An Established Global Leader in Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand since 1999

Centered Yoga, founded in 1999, is one of the consistently longest running and experienced leaders in the field of yoga education and yoga teacher training worldwide at 200 hours, 300 hours, and up to and beyond 1100 hour levels.

We continue to offer all-inclusive intensive yoga residential courses in Thailand across all interest levels:

  • for professional yoga teachers
  • those aspiring to become yoga teachers
  • other health, wellness and fitness professionals
  • sincere students seeking to delve deeper into their practice and understanding of the contemplative yoga path

Practice Focus Surrender

200 Hours Program

Yoga Teacher Training

Centered Yoga’s well-established Education in Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training certification has been offered every year since 1999 with graduates worldwide. It is where the depth of practice and tradition meets modern understanding and scientific knowledge, plus a good dose of fun, music, chanting, caring & sharing, saving the planet, looking within. You’ll experience how to enjoy a life while thinking of others, open the heart, sharpen the mind, and free the spirit. It takes place in a one-month residential setting at Samahita’s private beach location where you can also experience all aspects of a health, fitness and yoga retreat.

300, 500, 1100 Hours Programs

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Centered Yoga is uniquely experienced in advanced training, continually offering value courses since 2004 in pranayama, anatomy and physiology, philosophy, science, and asana plus vinyasa. The 300-hour yoga teacher training certification is divided into two-week, 100-hour modules, allowing you to complete your training as it fits into your schedule. Delve deeper into your practice, progress further as a teacher, and develop and enhance your inner meditative connection and personal sense of wellbeing. All two-week modules take place at our residential setting at Samahita’s private beach location where you can also experience all aspects of a health, fitness and yoga retreat.

Upcoming Training Schedule

Yoga Teacher Training
Led by Paul Dallaghan & Centered Yoga team with Arielle Nash
August 3 - 31, 2019
(Early bird $400 savings end June 4 – apply by May 28)
Yoga Teacher Training
Led by Arielle Nash & Centered Yoga team with Paul Dallaghan
November 9 - December 7, 2019
(Early bird $400 savings end September 10 – apply by September 3)
Yoga Teacher Training
Led by Arielle Nash & Centered Yoga team with Paul Dallaghan
May 9 – June 6, 2020
(Early bird $400 savings end March 10 – apply by March 3)
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Thinking of Yoga Training? Go Deeper in Practice and Maybe Teach

Centered Yoga Institute

About Our Training School

Established in New York City in 1999
Home base in Thailand since 2002
A pioneer in the field of yoga training

Why Study at Centered Yoga?

Experience – Longevity – Quality

Long-running, consistent, and highly experienced in yoga practice, science and philosophy
More than 55 yoga teacher training 200-hour certification courses and counting
Over 1400 graduates worldwide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Think clearly and carefully before committing such time and money to any yoga teacher training course. Ask all the questions and do your research. This whole site is for that. Read specific questions and answers here relating to yoga teacher training.

Wonderful and intense course. Paul is the most professional teacher I have ever experienced. Funny, thinks on his feet — is able to give great and spontaneous advice on questions. Elonne is calming, very competent, very compassionate, great organizational skills, very reliable. Arielle is straight-forward, very warm and loving charisma, has the ability to make anatomy exciting.


My expectations were exceeded on all levels: standard and quality of teachers, content of the course and practical implementation of the knowledge gained.


The level of excellence from all four teachers was outstanding. I was touched by the compassion and patience of each teacher. Their own personal delivery of the different lectures. Their understanding of each student’s issues, be it big or small. Their professionalism throughout the entire month was outstanding. I felt that I have experienced Yoga. An Authentic Teacher Training.



Our yoga teacher training team, led by Paul Dallaghan, has studied and practiced to the highest level worldwide, from years in India and Thailand in yoga practice to US-based academic research and scholarly work at the doctoral level. We continue to study, practice and learn so we can offer the best in teaching to you.

Yoga Teacher Apprentice Program

If you aspire to teach yoga and want to further your education and get more hands-on experience then you may be eligible for one of the few spots to apprentice that follow a 200-hour Education in Yoga teacher training program.

Apply Now

Complete the application form. Its questions are designed to help you think more about doing a yoga teacher training and studying here. We’ll review applications within 48 hours and inform you of space availability.

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International Workshop Schedule
with Paul Dallaghan

Paul is the founder and director of Centered Yoga and Samahita. In addition to teaching here in Thailand, he also leads some workshops at different locations worldwide.

From The Samahita Blog

Educational Resources and Learning

You can learn more by reading, looking and watching from our catalog of articles, photo+blogposts and video posts

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More than 55 yoga teacher training 200-hour certification courses and counting
Over 1400 graduates worldwide

A database of many of the past graduates who are also teaching

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Ambassador’s Program

You have completed your 200-hour yoga teacher training and are keen for more study. As an ambassador, you can earn credit towards a further study on Centered Yoga and Samahita programs, including the advanced yoga teacher training courses.

Add-On a Detox Program

Enhance your stay by detoxing during your training for a full health make-over

Add-On a Wellness Program

Take more time for yourself while on training and increase your well-being

Need to Arrive Earlier or Stay Longer?

Samahita Retreat has a full program of classes every day, all year. You can stay longer than your Yoga Teacher Training Program dates and enjoy a full suite of yoga, breath, meditation, and fitness classes with our fully inclusive YogaCoreCycle daily program and experienced team of teachers.

Know your dates – Fill out application form – Complete Booking

Apply Now

As part of your thinking process and research, you can complete the application form. Its questions are designed to help you think more about doing a training and studying here. We review them within 48 hours and inform you of a space or not.


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