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Earth Ode: for Earth Day 2020

By Anthea Grimason

April 22 is Earth Day, with this year marking its 50th anniversary. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable. Join Earth Day Live for 24 hours of hope and optimism with live streamed discussions and actions you can take from wherever you are on And enjoy Anthea’s poem in honour of this important day….

We terrorize your rich soil
Yet we are you
And you are us
Nature is our very soul

We behave as if separate
Living how we choose
With no concept
Of how much there is to lose

Fulfilling every whim
Destructive as we go
Entertainment our focus
Neglecting our home

Home of our bodies
Home of the soil
The clay that forms us
They land that holds us

We are the fire, it’s flames our fears
We are the hurricanes, the rains our tears
We are the earthquakes, the cracks our sadness
We are the cyclones, the wind our madness

Forgive us, Mother Earth
For our unknowing
We are still learning
Like children, still growing

Coming to understand
That it’s us in danger
Of extinction from our actions
The blindness of man

What do we expect
When we treat
This our own home
With such disrespect

You are safe
You will survive
The mother, the lover,
The giver of life

It is us, your children
So naive in our search
For happiness out there
Of which there is no end

But it was always inside
Within your embrace
Within the bodies and souls
We’ve been graced

To realize this
Is the only path
To less destruction
To stopping this madness

Reaching always for more
When we already have it all
We already
Have it all

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