Yoga, The Body & Anatomy

ATT-300 Course 1: Yoga, The Body & Anatomy: Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics & Āsana Intensive

offered next in 2026
Arielle Nash, Gill Breetzke and Daniel Stringer


A course for teachers and interested practitioners focused on developing a greater base in the function of the body and how to relate that in both practice and teaching. Explore functional anatomy and biomechanics relating to the core, spine, shoulder-arms-hands, and the pelvic girdle’s relationship with lower limbs. Plus, build your practice and teaching repertoire through āsana detail and experience in sequencing & teaching of arm balances, deep hip opening, and backbending posture categories.

This course fulfills 100-hours of the Advanced TT 300-hours certification.

Course Detail and Approach:

This course continues to develop āsana study and further details and expands on the anatomy and movement science knowledge covered at the 200-hour level. Anatomy is explored from the perspective of a whole-body movement system that highlights the fascial network and āsana-specific biomechanics.

You will progress your āsana teaching and practice skills through a full dive into the processes behind class sequencing as you more deeply explore an expanded range of postures and their variations.

The course begins with a review of the key āsana concepts and terminological language so students who have graduated from any school’s 200-hour program can continue together based on this deeper understanding.

Anatomy Topics:

The functional anatomy and related physiology are explored through theory using anatomical models, videos, power points, live demonstration, and experiential guided movement practices.

  1. Applicable new research on Fascia in movement
  2. Overview of the Fascia in force transmission and body support
  3. Detailed Anatomy and mechanics of the Shoulder Girdle
  4. The forces acting on the scapula
  5. Anatomy and function of the arms and hands
  6. The deep and superficial arms lines
  7. The “physics” of supporting the body with the hands
  1. The scapula-thoracic relationship
  2. Shoulder loading and injury prevention in yoga practice
  3. External force vs. Internal form of the core and spine
  4. The functional anatomy of the lumbo-pelvic complex
  5. The Pelvic Wheel and spinal mechanics
  6. Forces on the Sacroiliac joint
  7. Anatomical and positional sequencing guidelines for each āsana topic

Āsana in yoga has a definite purpose and psychological end-goal but offers tremendous physical benefits when done with that purpose in mind. This differs to āsana done in a purely physical understanding. Hence, key concepts of āsana define what it means to be a yoga pose (āsana) as opposed to a stretch, contortion, or movement and, as a result, how to derive the benefit of āsana while doing it.

Āsana Practice & Teaching Topics:

Course-01-Teaching-ApproachDetailed āsana clinics bring the anatomy theory into practice and teaching through progressive preparations, alignment principles, safety precautions, cueing, sequencing and hands-on assisting within an Engaged Dynamic Āsana practice. Āsanas in this course will include:

Arm Balances & Inversions

  1. Safely preparing the shoulders and wrists
    Details and variations of Bakasana (crow), Vasisthasana (side plank), Bhujapidasana (arm pressure pose), Astavakrasana, and Tittibhasana (firefly)
  2. Stabilizing with the arms and hands
    Details and variations of pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock) Sirsasana (headstand), and handstands.

Deep Hips & Backbends

  1. Multiaxial hip opening and twists
    Details and variations of Ardhabaddhapadma (half lotus), kurmasana (tortoise), padmasana (lotus), plus multiple progressions in virasana/ Tiriang mukha ekapada paschimottanasana, and marichyasana.
  2. Progressing in backbends
    Details and variations of supta virasana (reclined hero), Ustrasana (camel), and urdhva dhanurasana.

Advanced Exploration

  1. Integrating multiplanar āsana: scorpion, kapotasana, and drop backs in backbending.

With a large repertoire of āsanas, the specific āsana covered each time this course is offered will vary, allowing for ongoing āsana development as these courses continue to run.

A Typical Day:

Morning practice includes meditation and breathwork-to-prānāyāma following the classical method outlined in Psycho-Physical (Hatha-Rāja) Yoga, as taught by Centered Yoga at Samahita. Yoga practice continues with Engaged Dynamic Āsana, alternating between guided class with instruction by the teacher to self-practice, so that the collection of āsanas detailed in the afternoon workshops can be both taught in practice and developed in one’s own time. The afternoon program will be divided between both functional anatomy sessions and āsana explore, teach, and sequence sessions.

