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What’s New at Samahita – Brain Health Upgrade

By Samahita Team
AVE-Brain Health

A healthy brain is a sharp mental function and graceful ageing with an ever-clear mind. You do so much to take care of your body, which does help your brain, but now target the brain itself. We have developed a program that focuses directly on the energy performance, electrical waves and feedback of your brain to help target it. A better brain means a nicer, happier and healthier life. Join us on your next visit and book in our Brain Health Upgrade program.

I was recently posed some questions on how and why I got into yoga and eventually started Samahita. It has become an interview online and so we reproduce the questions here. In essence, yoga practice has helped me refine my breath, my body, and subsequently how the mind works based on how healthy and balanced my brain is. Your brain needs 20% of your body’s energy needs yet only makes up 2% in weight and volume. It is a powerhouse. In recent studies by AARP 93% of people report how important it is to improve or maintain brain health. Though your body ages and goes through a certain degree of decline your brain need not follow the same order. Or you may have banged your head in the past and not even know how that affects your mental processing, decision making, mood management and thus bodily well-being. The AARP suggest 5 ways to support brain health which are already part of Samahita’s daily approach: keeping fit, learning more, managing stress, eating right, and being social. We, however, add another level, to directly focus on the function and performance of the brain itself through direct hacks in our Brain Health Upgrade program to include light therapy, brain wave modulation, and brain biofeedback meditation. I do this personally everyday along with the incredible organic ancient practices of yoga. But we live in a modern world and have a better understanding of how things work now. So an upgrade to your brain may make it perform better but for sure it is essential to keep your brain healthy and performing well day-by-day, year-by-year. Such an approach can help work on healing past trauma and insult to the brain, improve the current performance of your brain, help you to sleep better, and ground or deepen your approach to meditation. We are committed to enhancing the quality of your life. Please join us.

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