An Ode to the Breath

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An Ode to the Breath

By Nabs Hadi

An Ode to the Breath
by Nabs Hadi

Energy reveals itself as life. From the humble insects to the greatest tree, to the tallest mountain on one side of the world to the smallest tree on the other side of the world. It emanates our rainforest, our oceans and every last inch of our world. And that same energy exists within ourselves, we share this energy, and so it is we are ALL ONE.

Breath is a tangible force and an aspect of that energy. In order to know the simplicity and the gentleness of such a miracle of nature, sit with the quiet and know that the same power that animate the soul of man, and the soul of all life within this world, that same power animates the breath that you take in and out. It is that same power will flow through all life, it is the power of the universe which will unite you with your inner most self. The energy flows within you, it flows in upon your breath and out upon your breath for the breath that you take inward as you enter this world will be the breath as you take outward as you leave this world.

You are within yourself, go within and float upon the current of your breath for the breath is the power of nature animating itself through your very being. One must flow upon the breath and in doing so the power shall flow through you freely. Blend with yourself in harmony with your breath, with the power and your soul. Lose yourself within the power, lose yourself within the breath and lose yourself within yourself so that you can truly find yourself. Learn to see your connection with nature and learn to see how they move in harmony, learn to see how that may therefore move the power, the spirit and the soul that you are to bring about the glorious communion with the highest. Learn to find the power within in every breath you take, learn to blend with yourself and allow the great spirit to blend with you in the process and as the power fills you, you shall overflow.

The greatest gift is the energy being shared among all beings within the entire cosmos. In every inch of this universe there lies the same energy. Impossible to touch, impossible to see but recognized by the greatest receptor. There is only one instrument that will recognize it and that great instrument is known as THE HEART. Our heart is the greatest receptor of that energy, which exists within the entire cosmos of all things, that exists small or large.

Energy flows and where energy flows our attention must go. Focus on that which brings LOVE to our world and this way we can change our world making it a far greater place to live in.

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