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Samahita International Team :

Jutima Chombhubutr

Jutima Chombhubutr

Co-founder & VP

Jutima continues to build the Samahita brand while living in America and travels to Thailand regularly. She spent 10 years living on Koh Samui building Samahita from the ground up since 2003. Being a native Thai but American educated brings an insight into creating the uniqueness that Samahita has to offer. Her role in brand, creative development and social media marketing helps carries the Samahita messaging across all channels. She enjoys working and supporting with her international and Thailand based team.

Anthea Grimason

Director of Marketing & Sales

Anthea was born in Dublin, Ireland, but has always had the traveling gene. Having lived on four continents, she is currently based in San Francisco, California, with regular visits back to Thailand. She is the Marketing & Sales Director at Samahita Retreat having previously worked onsite for two years as a resident teacher and supporting group business. She is a 1100 hour Centered Yoga Certified teacher and continues to teach yoga and practice health coaching with a focus on Ayurveda.

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Samahita Retreat Thailand Management Team :

Johanna Lundstrom

General Manager

As General Manager Johanna has the great pleasure of serving guests and staff alike here at Samahita. Committed to savor the beauty of life, Johanna thrives on inspiring others to follow their heart and shine brightly; to unlock each individual’s greatest potential. She believes when the individual change so does the world because the world is made of individuals.

Johanna has her roots in the very north of Sweden. Her curiosity for life soon took her on adventures far beyond the Swedish borders. Since the age of 19, she has been living, studying and working around the world. She has a BS in International Hospitality Management, and in her corporate career, she has had the opportunity to grow and develop some of the large international hotel brands around the world. Johanna is a student of yoga since 2009. She was fortunate to find Samahita very early in her practice and visited for the first time in 2010. Samahita soon became like a second home to her. In addition to her role as General Manager, Johanna is a yoga teacher, life coach and craniosacral practitioner. She passionately shares her practices and experiences in private sessions here at Samahita. Her authentic approach to life and her passion for personal development is deeply reflected in her practice and teachings with 1000+ hours of certified training.

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