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Bio-tuning your Life

By Gill Breetzke

“The Yogi, whose mind is in harmony,

finds rest in the spirit within and deep communion with the whole universe.

  Free from restlessness her soul is like a lamp

whose flame burns steady

in a shelter where no winds blow.”

Bhagavad Gita VI: 16 -21

I recently shared with friends the spiritual and life practices that enhance my and their lives. This conversation sparked from the term, Biohacking, a techie term used to describe the practices of Biohackers (such as Dave Asprey): “somebody who uses science and technology to make his or her body function better and more efficiently.” – Merriam Webster Dictionary.

It brought up the question: is there a term that describes what we do, using these subtle, spiritual and life practices to make our body and mind function more efficiently?

Are we Biotuning our lives? 

Similar to the way a musician tunes their instrument these practices fine-tune our beings.  They enable us to look in, finding a deeper sense of harmony and connection.

This conversation has stayed with me and has felt especially pertinent moving into the newness of 2019.

As Paul Dallaghan often says, “Life is Tricky“.

Any assistance on the way is gladly received but with the multitude of “stuff” out there where does one start?

The answer can be simple, employ the mind of a child, inquisitive and ready to learn. Start exploring and enjoy the experience.

Practices to Tune your Life: 

1. Have a Practice:

Do we all have the same practice? Most certainly not.

Does that practice evolve through our lives? It will need to.

However, the key points are the same.

This practice should:

Be consistent (daily though the duration may vary – even 5 minutes is a start)

Be genuine/authentic (it should allow you to connect)

Be sincere (feel it)

2. Check In:

It is so easy to sail through life without a clear plan yet there is real value in checking in.

Dedicate time daily in contemplation and take time monthly maybe around the start of a month or the full moon to reflect.  This will help you to center and will guide the life choices you make.

3. Find those Things that Make your Heart Sing:

Our friend Sarah Pierroz spoke about the transformational quality of embracing creativity in her blog “The Power of Creativity: Say Yes Before You are Ready and Do”.

Find your muse, discover the joy that comes from creativity and self-expression: cook, garden, draw, write, dance, sculpt, sing, chant…the list is endless, play your own tune!

4. Connect with your Tribe:

Find a group of people or a person who is there to listen, share a cup of chai. Support each other, laugh together, share your heart. Feeling connected to others helps us to feel connected to ourselves. We all need a community, find yours.

5. Eat Consciously:

Shri O.P. Tiwari often refers to a statement in the Hatha Pradipika (ch.1, v58) suggesting that food should support you, should be nutritious and tasty and you should like it! One-fourth of the stomach should remain empty to aid digestion and food should be eaten with respect. In addition, try to know where your food comes from, prepare it with love and eat seasonal, local produce where you can.

6. Move your Body:

This is a fact, the minute you stop moving the systems in your body slow down. Regular movement ensures the healthy functioning of all the systems of the body.  Alongside your chosen exercise routines walk 10,000 steps a day or take 3 brisk 10 minute walks, there are many views here but the bottom line is move and if you have the option to take these steps out in nature do!

7. Stimulate your Mind:

We are blessed to be in an age where information is plentiful and accessible.

Read, listen to Podcasts, complete online courses: embrace these opportunities and keep learning!

Alongside my regular practices these are some programs and resources that are currently tuning my life:

The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo ( daily insights )

LifeBook (

Oura Ring: Sleep and Activity Tracker.

The Happy Pear: Great recipes and life philosophy

What is Biotuning your life?

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