May 2008

Media Reviews – Asia Spa

Top Yoga Gurus in Southeast Asia

By Louise Renwick

Paul, owner of Samahita Retreat, has been teaching courses and yoga trainings constantly since he arrived on Koh Samui in 2001 when only a small number of yoga studios existed there. He believes strongly that yoga’s spread can not be attributed directly to the influence of people, but will spread organically through the effect of yoga itself.

Dismissing the influential importance of a single person in the yoga community he believes “yoga only survives by those who ultimately dedicate their lime and resources to learning it, practicing it, understanding it and eventually passing it on.” Paul’s Ashlanga classes are informative and humorous, highly experienced and rooted in it’s authentic traditions; he aims to help students learn while at the same time ensuring they feel comfortable andc ared for. Students’ ongoing practice has been inspired by his simple and sincere instructions and the kind, open nature of his healing teaching.,