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Advanced Teacher Training
Arielle Nash, Gill Breetzke and Daniel Stringer
July 23 - August 5, 2023
Advanced Teacher Training
Dr. Paul Dallaghan
August 6 - 19, 2023

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

How We Work

100-hour Modules
300-500-1100-hour Certification Levels

tt 300hrs intro education

Centered Yoga is uniquely experienced in advanced training, continually offering value courses since 2004 in pranayama, anatomy and physiology, philosophy, science in yoga, and asana plus vinyasa. The 300-hour course is divided into two-week, 100-hour modules, that focus on a specific area of study related to the yoga practices. Each 100-hour module that counts as on-going education in advanced teaching and the Yoga Alliance and Centered Yoga programs.

Though the courses have practical value (i.e., increasing one’s teaching qualification), their real purpose is to bring the student deeper in their understanding of yoga through direct personal experience and practical knowledge. As such, these programs are open to all interested and sincere students, whether they are teaching or not.

The morning asana practice is included in all courses. Pranayama will be introduced to new students while returning students will continue to build on their personal practice. The point is to focus on practices and deliver new knowledge in anatomy and physiology, philosophy, and other related areas.

All Advanced Yoga Teacher Training modules are fully inclusive of the training program, both practical sessions and lectures, as well as the full facilities of Samahita Retreat, accommodation of your choice, and all buffet meals and drinks. We provide a setting to support your body and mind at the optimal level so the time invested in your training is most beneficial.


These courses are open to all sincere students. Those who are not concerned about receiving teacher credit hours may simply book through our reservations system.

If, however, you are already a teacher with an RYT Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification (from Centered Yoga or another registered training center) and you would like to raise your qualification to the next level (RYT-500) then please take note:

  • Our continuing education advanced training is available in modules
  • These modules are residential and take place over a period of either one or two weeks at Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand
  • Successfully completed, each module earns course credit of either 50 or 100 hours
  • These hours accumulate to make up the required 300 hours needed for RYT-500 level
  • This means: 200 Hour Foundation + 300 Hours of Advanced Modules = 500 hours – Now you are ready to apply for RYT-500. (Yoga Alliance will also request 100 hours of teaching experience)
  • All 300 hours must be completed at one registered yoga school
  • In addition to your 200 hour foundation Yoga Teacher Training, 300 hours continuing education training modules are required to apply for the RYT-500 designation
  • Students who have received 200 hour certification from another school will need to state this in the application form and send us a copy of their Yoga Alliance certificate
  • One of these modules must be advanced anatomy, one must be pranayama. The third module can be in philosophy, pranayama, or advanced Asana
  • Student must successfully complete all three of these modules, which means attending all sessions, continuing to practice, and participating in any teaching/assisting sessions
  • Student can complete more than three modules and continue to rise toward the Centered Yoga 1100-hour level Distinguished Advanced-Level Teacher
  • For both Yoga Alliance and Centered Yoga, the necessary modules for the 300-hour level need to be completed within a three-year period from the date of taking the first advanced module

Centered Yoga 1100-Hour Level

Distinguished Advanced-Level Teacher

In order to encourage continued growth and development over time, with increased understanding of practices and their techniques and excellence in teaching, time, study, and dedication are the formula. To reach the 1100-hour level can take at least five, seven, or more years to complete. Typically, each Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is two weeks long and qualifies for 100 hours. Upon completion of the required courses, you will become recognized as a Distinguished Advanced-Level Teacher, a qualification that reflects many years of dedicated practice and study.

There are no shortcuts on this path! But we can enjoy the process.

Why Continue to Study?

While professional organizations, such as Centered Yoga and Yoga Alliance, require continuing education for teachers, we hope you choose to take these courses out of a sincere and genuine interest in learning rather than obligation or necessity. If you put your growth and development first, everything else follows easily and automatically, even any requirements you may need for certification.

The yoga path is continuous. To grow in your practice, some focused time in the study under proper guidance is essential. The Advanced Yoga Teacher Training courses serve as part of this continuing education by covering specific subject matter in depth, furthering practice, and offering the opportunity for you to spend time in direct contact with your teacher(s).

We are always students, whether teaching or not. A teacher must engage in ongoing study, as well as cultivate growth in his or her daily practice. Personal retreats, away from your daily routines, are also helpful because the practice and teachings take time to really sink in and have their impact.

The deeper we grow ourselves, the better a service we can offer our students. But we’re also on a path inward in our own growth. For me, as a student, and then as a teacher, I have always put the time in study and growth first. Every year, I take time to study, be inspired and grow. Studying keeps alive that lifeline to the teachings, so they can penetrate me deeper. This way I stay fresh; I stay open.

Even if you do not teach, time to go further in a focused way is the key to growth. With this in mind, we offer a variety of on-going courses in an ideal setting. Immersing yourself in an environment charged with the energy and enthusiasm of others, and being exposed to the full-on guidance of the teachers, will reveal a clear path to your personal development and transformation.

I have watched this myself as I have embraced the path over the years. These courses and the special environment we try to cultivate are a deliberate attempt to duplicate that experience and to encourage others to keep growing and teaching better.

Paul Dallaghan
Founder and Director

Great quality in terms of teachers and environment. The course content was diverse and relevant. The overall experience was challenging, yet enjoyable.

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