Wellness Team

With decades of experience, our Wellness Team is pleased to serve our guests offering a blissful experience as our guests relax, de-stress and focus on expanding their quality of life at the Samahita Retreat.

Fon and Fong

Guest Support Team

The go-to team for all things Detox and Wellness related. They work with you on coordinating with the right therapies & treatments for your needs and coordinating any private sessions with any of our teaching team or visiting practitioners.

Pen, Si, Jeab, NIna, Noon and Jeabzy

Therapists Team

Our therapist team has many years of experience in bodywork across different modalities. They have a dedication and love for their craft and this comes across in how they treat you. Each one is skilled and well trained and has been part of the team at Samahita for many years. Though some guests may end up finding a favorite, in reality, all deliver equally well so you can’t go wrong. You can ask our Wellness reception team more about each therapist’s specialties to help you decide who to book.

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