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Back to the Source: The Power of Connection – Sunrise Meditation

By Gill Breetzke

The moments before dawn are my golden time. In that space before the sun rises, in the stillness, I can feel the earth taking a deep sigh as the day magically begins to unfold. Sitting in nature, feeling the nourishing sensation of my breath brings me immediately back to my source.

Video by Daniel Stringer

I recently stepped away to a small, simple center on the East coast of Bali in the foothills of the powerful Mount Agung I was, again, blown away by the power of the retreat experience. It inspired me to ensure that this peaceful state permeates my being in day to day life.

Here, having the space to feel fully connected, much of the time spent either in silence or being guided though yoga, embodied movement and bodywork practices.
Devoid of devices and surrounded by the lush vegetation, the powerful ocean and sounds of nature, I found myself drawn naturally to my source. That small clear voice within my being, and left feeling deeply nourished.

“The spiritual life is about becoming more at home in your own skin” Parker Palmer (Spiritual Author, Educator and Activist)

As Palmer suggests, the aim of all spiritual paths, no matter their origin or the rigors of their practice, is to help us live more fully in the lives we are given. Removing that which grows between our hearts and the day.

Try this Centering practice to connect to your source:

  • Find a quiet space in nature.
  • Allow yourself to settle into your seat.
  • Center yourself, feel connected to the earth beneath you.
  • Sense the environment around you.
  • Take time to slowly connect to the natural flow of your breath.
  • Sense that still clear pool at the center on your being and continue to follow your breath.
  • From this place of stillness, ask yourself the question:
    What brings me back to my source?
    And make a promise to yourself to do more of this. To keep the connection.

    That essence, our source, is personal, only you can connect and find it. By putting aside distractions you can discover the still, clear pool within. Trust me, it’s worth the effort!

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