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Daily Schedule

The program begins at 5pm on the first day of the training with a group welcome. Check out is by 12pm on your last day. The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher.

5.45 am Beach sunrise silent watch or walk (optional way to start the day)
7.00 – 8.30 am MEDITATION & BREATH: Opening kriyas that lead into sitting Centered meditative internal practices and silence followed by Breath practice and basic Prānāyāma methods.
8.30 – 10.30 am DYNAMIC ĀSANA:
GUIDED EDA: Engaged Dynamic Asana – Guided sequence options
To Build Your
SELF – Teacher Assisted Self-Practice  Integrating previous afternoon’s content
10.30 am – 1.30 pm BRUNCH BUFFET
2.30 – 2:50 pm Snack and refreshment
3.00 – 4.30 pm THEORY LECTURE: Anatomy & Movement Theory Session
4:45 – 6.15 pm PRACTICAL: Asana & Movement Practical and Practice Teaching
6:00 – 8.00 pm Complimentary herbal steam room available – great after class with a swim and a beach walk, just before ……
8.00 pm Your own private time


Arielle Nash

Arielle Nash

Arielle has spent over 20 years studying the human body and it’s response to movement.  She has been an educator in the field for 15 years. She says balancing her life as a yoga studio owner, yoga teacher, teacher trainer, international presenter and mom of twins, has been made possible by the clarity, discipline and stamina gained through 16 years as a dedicated practitioner. Arielle has seen the practice help thousands of students and knows it has the ability to make a positive change in people when practiced consistently and intelligently with self-compassion.

She has been blessed with the opportunity to spend significant time of study over 15 years with senior teachers Richard Freeman, Dr. Paul Dallaghan and Sri OP Tiwari and has made several trips to Mysore, India, to practice with R. Sharath Jois. Because of these influences and her exercise science degree, her teaching is a clear example of East meets West. She highly regards tradition and respects the roots of practice and the true purpose of yoga as a tool of self-understanding. At the same time, she applies latest scientific understandings of human function and what is practical for the modern student of yoga. 

Following her passion for understanding what lies beneath her experience, she is currently undertaking a research Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and Anatomy at the University of Victoria. Having been at the respected E-RYT500 level for over 10 years, and teaching movement professionals for 20, Arielle teaches continuing education courses for yoga teachers, focusing on yoga anatomy, fascial integration, Somatic movement, Prenatal yoga, and adjustment techniques. She has a keen interest in the effect of asana on the nervous system.


Gill Breetzke

Gill was born in South Africa, and has lived abroad in the UK, Ireland and Asia. She began her international teaching career, working in Inner city London schools, supporting children from challenging backgrounds, then on to Dublin and Yangon. Koh Samui is now her home where she combines her love of yoga and music in this unique transformational place. She began her daily practice of yoga in 2004, training with Paul Dallaghan and Richard Freeman, and is Yoga Alliance (500RYT) and 1100 hour Centered Yoga Certified teacher. Samahita has always been a welcoming, transformative space for her and in early 2016 she was grateful to fully embrace this magical place and call it home.


Daniel Stringer

Daniel has been a student of yoga since discovering the practice in his home country England in 2003. In 2006 he completed his first training with Paul Dallaghan and subsequently taught yoga in Hong Kong for 10 years. Initially a guest teacher at Samahita since 2014 and joining Samahita full time in 2018.

A senior teacher based on a long term commitment to training, practice, study, and teaching, rising to the most advanced level over the years at Samahita. A core member of the Centered Yoga team, having spent time to learn the practices within the tradition, update with modern and scientific understanding, and deliver a lived approach in an experienced and informative way.

After years of study, practice and training in India and Thailand and being immersed in the depth of material delivered through Centered Yoga, Daniel has been a long serving senior teacher with Centered Yoga teaching team, responsible for fundamental teaching on the foundational 200-hour courses and delivering this specialty through specific modules of the ATT-300 courses.

After experience teaching thousands of different individuals while in the role of Senior Teacher at Samahita Retreat, and as a teacher in numerous Hong Kong studios, this pragmatic aspect is translated into teaching skills as part of the different Teacher Training courses offered as part of the Centered Yoga Teaching Team.

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