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Core Strength Workout Tips

By Sopanat Diawpradit

Exercise 1: Bosu Squat Jump into Plank and Push up

1. Start standing behind the Bosu placing the feet parallel about shoulder width apart then inhale squat down and exhale jump onto the Bosu landing softly in a squat with an inhale…

2. Exhale Jump off the Bosu landing softly on the floor…

3. Inhale bend forwards placing your hands on the floor and exhale walk the hands into plank then inhale lower yourself down and exhale push up…

4. Inhale Walk the hands back to your feet…

5. Exhale stand up and jump around facing the Bosu then… 6. Repeat on the opposite side.

Recommended: 10 – 16 times each side
Muscle group: hamstrings, core, shoulders, deltoids, and chest.

Exercise 2: TRX Push Up

1. Grab the handles and lean forwards into plank, lift the heels, with straight arms roll your knuckles forwards in line with your arm.

2. Inhale deeply and bend your elbows 90 degrees, lean forwards into an inclined push-up

3. Exhale push back up to starting position.

4. Repeat.

Recommended: 12 – 18 repetitions
What this trains: shoulders, back, chest, deltoids and core

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