is a great place to spend time as you detox and participate in our Total Self-care Programs.

Next to our main yoga shala rises an impressive Bodhi Tree, similar that which the Buddha sat under for enlightenment. It is a perfect secluded space for quiet contemplation or personal meditation sessions. We also have a traditional Vedic Fire (yajna) Shala for certain mantra chanting rituals. Here, on many occasions, we conduct a fire ceremony, a practice which ignites an extremely positive charge into the earth and surrounding vibration.

We have carefully chosen the items we sell in our shop to fit a sustainable and conscientious approach. Local independent suppliers work together with us to produce original high-quality products.

The sense of arrival and most likely the first spot you will visit and continue to walk through many times over your stay. Our friendly and knowledgeable front office team are here to help with any local logistic inquiries or anything to do with your stay. It’s also a good zone to hang in.

You’ll visit our non-touristy beach as you stay at the Samahita Retreat. The tide moves with the moon on a daily and monthly basis, revealing a wider open beach or deeper swimming waters, highest at the end of the year and lowest in the middle. The beach covers a long stretch of about 4 kilometers spanning spectacular sunrises each morning to incredibly colorful sunsets in the opposite direction. A walk west leads you to the Golden Pagoda, one of Samui’s oldest and treasured Buddhist shrines.

Guest Rooms

Samahita was purpose-built to function as a retreat center dedicated to your vitality, well-being and relaxation. Our variety of private and shared room options reflect that. The rooms are set back from the main beachfront facilities perfect for quiet contemplation and relaxation. Our eco-friendly buildings make use of cross-ventilation, natural lighting, rainwater harvesting, and offer both mosquito screens and fans and air conditioning. We have rooms for the single traveler, couples or friends, as well as loft-style guest rooms that is ideal for families or two people sharing. Regardless of which room you stay in, the beach, pool and practice spaces are seconds away.

Suitable for singles or couples (Max capacity: 2 adults, 1 child)

  • 35 sqm plus a private balcony and ensuite private bathroom

Suitable for family of four or two people sharing (Max capacity: 2 adults, 2 children – across 2 semi-private rooms)

  • 25 sqm plus a private balcony
  • shared bathroom with separate access from adjacent semi-private room

Suitable for two people sharing or family of four (max capacity 2 adults, 2 children)

  • 50 sqm plus a private balcony with table and chairs
  • two bedrooms between split level loft
  • private bathroom for shared occupants

Default booking arrangement for share rooms is for same-gender room assignment unless guests are friends and request otherwise


Suitable for singles, couples, two people sharing or family of four
Only two available (Max capacity 2 adults, 2 children)

  • 55 sqm plus a large private balcony and ensuite private bathroom

The rate for the suite is calculated at $20 additional to the Private Room rate for the first person. The second adult is charged the shared rate of the program booked in on


Your stay at Samahita, on any program or package, includes a complete offering of food across our buffets. The timing of food on the buffet is designed to support your practice and activity level. Equally, how the food is made and what is in it are vital to your reenergizing of life and how your body gets cleaner, lighter and stronger. Hidden ingredients like oils, salt and sugar, along with bad food combinations, are often the main culprits behind low energy, weight gain, poor digestion, disturbed sleep, and a variety of other maladies. We have a team of over 10 Thai cooks and a talented head chef. They make all our food here with care and love. We hire a large team to ensure everything is homemade and fresh. Complimentary morning coffee and tea are out by 6:45am. Buffet items are available from 8:15 am until 1pm and again in the evening from 6-8pm. We try to cater for a wide variety of diets, displaying all possible allergens, give raw and vegan options while also catering for those who like to eat fish and dairy. We make fresh juice daily in our own kitchen for the brunch buffet and offer homemade soy milk, coconut milk, cow milk, brown rice milk, and a homemade electrolyte drink. Fully available for both your taste buds and your cells when you stay at Samahita.

We offer a full complimentary buffet to you during your stay at Samahita

  • A full breakfast buffet with homemade bread, muesli and granola
  • Fresh fruits from Thailand
  • Homemade selection of nut butter and jams
  • Fresh and organic salads, sprouts and seeds
  • Homemade healthy salad dressings
  • Raw dishes, salads and pastes
  • Fermented probiotic rich veggies
  • Vegan milks, dairy milk, and homemade electrolytes
  • Freshly made juices and Thai herbal tea mixtures
  • Black tea and brewed Hill-tribe Coffee
  • Freshly made egg options of your choice
  • Delicious variety of lunch items, Thai and international
  • Tasty and enjoyable variety of dinner items
  • Vegan, vegetarian and fish options

Available to order directly at the bar

  • Organic hilltribe Thai coffee barista style
  • Bulletproof (Keto) coffee
  • Mocha, matcha and vegan bulletproof coffees
  • Tea, chai, and matcha green tea
  • Fresh squeezed juice combinations
  • Wheatgrass and Gotu Kola Shots
  • Freshly made smoothies
  • Probiotic drinks
  • Whey protein, vegan protein, MCT oil, cacao
  • Homemade chocolate treats
  • Homemade energy balls and granola bars
  • Gelato homemade Italian-style ice cream
  • Take-away homemade spreads and treats
  • A LA CARTE food menu