100 Hours Certification Course

Somatic Movement and Fascial Integration in Teaching and Adjustments

With Arielle Nash-Degagne
June 17 – 30, 2018

Practical Anatomy & Physiology

Somatic Movement and Fascial Integration in Teaching and Adjustments

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This course continues to dive deeper into understanding movement by exploring subtle biomechanics, fascial sensation and somatics. Hands-on adjusting experience will occur in a live setting. The Ashtanga Primary and Intermediate Series’ will be used as base for asana application along with specific restorative and therapeutic applications. There is no pre-requisite for this course, however students are encouraged to refresh their basic understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy and movement principles.

The morning session will be devoted to practice with a 60-minute Pranayama practice and sitting meditation and mantra practice. This will be followed by Asana practice. Most asana will be Mysore/ Self-Practice with some applied led classes. If your practice is other than Ashtanga you are still welcome. If you do not have a dedicated Asana practice then you may join a daily led class with one of our other teachers. The afternoon will focus on asana study, practical sequencing, movement workshops and restorative practice. Within this time will be the lecture focus for the day coupled with your questions and answers to the best of the teacher’s ability.

All Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 100-hour modules are fully inclusive of the training program, both practical sessions and lectures, and includes the full facilities of Samahita Retreat, accommodation of your choice, and all buffet meals and drinks. Additionally we offer fully filtered water stations for you fill up and stay hydrated along with electrolyte drink on the buffet. We provide a setting to support your body and mind at the optimal level so the time invested in your training is most beneficial.

Topics of this Training

Teaching Techniques:

  • It is through the personal experience of somatofascial movement and feeling where movement is coming from in the body that students can understand how to apply this directly to their personal practice or teaching, regardless of the “style”
  • Learn verbal cues to assist students in accessing somatic sensation
  • Hands on experience and exploration of adjustments that promote a response in soft tissue
  • Become proficient at helping students get into their body with sensation cues well beyond stretching
  • Apply the principles to practice to understand the foundations of Vinyasa
  • Explore movement by harnessing the guiding potential of fascia
  • Learn quick and simple self-myofascial release techniques that can be integrated into private sessions or classes
  • A deeper understanding of fascial lines and movement will assist in effective sequencing
  • Apply an understanding of somatics and fasica to different paces of movement and mobility techniques

Somatic Education:

  • A brief review of the nervous system and intro to neuromuscular physiology and motor control
  • Training the somatosensory system
  • Introduction to the theory of pandiculation
  • Posture and somatics – pain reduction
  • Following the flow – listening to the body and freeform movement

Fascia Education:

  • Explore the history of fascia and review the latest research on it’s make up, structure and function
  • Examine the principles of biotensegrity and how they affect movement
  • How to keep fascia healthy and why It’s important
  • The esoteric link – discuss fascia’s role in body intelligence and the nature of being human
  • “Feelings in my fascia” – another look at psychosomatics
  • Make the link between what we know about fascia and how different types of movement affect it

Sample Day:

7:00 : Seated Practices including contemplation and pranayama

8:30 : Asana – Self Practice Mysore style (some days will be guided)

3-6 : Anatomy & Movement Theory Lectures

Practical movement sessions / Somatic Yoga


Arielle Nash-Degagne

Leading Fitness Expert, Anatomy Educator and Senior Yoga Teacher

Arielle has spent nearly 20 years studying the human body, its performance and factors that contribute to wellness. Her passion and knowledge led her to a decade long career training athletes and educating fitness professionals. Arielle has been teaching yoga since 2004 and she holds a degree in Kinesiology, along with certifications in Mysofascial Compression Techniques©, Strength & Conditioning, and Nutrition & Wellness. After graduating from Centered Yoga’s Teacher Training in 2005 with Paul, she returned to Koh Samui every year to deepen her practice and study before making it her home in 2013. Her primary teachers are Paul Dallaghan and Sharath R. Jois.

Arielle is Centered Yoga’s lead anatomy educator, teaching anatomy for continuing education courses and teacher trainings at Samahita. Arielle takes yoga off the mat at home as a proud mother of twin toddlers

arielle nash

Daily Schedule

The program begins at 5pm on the first day of the retreat with a group welcome and departure is at 12pm on the last day.
 The schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher.

7.00 am Morning tea
7.00 am Seated Practice: Day Opening, Mantra, Pranayama
8.00 am Asana Practice: Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore Style / Led Class
10.00 am–1.00 pm Brunch buffet
3.00 – 5.00 pm Practical Anatomy Education Sessions
5.00 – 6.00 pm Q&A and Applied Practical Session/Restorative Practice
6.00 – 8.00 pm Dinner buffet
6.00 – 8.00 pm Steam room available
7.30 pm Optional Evening Program –Video, Tratak, Kirtan, or Meditation

Sunday will be a half day and Saturday free after morning Pranayama practice.

Based on request and availability, you are welcome to arrive early or extend your stay. Our Residential and Wellness Programs.


Rates are in US Dollars, are per person, and are fully inclusive of room, buffets, and practices for the duration of the program dates

Private Room $2,614
Semi-Private Room $2,354
Shared Two-Bedroom Loft $2,094

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Subject to availability, we have Friends & Family rates for any registered Samahita Retreat guest’s partner, family member or friend, who is not interested in participating in any of the programs but will stay in a room and board capacity. Shared accommodation, food, and the facilities are open to them. If they prefer to engage in the selection of yoga, breath, meditation, and fitness classes every day then a separate booking under YogaCoreCycle is advised

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